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The Moon Goddess Revenge: Book 1: Alpha Gene Rejects Lisa As His Mate

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Alpha Gene's Beta, Randy told him he could not believe that he had just rejected his Luna and that Lisa was the daughter of his head warrior I was already late for my first class. As I slammed my locker door shut and started running down the hall I ran into a wall. Not a wall but my 6'5" tall Alpha, Gene Davis. He yelled watch where you are going. I with my big mouth said "why don't you watch where you are going", I then realized that he was my mate and said, "you are my mate." Alpha Gene yells "mate, I am not, and never will be your mate". I said just get this over with. " My Alpha said I, Alpha Gene Davis reject you, Lisa Devin as my mate and future Luna." "I accept your rejection. "I managed to choke out before I turned to leave the school. As Lisa started to leave she thought "why am I not in pain"? I turned around and looked at Alpha Gene seeing the Alpha grab his chest and fell to the floor screaming. He yelled "why are you not holding your chest and I am. Lisa stated, maybe the mood goddess has finally turned the tables on the one who does the rejecting.

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Chapter 1: Lisa's First Mate Rejects Her

My name is Lisa. I was late for my first class. I slammed my locker door shut and started running down the hall I ran into a wall. I looked up and saw it was my 6′5" tall Alpha, Gene Davis.

I felt the shock when she hit me. I looked down at her and told her to watch where she was going. I yelled back at him, “why don’t you watch where you are going”? I knew that he was my mate. I did not understand why he was not saying anything.

I looked at Alpha Gene and spoke. “You are my mate! Why do you of all the people have to be my mate?" I hate him. I don't want him as my mate. He is a bully.

I stood there and he said looking down at me. "I am not, and never will be your mate”. I looked at Alpha Gene and said "just get it over with." I looked at her and took a breath and said, "I, Alpha Gene Davis reject you, Lisa Devin as my mate and future Luna.”

I sighed as I knew that this day would come but I never thought my mate would reject me. I thought he might ignore me but never reject me. “I Lisa Davis accept your rejection. I managed to choke out before I turned to leave the school."

As I walked away, I stopped. Wait, why am I not in pain I asked myself? I turned around and looked at Alpha Gene. I watched as my ex-mate grabbed his chest and fell to the floor screaming.

I looked over at Lisa. I noticed she did not appear to be suffering. As I held my chest I asked, “How can you not be in pain?" I started to laugh then stated,: maybe the mood goddess has finally turned the tables on the one who does the rejecting."

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa. I was rejected by Alpha Gene as his mate. I am the daughter of the head warrior of our pack, and my mother is the doctor. I have three older brothers, Nathan, Mark, and Ted. I am the only girl.

My dad was training me along with my brothers to become a warrior. My best friends are my brothers. My wolf’s name is Athena, and she is black and stands at 7′ tall. Tall for a she-wolf. I am not a girly girl; I am a tomboy and I hate dresses and hills.

I stand at 5′3" tall with black hair and hazel eyes. I have a slim toned body due to working out all the time. Today I am wearing black jeans, a tank top, biker boots, and a black leather jacket. After being rejected I left school and rode my motorcycle home.

As I left school Alpha Gene’s Beta, Randy looked at Gene in shock. "I cannot believe that you just rejected your mate and our Luna."

"Do you know who she is" I asked him? "No, and I don't care. She is weak. She would not make a good Luna." I started laughing at Alpha Gene. "You really don't know who she is do you, Gene? Lisa is the daughter of the packs head warrior."

"I yelled, why didn’t you tell me before I rejected my mate, Randy?"

"I thought you knew who she was. She is also your second in commands sister."

As I got home my mother was in the kitchen and asked why I was home. I refused to cry. "My mate took one look at me, and he rejected me." My dad was coming down the stairs and yelled: “who rejected you, I will beat his ass, and so will your brothers.” I hung my head. "Lisa, who would dare reject you? My father asked."

"Alpha Gene."

I begged my father to let me leave and go stay with my uncle’s pack to finish high school. I can’t stay here and watch him get with other girls or mate with someone else. My parents agreed to call my uncle and let him know I was coming.

I had to have the permission of the Alpha before I could leave the territory. I walked to the packhouse and asked to talk to the Alpha. "What can I do for you, Lisa?"

" I would like permission to leave the pack."

"Why do you want to leave the territory Lisa?"

" I want to go stay with my uncle's pack and finish my last year there."

" Why do you want to do that?"

I looked down at my hands. "Lisa, why do you want to leave the pack?"

"I was rejected by my mate. I want to be far enough away so that the mate bond weakens."

" I see. Who is your mate, Lisa?"

" I would rather not say."

" That's your right. You have my permission to leave the pack."

As I am leaving his office I was not watching where I was going, and I bumped into Alpha Dwain neighbor of our pack. Alpha Dwain's head snapped up as I was passing by, and he grabbed my arm.

He stated close to my ear “you’re my mate," I looked at him and said "that is not possible and walked away."

After returning home I went to my bedroom and packed my bags. Just as I was putting them in the car my brothers came home

"Where are you going, Lisa?"

" To Uncle Bills, for a while," I said shutting the trunk of the car.

"Is it true that Alpha Gene is your mate?"

" It's true."

" So, he did reject you?"

" Yes, he did."

We looked at her. "Why are you not feeling the pain that someone who has been rejected feels then?"

" I don't know. You can all visit me at uncle Bills pack."

I hugged them and got into the car.

As dad drove away from the pack, I wanted to cry but what good would that do. What I did not know was the further we drove out of the pack territory the more pain Alpha Gene felt in his chest.

Just as dad and I passed got to the end of our territory I felt relief however Alpha Gene then dropped to the floor screaming holding his chest and started crying. Alpha Larry and Luna Kathy called for the Doctor.

My mother just happens to be the doctor of the pack. When I arrived and examined Alpha Gene, I asked him. "Did you find your mate and don't lie?"

" Yes, I found her."

" Did you reject her?"

" Yes, I rejected her."

" Come to think of it. Is my daughter your mate?"

I looked at him closely. "Is my daughter your mate?"

" Yes, she is my mate."

"I know what is wrong with you. My daughter left the pack. She is on her way to one of her uncle's packhouse. The further away she gets the more pain you are feeling. Which is odd because she is not feeling the pain of the rejection. You are."

I gave Alpha Gene pain medication and Randy helped him to his room to rest. Alpha Gene was laying in his bed thinking about Lisa. I never thought my mate would leave after I rejected her. While thinking his wolf told him he was a dumb ass and he had better find his mate and bring her home.

I was lost in thought and did not hear my bedroom door open, or the pack slut Tiffany walk into the room and climb in my bed. I was thinking about how Lisa is not here, and I needed her. I was thinking about how much I want to hold her in my arms and make love to her.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the slut, Tiffany rubbing her hands up and down my chest and telling me she can make me feel better. Tiffany started to kiss my neck and run her tongue down my chest. She moved her hands further down to my waist and unbuckling my belt and unzipping my jeans.

I stopped thinking about my mate. Instead, I encouraged Tiffany as she removed my jeans and she put her hand around my cock. She proceeded to move her lips to my chest to kiss him.

As I reached his cock, I began to suck the tip of it while playing with his balls. I licked his cock up and down and around before putting it in my mouth. As I sucked his cock, I felt him push my head down further. I started to gag.

After about 15 minutes I felt my balls start to tighten up and I stated I am going to cum suck it faster. After releasing myself into her mouth she started to spit out my cum. I grabbed her hair and told her to swallow it. Tiffany started shaking her head no and I yanked her hair harder and said swallow it all slut. As she looked at me and she noticed that my blue eyes were hard and my face angry.

After she swallowed my cum, I shoved her off my bed and told her to leave. After Tiffany left, I started feeling chest pains again and asked himself why was I so stupid, why did I reject my mate? I rejected the mate the Mood Goddess made for me, the mate I was supposed to protect, love, and have pups with. While I laid in my bed, Lisa was being met at the airport.

I got off the plane and noticed two very handsome men. You could see they had eight packs and big muscles holding a sign with my name on it. I approached them and they looked me up and down smiling giving a slow whistle.

The one holding the sign said Hello. I am Beta John, and this is Terry, he is our third in command. They helped me with my bags. As we arrived at the car, I gave a low whistle.

John looked over at me smiling. "I see you know about cars."

"Hell yes, I do. The Dodge Charger is one of my favorite cars."

" Well, we best get going Terry said. It will take about three hours to get to the packhouse." I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I felt myself being shaken awake and without thinking I brought my fist out and punched the person trying to wake me. I heard a lot of laughing. As I opened my eyes, I noticed the car surrounded by five, muscled and I must say very, very good-looking men.

I thought I was thinking to myself as I looked at one standing next to the guy I punched. I said to myself that I wouldn’t mind licking whip cream off his abs. Then I noticed him grinning at me. He told me "Anytime you wanted to lick that whipped cream off my abs all you have to do is ask."

I slapped my face and said, “I said that out, loud, didn’t I?” They all said, yes you did. He then stood up and helped me out and said my name, is Jacob. "I will take you to your uncle." With a very red face, I followed Jacob in the house and to my uncle’s office.

As we got to the door Jacob stated if I needed anything just yell for him and he would come running. As I walked into my uncle Bill’s office I tried to keep from crying. Uncle Bill is my favorite uncle.

Uncle Bill got up from his desk and put his arms around me. Alpha Bill stated I could stay as long as I liked but reminded me, I had to return to her packhouse when I graduated from high school.

My uncle stated he understands the pain I am going through, and they will help me get through it. "I don't feel any pain like you normally would when your mate rejects you, I said" looking up at him. Alpha Bill asked me to tell him what happened when I was rejected.

"I stated that Alpha Gene fell on the floor holding his chest and crying. I suddenly understood that I did not feel anything but sad."

My uncle looked at me in surprise. "I think I need to ask a few other Alpha’s if they ever heard of this. I will let you know what I find out. I have never heard of this happening before."

Alpha Bill then mine linked for John. John, please show Lisa to her room. Her room is next to Jacob’s. I was in my room putting my clothes away when I heard the knock on my bedroom door. I yelled come. I saw a girl come in smiling and laughing.

She ran to me giving me a big hug. She was yelling "my name is Roxie, and we are going to be the best of friends and when you are done hanging your clothes, we are going shopping to get you ready for school."

Roxie said, "school starts tomorrow and you must have everything you need."

After I finished putting my belongings away Roxie grabbed my hand pulling out of my room and down the hall where we bounced off two more males.

"I yelled why are there walking trees everywhere." The boys started laughing and said we aren’t trees we're men.

As they helped Roxie and myself up off the floor I again without thinking stated: “dam do all the boys around here look like models with eight packs?” The boys started laughing and Roxie introduced them as James and Kyle pack warriors.

Kyle asked, "why we were running down the hall?"

Roxie said, "we are going shopping."

Kyle said he wanted to go and as we walked towards the door Jacob, Eric, John, Terry, and another girl said they wanted to go shopping too.

We piled in the SUV and headed to the mall. Once we arrived, we girls went to try on jeans. Roxie tried to get me to try on a dress. I said nope, no way, I don’t wear dresses. Roxie stated I must have some dresses for special occasions. I finally agreed to try on a dress, however, refused to come out of the dressing room. Jacob, Roxie, James, John, and Terry kept calling for me to come out. Roxie finally pulled me out of the dressing room.

Everyone’s mouth dropped open, and the boys started whistling. Jacob stated those are legs that never end, and you can wrap them around me any time. I watched as Terry hit Jacob on the back of his head.

Jacob asked, why did you hit me. Terry reminded him that he was talking about the Alpha’s favorite niece. After about five hours of shopping, I started nagging for Roxie to leave. Roxie, I am hungry. We all decided to go get pizza before going back to the packhouse.

Back home. Randy, Alpha Gene’s Beta is knocking on his bedroom door yelling at him that he needs to get up and get ready for school. Alpha Gene yelled back "leave me the fuck alone."

I continued to pound on the door until Gene opened it. I was not expecting Gene to punch me in the face then slam the door shut. Alpha Larry was walking by and saw what happened. I watched as our Alpha pounded on the door telling his son to open the door now.

Alpha Gene opened the door and said "what the fuck do you want? " Alpha Larry using his Alpha voice told him to step down and get his ass ready for school. Alpha Gene said he didn’t want to go to school he feels depressed and his heart hurts.

Alpha Larry told him he didn’t care what he wanted, that he chose to reject his mate just because he wanted to sleep with every girl he met, and he was going to school. Alpha Gene then slammed the door and got ready for school.

As I walked into my office, I was told I had a phone call. I said this is, Alpha Larry how may I help you? He heard "this is Alpha Dwain from the Howling Moon Pack. I am wanting to let you know that Lisa will not be returning to your pack after she graduates from high school and that she will be moving to his pack."

I growled and stated that "she will not leave my pack. Lisa is my son’s mate."

Alpha Dwain stated. "Did you forget, your son rejected Lisa? She is my second chance mate and will be living with me."

I slammed the phone down and mind linked my son to come to my office. Once Alpha Gene arrived at his father’s office, he told him about the phone call. Alpha Gene said, "that no one was taking his mate from him." Alpha Gene then mine linked for Mark to meet him outside of school.

When Alpha Gene arrived at school and got out of his car, he saw Mark leaning against the side of the school building. As Alpha Gene started walking toward Mark, he felt arms go around him and a voice asks Alpha Gene if he wanted to go to the janitor’s room and mess around.

I became angry turned around and grabbed Stephanie by the shoulders telling her to never touch me again or I will throw her out of the pack. I walked to Mark grabbed him by the throat and demanded that he tell him where Lisa is.

I started laughing and said I don’t know and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. She isn’t your mate anymore, you rejected her. Suddenly I dropped Mark to the ground and grabbed my stomach in pain.

I jumped up asking Alpha Gene what was wrong with him. He looked up telling me that Lisa is in trouble and his wolf his demanding that I find his mate. I watched as Mark grabbed his phone from his back pocket and called his dad.

I explained what was happening and dad said he would call me back. Mark’s father called his brother, Alpha Bill, and found out that Lisa was fine, she was at school with the other kids from the packhouse.

Mark's father called him back and informed him Lisa was fine. I looked at Alpha Gene and told him Lisa was fine. I then said it seems that instead of Lisa feeling the pain of rejection, you are feeling it.

I started to laugh and said you really are a stupid shit; you deserve all the pain you are having for rejecting my sister as your mate. I looked at Mark and told him that I needed to see Lisa. I want to take back my rejection.

I begged Mark to help me at least get to talk to Lisa. Mark again laughed and said, no I won’t help you. You deserve all of this I said. Then I turned around and walked away to report the discussion with my brothers. Alpha Gene then started thinking about how he could get the information he needed to get to Lisa. I thought I will get Stephanie that slut to get it out of him.

I mind linked Stephanie and tell her to meet me in my room after school, and then I went to class. My wolf continued to nag me about finding his mate. He said that until I do, he won’t let me shift or even talk to him.

Once I was in math class I was not listening to my teacher, Mrs. Camp. When she called on me to answer a question, I looked at her and said "maybe I don’t feel like answering your question so just ask someone else."

Mrs. Camp gave me detention. "I told her to shove her detention up her ass because I would not serve it and picked up my books and left the room."

When I arrived home, I met with Tiffany in my bedroom. As I entered the room, she rubbed against me and grabbed my cock. I started to push her away, however, as she continued to rub my cock, I became hard.

She unzipped my jeans letting them fall to the floor. I leaned my head against the wall as she proceeded to suck and lick my cock and balls. I felt my balls start to harden, my breathing increased, and I grabbed her hair holding her. As I began to pump my cock in and out of her mouth, I gritted my teeth. I am about to cum, and you will swallow all of it.

She was gagging from my hard thrusts in her mouth. After I was finished, I informed Tiffany that she will get Mark to trust her. That she will get him to tell her where his sister his. I don’t care if you have to suck his cock just get me the information. Then you will let me know what pack she is staying at.

I heard Tiffany whin saying she didn’t want to do that, that she is supposed to be his Luna and not his whore. Tiffany you never were, and never will be my Luna. Lisa is my Luna. "I screamed you rejected her, so she is not your mate or Luna."

I slapped her across the room and told her she will do as I say, or you will be banished from this pack. I looked at her as she scooted across the floor. I continued to walk towards her rising my hand to hit her again. She covered her face and screamed she would do what I asked.

I grabbed her by the throat and threw her out of my bedroom. I started filling chest pains and grabbed my chest falling to the floor screaming in pain. I started crying asking the Moon Goddess why she was putting me through this pain.

Alpha Bill had been contacting other Alpha’s to see if any mates that rejected their mates were having pain instead of the mate that was rejected. He was informed that out of 10 other packs the same thing was happening in each of those packs. No one was able to find the reason for this.

I finally crawled up onto my bed and fell asleep. As I was sleeping the Moon Goddess came to me. She told him that I am feeling this pain because she was angry at everyone who rejected their mates. The mates she made for them. The mate she gave them to love, cherish, and have pups with.

The Moon Goddess also stated that should he take another mate they would never have any pups and that only his true mate could give him a pup. Now his mate who he rejected will not fill any pain, she will not fill the pain of him mating with another she-wolf, but he will fill the pain when and if she mates with another wolf.

And he will feel pain after mating with any other she-wolf. The rejected mate will also be able to have pups with her or his second chance mate or chosen mate. Every time she mates, he will feel that pain and remember what he lost. The Moon Goddess instructed him to discuss his dream with others and to inform them of her new law.

I sat up in bed and said it was a dream it can't be true; The Moon Goddess would not change her laws and do that to him or anyone who rejected his or her mate. I jumped out of bed running to my father’s office to tell him about my dream.

In the meantime, at Alpha Bills pack, Lisa started getting closer to Jacob. We were sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. I got up and answered the door. It was Alpha Dawin asking to speak with Alpha Bill.

I noticed Alpha Dawin sniffing. What is that marvelous smell I asked Beta Randy? I sniffed and said, “I don’t smell anything”. Alpha Dawin said it smells like strawberries, vanilla, and coffee.

As we were walking to Alpha Bill’s office, I looked into the living room and saw Lisa sitting on the couch. We made eye contact and I knew she was my mate the girl I walked past at Alpha Larry’s packhouse, and that wonderful smell was coming from her.

I turned away and continued to follow Beta Randy to Alpha Bill’s office. At the same time, Lisa quickly snapped her head around to tell Jacob that she thinks Alpha Dawin is her second chance mate when their lips met.

At that moment my lips felt like they were on fire. I slammed my fist down on my father’s desk. I screamed whoever is kissing my mate is dead. I told my father that the last thing I wanted was to be tied down to a mate. I wanted to enjoy his last year of high school without a mate. I told him there were so many good looking and sexy girls that I could have my pick of them.

but now, all I want is my mate. Father, I feel so broken and devastated. I am afraid Lisa will not come back and will have lost her for good because I was selfish and immature. My father stated that I might have to accept that Lisa will not let me take back my rejection.

After watching the movie, I said my wolf needs to run. Jacob, Randy, James, John, Kyle, and Roxie decided to go for a run with me. After I turned into my wolf and walked out from behind the tree, Roxie screamed. Lisa, you are the biggest she-wolf I have ever seen.

Do you by chance have alpha blood, James asked me. Not that I know of I told him. We took off running and we ran for hours. After returning to the packhouse I went to my room to shower and change.

I got out of the shower and dressed. I grabbed my phone and called my parents and brothers. Mom and dad told me everything that was happening with Alpha Gene. Dad said that it has been reported to the Elders that other mates who have rejected their mates were having the same pain as Alpha Gene.

I dropped onto my bed and asked mom how this was possible? I told mom that I have not exhibited any symptoms that a rejected mate goes through. I have not been depressed, crying, or felt Alpha Gene doing anything with other girls.

My father explained that the Elders are trying to find out what has changed and why and will let me know. I talked to mom and my brothers Nathan and Norman.

Mark then told me what Alpha Gene did. He also told me how Alpha Dawin called Alpha Larry and told him I would not be returning to his pack when I graduate from school. Mark said that instead, I will be moving in with Alpha Dawin and his pack.

Mark said that Alpha Dawin said I was his second chance mate. I told Mark that Alpha Dawin was there talking with Alpha Bill and when he came into the house, I noticed how good he smelled.

I told my brother that I wanted to go to him and hug him but didn’t. Mark said he might be my second chance mate. As I was leaving my room, I ran into Alpha Dawin. As I started to fall, I felt his arms go around me.

I looked up and he said he would never let me be hurt and he would always keep me safe. As he was removing his arms from around me said, I will see you again and kissed my lips and left. I was in a daze, thinking I wish he would come back and kiss me again.

I thought about running my hands up and down his 8 pack and wondered what it would be like to lick whip cream off his abs. I didn’t realize it, but I had left my mind link open, and my brothers and father yelled in my mind “you will not lick anyone’s abs with whip cream”.

My wolf Athena was jumping around saying yes, yes, lick his abs, want to feel his arms around me, and do so much more. As I was walking down the stairs the pack slut Carrie grabbed my arm. Stay away from Jacob or you will be sorry she said. I looked at Carrie and asked sorry how? You will try to kick my ass, not happening. I looked at Carrie and told her that Jacob was not her mate.

Therefore, if we wanted to be together it was none of her business. I refused to tell her we were just friends. Or that I had no interest in Jacob that way. Carrie said it was not her fault I was ugly, and my mate rejected me.

I laughed and said, “I can care less that he rejected me”, “there are better men out there to have a chosen mate from.” Carrie then shoved me and said, you're just a slut and walked away saying remember what I said.

I continued to walk towards the kitchen to get something to drink. I then went to my room to get ready for bed. I was dreaming that Alpha Dawin came to my room. I lay on the bed pulling her close to me. I stroked her face bending down and started to kiss her.

I slowly kissed my way down to her neck finding the sweet spot where I would mark her. As I sucked and licked her neck, I slowly gripped her waist and brought my hands up under her shirt slowly rubbing my way up to her breast.

I brought my hands up to her nipples and squeezed them. I removed the shirt from her and kissed and licked my way down her neck to her breasts and sucked and nibbled on her nipples.

I then started to rub her thighs and cup her between the legs, putting his hands down her pants and rubbing her clit. She started breathing heavily. I whispered in her ear, cum for me, baby. I let out a scream and watched him remove his hand from my panties and lick the cum from his fingers.

I was walking by the janitor’s office when I was pulled into it. I missed you, Mark. Just how did you miss me, Tiffany? We have never been together. She was rubbing up against me trying to get a rise out of my cock.

I said to himself if she wants to suck my cock why not. As Tiffany was licking and sucking me, she felt my balls draw up and I shot my load in her mouth.

Then asked me if I was glad that Alpha Gene rejected my sister. I looked at Tiffany. I told her just because you sucked my cock doesn’t mean I will tell you anything about my sister. Your just Alpha Gene’s slut and whore trying to get information. Go back and tell him I said thanks for letting you suck my cock, but I won’t tell you anything about Lisa.

I was woken up by her phone ringing. I yelled this better be good you woke me up from the best dream I ever had. My brother Mark stated that Alpha Gene sent Tiffany the slut and whore of the pack to suck his cock and try to get information about her.

I screamed Mark; I don’t want to know about your sex life. But thanks for being smart enough to figure out what she and Alpha Gene were up to. I begged him not to tell Alpha Gene where I was. I also asked if he, Nathan, and Norman will come to see me next week.

I miss you guys. We will come and see you this weekend I told her before hanging up the phone. I got ready to go to training. I am training with the warriors.

As I walked out onto the training field, I saw that my uncle was waiting to introduce me to the warriors. One warrior said that he refused to let a little girl fight him. Uncle Bill looked at me as the warrior. I said if you can beat me, I will train with the other girls. But if I beat you, you have to tell everyone at lunchtime how you got your ass handed to you by a little 5′3" girl.

Alpha Bill informed them that Alpha Dawin would be observing the training today. As he arrived Alpha Bill then stated the rules, the rules are you can’t kill each other or attempt to hurt the other so bad they had to go to the hospital.

I was watching the warrior who challenged me for any weaknesses. I wiggled my fingers at him saying come on, give it your best shot. He attempted to hit me with his right fist his arms swinging too high.

I punch him under his arm and into his upper ribs. Then I roundhouse kicked him in the knee bringing him to the ground. He kicked out and kicked me in the stomach throwing me across the yard into a tree.

As he was coming towards me, I ran jumped onto his stomach grabbing his shoulders and flipping behind him where I kicked him behind the knee, bringing him to the ground. I then took one finger each and hit a pressure point putting him to sleep.

As I stood up and started walking away everyone’s mouths were hanging open. They could not believe this little girl brought down a 6′6" warrior to the ground and knocked him out with just two fingers.

Alpha Dawin said to Alpha Bill that his mate can take care of herself, and that Alpha Gene did not know what he rejected. Alpha Bill turned and looked at Alpha Dawin and said explain yourself.

What do you mean your mate can take care of herself? Alpha Dawin stated he was my second chance mate, and he did not intend on losing me back to Alpha Gene.

Alpha Bill informed everyone training was done for the day and to get a shower and rest before lunch. He then asked Alpha Dawin to follow him to his office. Once in the office, Alpha Bill informed Alpha Dawin if he was my second chance mate, he better not plan on rejecting me.

I stated that I had no intention of rejecting Lisa and would like his permission to spend as much time with her as I can to assist the mate bond to grow. Alpha Bill gave that permission.

A party was planned so that we would get to know each other. Alpha Bill invited Alpha Dawin to have lunch with us. I was seated on Alpha Bills left with Alpha Dawin next to me. I could not help feeling the need to touch Alpha Dawin and was shocked when he put his hand on my thigh.

I tried to push it away, but he leaned over and said leave my hand where it is. I was blushing when Alpha Bill stood up and stated that one of his warriors had something to say to the pack members.

The warrior stood up and said that he took Lisa’s size for granted and she handed me my ass on the training field. He also stated that he would suggest that no one make me mad if they didn’t want their ass beat.

He then sat down smiling at Lisa. Alpha Dawin leaned over and stated that she had made him so proud today and was sure that she would make a very good Luna.

After lunch, he asked me to go walk with him. Once out of sight of the packhouse he shoved me against a tree and proceeded to kiss me. I looked up at him and said: “you are my second chance mate, so if you are going to reject me do it now.” Alpha Dawin said, “I Alpha Dawin accept you Lisa Devin as my mate and Luna”. Lisa replied “I Lisa Devin accepts you Alpha Dawin as my Mate and Alpha.

We walked hand in hand to my bedroom. As we entered the room we proceeded to kiss. Alpha Dawin kissed down my neck sucking and giving love bites until he found my sweet spot. Asking for permission to mark me.

I looked into his bright blue eyes nodding my head. As his teeth lengthened and bit into my neck, I attempted to push him away as it was painful and then I felt myself growing hot. Alpha Dawin told me to sleep but I tried fighting sleep. I curled around him and was asleep within minutes.

I was walking out of the kitchen when I felt the pain in my neck. I fell to my knees screaming ‘I am going to kill whoever thinks they can mark my mate’. Alpha Larry and Luna Kate ran into the kitchen and see Alpha Gene holding his neck and crying.

I look at dad and mom and said: “I have lost her, she let someone else mark her”. Pack members who were in the house came running and heard that I had lost my mate and that someone else had marked her.

Several of them put two and two together. They knew their Luna was Lisa and that Alpha Gene had rejected as his mate. The pack members were angry that they would not have a rightful Luna for their packing house once Alpha Larry gave Alpha Gene the title.

They began to yell that Alpha Gene was a spoiled brat who thought he could just reject his rightful mate to sleep with all his whores and sluts.

Some began to ask Alpha Larry if the pack will fall since they will not have a rightful Luna. He assured them that for now, they are safe. Several of us watched as Beta Randy helped Alpha Gene to his room. I helped him to his bed. I encouraged Alpha Gene to get some sleep.

Back at Alpha Bill’s packhouse I had woken up and noticed that Alpha Dawin was still sleeping. I observed he had taken his shirt off during the night. I looked at his sleeping face noticing how handsome he looked.

I took my fingers and rubbed his checks going down his chin to his throat and down his abs. I felt a hand on my wrist stopping me from going any further. I looked up to see his beautiful blue eyes watching me.

I leaned forward and kissed his lips. My eyes widened but I did not stop her. The kiss went to her sucking and licking my bottom lip when I started to moan, she deepened the kiss until I rolled her over and was looking down at her.

I proceeded to kiss her sucking on her mark causing her to moan loudly. I proceed to take her shirt off kissing and licking my way down her body. I wanted him to touch my pussy but was afraid to ask him, however, he continued to work his way down past my hips.

He put his thumbs in my pants and pulling them down my legs where he started to suck and lick my clit. I grabbed his hair pulling him closer.

As she began to pant as he put two fingers in me moving them until I was begging for him to go faster. I screamed his name as I cum then I watched him slowly lick my cum off his fingers. He then kissed his way back up and asked if I was ready.

I nodded my head and he slammed through my maidenhead taking my virginity and bringing me more and more pleasure until we both came together.

At the time Alpha Dawin fully mated with Lisa her ex-mate Alpha Gene woke the whole packhouse screaming in pain. He felt Lisa being pleasured and then her virginity being taken and began to cry stating he can’t live like this forever.

I need to follow the Moon Goddess directions and inform the other packs why those who have rejected their mates will feel the pain of rejection instead of the one being rejected.

I also need to let them know if their mate finds a second chance mate or a chosen mate, they can have pups but the one who did the rejecting can never have pups of their own.

Alpha Larry informed Alpha Gene that since Lisa will not be his mate, he will not be the next Alpha and he will follow through with making Alpha Dawin the new Alpha and join their packs together.

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