The Moon Goddess Revenge

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Alpha Gene's Beta, Randy told him he could not believe that he had just rejected his Luna and that Lisa was the daughter of his head warrior I was already late for my first class. As I slammed my locker door shut and started running down the hall I ran into a wall. Not a wall but my 6'5" tall Alpha, Gene Davis. He yelled watch where you are going. I with my big mouth said "why don't you watch where you are going", I then realized that he was my mate and said, "you are my mate." Alpha Gene yells "mate, I am not, and never will be your mate". I said just get this over with. " My Alpha said I, Alpha Gene Davis reject you, Lisa Devin as my mate and future Luna." "I accept your rejection. "I managed to choke out before I turned to leave the school. As Lisa started to leave she thought "why am I not in pain"? I turned around and looked at Alpha Gene seeing the Alpha grab his chest and fell to the floor screaming. He yelled "why are you not holding your chest and I am. Lisa stated, maybe the mood goddess has finally turned the tables on the one who does the rejecting.

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Chapter 1

I was already late for my first class. As I slammed my locker door shut and started running down the hall I ran into a wall. Not a wall but my 6′5" tall Alpha, Gene Davis. He yelled watch where you are going. I with my big mouth said “why don’t you watch where you are going”, I then realized that he was my mate and said, “you are my mate.” Alpha Gene yells “mate, I am not, and never will be your mate”. I said just get this over with. ” My Alpha said I, Alpha Gene Davis reject you, Lisa Devin as my mate and future Luna.” “I accept your rejection. “I managed to choke out before I turned to leave the school. As Lisa started to leave she thought “why am I not in pain”? I turned around and looked at Alpha Gene seeing the Alpha grab his chest and fell to the floor screaming. He yelled “why are you not holding your chest and I am. Lisa stated, maybe the mood goddess has finally turned the tables on the one who does the rejecting.

Let me explain that I am the daughter of the head warrior of the pack, and my mother is the doctor. I have three older brothers, Nathan, Mark, and Ted. I am the only girl and was being trained along with my brothers to become a warrior. I am a badass who stands up to bullies who are the sluts of the pack. My best friends are my brothers. My wolf’s name is Athena and she is black and stands at 5′ tall. Tall for a she-wolf. I am not a girly girl, I am a tomboy and I hate dresses and hills. I stand at 5′3" tall with black hair and hazel eyes. I have a slim toned body due to working out all the time. Today I am wearing black jeans, a tank top, biker boots, and a black leather jacket. After being rejected I leave school and ride my motorcycle home.

Lisa Devin has had a hard time trusting people, but she always thought her mate would be the one she can truly rely on, but she is a female who doesn’t act or dress like a slut. As she left school Alpha Gene’s Beta, Randy told him he could not believe that he had just rejected his Luna and that Lisa was the daughter of his head warrior. Alpha Gene yelled why didn’t you tell me? Beta Randy said I thought you knew. He also reminded the Alpha that she was his second in commands sister.

As I got home my mother was in the kitchen and asked why I was home. I refused to cry and told her that I had been rejected. My dad was coming down the stairs and yelled: “who rejected you, I will beat his ass, and so will your brothers.” I hung my head and stated that our nice Alpha to be Gene is my mate. My father and mother stated we needed to inform the Alpha as this will cause problems for the pack. I begged my father to let me leave and go stay with my uncle’s pack the Red Moon Pack to finish high school. I said I can’t stay here and watch him get with other girls or mate with someone else. My parents looked at each other and said we will go and talk with the Alpha about this. Once we got to the packhouse and met with the Alpha he was very angry that his son had rejected me. He gave permission for me to leave the pack if I promised to return after I graduate from high school. As we were leaving his office we ran into Alpha Dwayne a neighbor of our pack. Alpha Dwayne’s head snapped up as I was passing by and he grabbed my arm. He stated close to my ear “you’re my mate, “. I looked at him and said that is not possible and walked away. As we returned home I went and packed my bags. As we were putting them in the car my three brothers came home and demanded to know why I was leaving and if it was true that Alpha Gene rejected me. I looked down at the ground and nodded my head. Mark, Ted, and Nathan started growling and Mark said, “I am going to kill him”. Mark changed into his wolf followed by Nathan and Ted running to the packhouse. Mark followed Alpha Gene’s scent to his room and slammed open the door. Nathan, Mark, and Ted yelled what did you do to my sister? Mark grabbed Alpha Gene and threw him against the wall. Ted and Nathan started to punch him and said you rejected her and she is leaving the pack and in pain. Alpha Gene stated that he was in more pain then Lisa was, and he was sorry that he rejected his mate, he said my heart feels like it is broken, and I want to take my rejection back. Mark, Nathan, and Ted told him it was too late, Lisa is already gone, and they don’t know where she went. Alpha Gene was called to his father’s office. His father Alpha Larry, and his mother Luna Kathy were very angry with him. Alpha Larry informed Alpha Gene that he was upset with him and that by rejecting his mate and going against the moon goddess he had decided that he would not give Alpha Gene the Alpha title. This caused him to become angry and he stated it was his right to become the next Alpha. Alpha Larry informed him that he will not step down until Gene was able to get his mate back and if he didn’t then he would join packs with Alpha Dwayne. Gene then dropped to the floor screaming holding his chest and started crying. Alpha Larry and Luna Kathy called for the Doctor. Lisa’s mother, Dorothy. Doctor Dorothy informed Alpha Larry and Luna Kathy that it was unusual for the person who rejected their mate to be in this much pain. She said usually the person who was rejected is the one in pain.

Doctor Dorothy gave Alpha Gene pain medication and his Beta took him to his room to rest. Alpha Gene was laying in his bed thinking about how he never thought his mate would leave after he rejected her. While thinking his wolf told him he was a dumb ass and he had better find his mate and bring her home. He was lost in thought and did not hear his bedroom door open or the pack slut Tiffany walks in the room and climb in his bed. He was thinking about how Lisa is not here and he can barely breathe and how much he wants to hold her in his arms and make love to her. He was brought out of his thoughts by the slut, Tiffany rubbing her hands up and down his chest and telling him she can make him feel better and she starts to travel her lips from his neck down his chest. As she moved her hands further down to his waist and unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans. Alpha Gene stops thinking about his mate and proceeds to encourage Stephanie with removing his jeans and putting her hand around his cock. She proceeded to move her lips back up his chest to kiss him, and again work her way down his chest again, as she reached his cock she began to suck the tip of his cock while playing with his balls. She licked his cock up and down and around before putting it in her mouth. As she was sucking his cock Alpha Gene pushed her head down further so that Stephanie began to gag from the force of her head being shoved further down onto his cock. Alpha Gene was moaning and stating yes, baby faster, suck it harder while slamming his cock down her throat. After about 15 minutes he felt his balls start to tighten up and he stated I am going to cum suck it faster.

After releasing himself into her mouth she started to spit out his cum and he grabbed her hair and told her to swallow it. Stephanie started shaking her head no and he yanked her hair harder and said swallow it slut. As she looked at Alpha Gene she noticed that his blue eyes were hard and his face angry. After she swallowed his cum he shoved her off his bed and told her to leave. Stephanie said but baby, don’t you want to fuck me? Alpha Gene stated he did not want her and to leave. After she left Alpha Gene started feeling chest pains again and asked himself why was I so stupid, why did I reject my mate? The mate the Mood Goddess made for me, the mate I was supposed to protect, love and have pups with.

While Alpha Gene was laying in his bed asking the Mood Goddess why he rejected the mate she gave him. Lisa was being met at the airport. As she got off the plane she noticed two very handsome men that you could tell had eight packs and big muscles holding a sign with her name on it. As she approached them they both were looking her up and down smiling and giving a slow whistle. The one holding the sign said he was the Beta and his name was John, and the other one is second in command and his name was Terry. They welcomed her and stated they would help get her bags. As they arrived at the car she gave a low whistle. John asked her if she knew about dodge chargers. She stated, of course, it is one of my favorite cars. Terry explained it would take about three hours to get to her uncle’s pack house and encouraged her to get some sleep.

She felt herself being shaken awake and without thinking she brought her fist out and punched the person trying to wake her up. She heard a lot of laughing as she opened her eyes she noticed the car surrounded by five, must she say very, very good-looking men. She thought she was thinking to herself as she looked at one standing next to the guy she punched. She said how she wouldn’t mind licking whip cream off his abs. When suddenly, she noticed him grinning at her. He told her anytime she wanted to lick that whip cream off his abs all she must do is ask. She slapped herself and said, “I said that out, loud didn’t I?” They all said, yes you did. He then went to the car to help her out and said to her my name, is Jacob I will take you to your uncle. With a very red face, Lisa followed Jacob in the house and to her uncle’s office.

As they got to the door Jacob stated if she needed anything just yell for him and he would come running. As she walked into her uncle Bill’s office Lisa tried to keep from crying. Her uncle Bill is her favorite uncle and whenever she was hurt or sad she would cry on his shoulder. Alpha Bill got up from his desk and put his arms around Lisa. Alpha Bill stated she could stay as long as she liked but reminded her she had to return to her pack house when she graduated from high school. Alpha Bill stated he understands the pain she is going through, and they will help her get through it. Lisa stated that she didn’t feel any pain like you normally would when your mate rejects you. Alpha Bill asked her to tell him what happened when she was rejected she stated that Alpha Gene fell on the floor holding his heart and crying. Lisa stated she did not feel anything but sad. Alpha Bill stated he would ask a few other Alpha’s if they ever heard of this and let her know.

Alpha Bill then mine linked for John to come and show Lisa to her room. Her room is next to Jacob’s. As she went to her room and was putting her clothes away there was a knock on her bedroom door. She yelled to come in a girl come in smiling and laughing ran to Lisa giving her a big hug. She was yelling my name is Roxie, and we are going to be the best of friends and when your done hanging your clothes we are going shopping to get you ready for school. Roxie said school starts tomorrow and you must have everything you need. After Lisa finished putting her belonging away Roxie grabbed her hand pulling out of her room and down the hall where they bounced off two more males. Lisa yelled why are there walking trees everywhere. The boys started laughing and said we aren’t trees were men.

As they helped Roxie and Lisa up off the floor Lisa again without thinking stated: “dam do all the boys around her look like models with eight packs?” The boys started laughing and Roxie introduced them as James and Kyle pack warriors. Kyle asked why they were running down the hall when Roxie said we are going shopping. Kyle said he wanted to go and as they walked towards the door Jacob, Eric, John, Terry, and another girl said they wanted to go shopping too. They piled in the SUV and headed to the mall. Once they arrived at the mall the girls went to try on jeans, and Roxie tried to get Lisa to try on a dress. Lisa said no, no way, I don’t wear dresses. Roxie stated she must have some dresses for special occasions. Lisa agreed to try on a dress, however, refused to come out of the dressing room. Jacob, Roxie, James, John, and Terry kept calling her to come out and Roxie finally pulled her out of the dressing room. Everyone’s mouth dropped open and the boys started whistling. Jacob stated those are legs that never end, and you can wrap them around me any time. Terry hit Jacob on the back of his head. Jacob said why did you hit me. Terry reminded him that he was talking about the Alpha’s favorite niece. After about five hours of shopping Lisa started nagging Roxie to leave and said she was hungry. Roxie, Lisa, Jane, and the boys decided to go to get pizza and then go home.

Back at Lisa’s previous pack house. Randy, Alpha Gene’s Beta is knocking on his bedroom door yelling at him that he needs to get up and get ready for school. Alpha Gene yelled back to leave him the fuck alone. Randy continued to pound on the door until Alpha Gene opened the door and punched his Beta in the face, slamming the door shut. Alpha Larry was walking by and saw what happened when he pounded on the door telling his son to open the door now. Alpha Gene opened the door and said what the fuck do you want? Alpha Larry using his Alpha voice told him to step down and get his ass ready for school. Alpha Gene said he didn’t want to go to school he feels depressed and his heart hurts. Alpha Larry told him he didn’t care what he wanted, that he chose to reject his mate just because he wanted to sleep with every girl he met, and he was going to school. Alpha Gene then slammed the door and got ready to leave for school.

As Alpha Larry was walking to his office he was told he had a phone call for him by his Beta. Alpha Larry picked up his phone saying this is Alpha Larry how may I help you? He heard this is Alpha Dwayne from the Howling Moon Pack. I am wanting to let you know that Lisa will not be returning to you pack after she graduates from high school and that she will be moving to his pack. Alpha Larry growled and stated that she will not leave his pack as she is his son’s mate. Alpha Dwayne stated that his son rejected her and that she is his second chance mate and will be living with him. Alpha Larry slammed the phone down and mind linked his son to come to his office. Once Alpha Gene arrived at his father’s office he told him about the phone call. Alpha Gene said that no one was taking his mate from him. Alpha Gene then mind linked for Mark to meet him outside of school.

When Alpha Gene arrived at school and got out of his car he saw Mark leaning against the side of the school building. As Alpha Gene started walking toward Mark he felt arms go around him and a voice ask Alpha Gene if he wanted to go to the janitor’s room and mess around. Alpha Gene became angry turning around and grabbing Stephanie by the shoulders telling her to never touch him again or he will throw her out of the pack. He walked to Mark grabbing him by the throat and demanded that he tell him where his mate is. Mark started laughing and said I don’t know and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. Mark then said she isn’t your mate anymore, you rejected her. Suddenly Alpha Gene dropped Mark to the ground grabbing his stomach in pain. His wolf is yelling mate in trouble find my mate.

Mark jumped up asking Alpha Gene what is wrong with him. He looked up telling Mark that Lisa is in trouble and his wolf his demanding that he find his mate. Mark grabbed his phone from his back pocket and called his dad. Mark explained what was happening and his dad said he would call him back. Mark’s father called his brother, Alpha Bill and found out that Lisa was fine, she was at school with the other kids from the packhouse. Marks father called him back and informed him Lisa was fine. Mark looked at Alpha Gene and told him Lisa was fine. He then said to Alpha Gene that it seems that instead of Lisa feeling the pain of rejection that Alpha Gene was feeling the pain of rejection.

Mark started to laugh and said you stupid shit, you deserve all the pain you are having for rejecting my sister as your mate. Alpha Gene then told him that he had to see Lisa he wants to take back his rejection because Alpha Dwayne said, Lisa was his second chance mate and Lisa would be living with him after she graduates from high school. He begged Mark to help him at least get to talk to Lisa. Mark again laughed and said, no I won’t help you, but I will help Alpha Dwayne. He then turned around and walked away to report the discussion with his brothers. Alpha Gene then started thinking how he could get the information he needed to get to Lisa. He thought I will get Stephanie that slut to get it out of him. He mind linked Stephanie and told her to meet him in his room after school and then he went to class. His wolf started yelling at him to find his mate and until he does he won’t let him shift or even talk to him. Once he was in his math class he was not listening to his teacher, Mrs. Camp. When she called on him to answer a question he looked at her and said maybe I don’t feel like answering your question so just ask someone else. Mrs. Camp then gave him detention. He told her to shove her detention up her ass because he would not serve it and picked up his books and left the room.

Once Alpha Gene arrived home he met with Stephanie in his bedroom. As he entered the room she rubbed against him and grabbed his cock. He started to push her away, however, as Stephanie continued to rub his cock he became hard and he then unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the floor as she proceeded to suck and lick his cock and balls. He felt his balls start to harden, his breathing increased, and he grabbed her hair holding her as he began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth he gritted his teeth saying I am about to cum and you will swallow all of it. He then shot his cum into her mouth. She was gagging from his hard thrusts in her mouth. After he was finished he informed Stephanie that she will get Mark to trust her and she will get him to tell her where his sister his. Alpha Gene then said I don’t care if you have to suck his cock just me the information as to where his sister Lisa is. Then you will let me know what pack she is staying at. Stephanie whined saying she didn’t want to do that, that she is supposed to be his Luna and not his whore.

Alpha Gene informed her that she is, never was, and never will be his Luna that Lisa is to be his Luna. Stephanie screamed that he rejected her, so she is not his mate or Luna. Alpha Gene slapped her across the room and told her she will do as he says, or she will be banished from his pack. Stephanie was scooting across the floor as Alpha Gene walked towards her rising his hand to hit her again. She covered her face and screamed she would do what he asks. He then grabbed her by the throat and threw her out of his bedroom. Alpha Gene started filling chest pains grabbing his chest falling to the floor screaming in pain. He started crying asking the Moon Goddess why she was putting him through this pain. Alpha Bill had been asking around to other Alpha’s to see if any mates that rejected their mates were having pain instead of the mate that was rejected. He was informed that out of 10 other packs the same thing was happening in each of those packs.

No one was able to find the reason for this. Alpha Gene finally crawled up onto his bed and fell asleep. As he was sleeping the Moon Goddess came to him. She told him that he is feeling this pain because she was angry at everyone who rejected their mates. The mates she made for them. The mate she gave them to love, cherish, and have pups with. The Moon Goddess also stated that should he have taken another mate they would never have been able to have any pups and that only his true mate could give him a pup. Now his mate who he rejected will no fill any pain, she will not fill the pain of him mating with another she-wolf, but he will fill the pain when and if she mates with another wolf. She will also be able to have pups with her second chance mate or chosen mate. Every time she mates he will feel that pain and remember what he lost. The Moon Goddess instructed him to discuss his dream with others and to inform them of her new law.

Alpha Gene sat up in bed and said it was a dream it can be true, The Moon Goddess would not change her laws and do that to him or anyone who rejected his or her mate. He jumped out of bed running to his father’s office to tell him about his dream. In the meantime at Alpha Bills pack, Lisa started getting closer to Jacob. They were sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. Beta Randy got up and answered the door. It was Alpha Dawin asking to speak with Alpha Bill. Beta Randy noticed Alpha Dawin sniffing when Alpha Dawin asked what is that marvelous smell? Beta Randy said, “I don’t smell anything”. Alpha Dawin said it smells like strawberries, vanilla, and coffee.

As they were walking to Alpha Bill’s office, Alpha Dawin looked into the living room and saw Lisa sitting on the couch. They made eye contact and he knew she was his mate the girl he walked passed at Alpha Larry’s pack house and that wonderful smell was coming from her. He turned away and continued to follow Beta Randy to Alpha Bill’s office. At the same time, Lisa quickly snapped her head around to tell Jacob that she thinks Alpha Dawin is her second chance mate when their lips met. At that moment Alpha Gene’s lips felt like they were on fire and he slammed his fist down on his father’s desk screaming that whoever was kissing his mate is dead. Alpha Gene then acknowledged to his father that the last thing he wanted was to be tied down to a mate. He said he wanted to enjoy his last year of high school without a mate, there were so many good looking and sexy girls that he could have his pick of them but now, now he really wants his mate. He said I feel so broken and devastated and afraid Lisa will not come back and will have lost her for good because I was selfish and immature. Alpha Larry stated to Alpha Gene that he might have to accept that Lisa will not let him take back his rejection.

After watching the movie Lisa said her wolf needed to run, Jacob, Randy, James, John, Kyle, and Roxie decided to go for a run. When Lisa turned into her wolf and came out from behind the tree, Roxie screamed that she had never seen she wolfs that big. James asked if she had alpha blood and she told them no. They all took off running and jumping on each other for about four hours. After returning to the pack house Lisa went to her room to shower and change. After getting out of the shower and dressing she grabbed her phone and called her parents and brothers. Her mom and dad told her everything that was happening with Alpha Gene and it was found that other mates who rejected their mates were having the same pain. She dropped onto her bed and said how? Come to think of it I have not been depressed, crying, or felt Alpha Gene doing anything with other girls.

Her father explained that they are trying to find out what has changed and why and will let her know. She then talked to her mom and her brothers Nathan and Norman. Mark then talked to her telling her what Alpha Gene did and said to her. He told her how Alpha Dawin called Alpha Larry and told him she would not be returning to their pack when she graduates from school but will be moving in with him and his pack. He said that Alpha Dawin said she was his second chance mate. She then said that Alpha Dawin was there talking with Alpha Bill and when he came into the house she talked about how good he smelled, and how she wanted to go to him and hug him but didn’t. Mark said he might be her second chance mate. As she was leaving her room she ran into Alpha Dawin and as she started to fall she felt his arms go around her. She looked up and he said he would never let her be hurt and he would always keep her safe.

As he was removing his arms from around her he told her that he would see her again and then kissed her lips and left. Lisa was in a daze, thinking I wish he would come back and kiss me again. She started thinking about running her hands up and down his 8 pack and what it would be like to lick whip cream of his abs. She didn’t realize it but she had left her mind link open and her brothers and father yelled in her mind “you will not lick anyone’s abs with whip cream”. Her wolf Athena was jumping around in her mind saying yes, yes, lick his abs, want to feel his arms around me, and do so much more.

As Lisa was walking down the stairs the pack slut Carrie grabbed her arm and told her to stay away from Jacob or she would be sorry. Lisa looked at Carrie and said sorry how? You will try to kick my ass, not happening. She also said that Jacob was not Carrie’s mate and therefore if they wanted to be together it was none of her business. Lisa refused to tell her they were just friends and she had no interest in Jacob that way. Carrie then said it was not her fault that Lisa was ugly, and her mate rejected her. Lisa laughed and said, “I can care less that he rejected me”, “there are better men out there to have a chosen mate from.” Carrie then shoved her and said your just a slut and walked away saying remember what I said.

Lisa continued to walk towards the kitchen to get something to drink and then went to her room to get ready for bed. As she was getting ready for bed she quickly fell asleep. She was dreaming that Alpha Dawin came to her room. He lay on the bed pulling her close to him. He stroked her face bending down and started to kiss her. He slowly kissed his way down to her neck finding the sweet spot where he would mark her. As he sucked and licked her neck he slowly gripped her waist and brought his hands up under her shirt slowly rubbing his way up to her breast. Alpha Dawin brought his hands up to her nipples and squeezed them. He removed the shirt from her and kissed and licked his way down her neck to her breasts and sucked and nibbled on her nipples. He then started to rub her thighs and cup her between the legs, putting his hands down her pants and rubbing her clit. She started breathing heavily and Alpha Dawin said to come for me, baby. She let out a scream and she watched him remove his hand from her panties and lick the cum from his fingers.

Mark was walking by the janitor’s office when he was pulled into it. Stephanie said to Mark that she missed him. Mark said how did you miss me, we have never been together. Stephanie was rubbing up against Mark trying to get a rise out of his cock. He said to himself if she wants to suck my cock why not. As Stephanie was licking and sucking Mark’s cock she felt his balls draw up and he started Cuming. She then asked him if he was glad that Alpha Gene rejected his sister. Mark looked at Stephanie and said just because you sucked my cock doesn’t mean I will tell you anything about my sister. Your just Alpha Gene’s slut and whore trying to get information. Go back and tell him I said thanks for letting you suck my cock but I won’t tell you anything about Lisa.

Lisa was woken up by her phone ringing. She yelled this better be good you woke me up from the best dream I ever had. Lisa’s brother Mark stated that Alpha Gene sent Stephanie the slut and whore of the pack to suck his cock and try to get information about her. Lisa screamed Mark, I don’t want to know about your sex life. But thanks for being smart enough to figure out what she and Alpha Gene were up to. Lisa begged him not to tell Alpha Gene where she was. She also asked if he, Nathan and Norman will come to see her next week. She started crying and said that she really missed them. He said they would and they hung up. Lisa got ready to go to training where she was going to be training with the warriors.

As she walked out on to the training field her uncle, Alpha Bill was waiting to introduce her to the warriors. One warrior said that he refused to let a little girl fight him. Alpha Bill looked at Lisa and she said if you can beat me I will train with the other girls. But if I beat you, you have to tell everyone at lunch time how you got your ass handed to you by a little 5′3" girl. n Alpha Bill informed them that Alpha Dawin would be observing the training today. As he arrived Alpha Bill then stated the rules, the rules are you can’t kill each other or attempt to hurt the other so bad they had to go to the hospital.

Lisa was watching the warrior who challenged her for any weaknesses. She wiggled her fingers at him saying come on, give it your best shot. He attempted to hit her with his right fist his arms swinging too high and she was able to punch him under his arm and into his upper ribs. She then roundhouse kicked him in the knee bringing him to the ground. He kicked out and kicked her in the stomach throwing her across the yard into a tree. As he was coming towards her she ran jumped onto his stomach grabbing his shoulders and flipping behind him where she kicked him behind the knee, bringing him to the ground. She then took one finger each and hit a pressure point putting him to sleep.

As she stood up and started walking away everyone’s mouths were hanging open. They could not believe this little girl brought down a 6′6" warrior to the ground and knocked him out with just two fingers. Alpha Dawin said to Alpha Bill that his mate can take care of herself and that Alpha Gene did not know what he rejected. Alpha Bill turned and looked at Alpha Dawin and said explain yourself. What do you mean your mate can take care of herself. Alpha Dawin stated he was Lisa’s second chance mate and he did not intend on losing her back to Alpha Gene.

Alpha Bill informed everyone training was done for the day and to get a shower and rest before lunch. He then asked Alpha Dawin to follow him to his office. Once in the office, Alpha Bill informed Alpha Dawin if he was Lisa’s second chance mate he better not plan on rejecting her. Alpha Dawin stated he had no intention of rejecting Lisa and would like his permission to spend as much time with her as he can to assist the mate bond to grow. Alpha Bill gave that permission.

A party was planned so that they would get to know each other. Alpha Bill invited Alpha Dawin to have lunch with them. Lisa was seated on Alpha Bills left with Alpha Dawin next to Lisa. Lisa could not help feeling the need to touch Alpha Dawin and was shocked when she felt his hand on her thigh. She tried to push it away but he leaned over and said leave my hand where it is. She was blushing when Alpha Bill stood up and stated to that one of his warriors had something to say to the pack members. The warrior stood up and said that he took Lisa’s size for granted and she handed him his ass on the training field. He also stated that he would suggest that no one make Lisa mad if they didn’t want their ass beat. He then sat down smiling at Lisa. Alpha Dawin leaned over and stated that she had made him so proud today and was sure that she would make a very good Luna.

After lunch, he asked her to go walk with him. Once out of sight of the pack house he shoved her against a tree and proceeded to kiss her. She looked up at him and said: “you are my second chance mate, so if you are going to reject me do it now.” Alpha Dawin said “I Alpha Dawin accept you Lisa Devin as my mate and Luna”. Lisa replied back “I Lisa Devin accept you Alpha Dawin as my Mate and Alpha. They walked hand in hand to her bedroom where they proceeded to kiss. Alpha Dawin kissed down her neck sucking and giving love bites until he found her sweet spot. Asking for permission to mark her. Lisa looked into his bright blue eyes nodding her head. As his teeth lengthened and bit into her neck she attempted to push him away as it was painful and then she felt herself growing hot and her core wanting more. Alpha Dawin told her to sleep but she tried fighting sleep but curled around him and was asleep within minutes.

Alpha Gene was walking out of the kitchen when he felt the pain in his neck. He fell to his knees screaming ‘I am going to kill whoever thinks they can mark my mate’. Alpha Larry and Luna Kate runs into the kitchen and see’s Alpha Gene holding his neck and crying. He looks up at his dad and mom and said: “I have lost her, she let someone else mark her”. Pack members who were in the house came running and heard that he had lost his mate and someone else had marked her. Several of them put two and two together that it was Lisa that he had rejected as his mate. They were angry that they would not have a rightful Luna for there pack house once Alpha Larry gave Alpha Gene the title. They began to yell that Alpha Gene was a spoiled brat who thought he could just reject his rightful mate to sleep with all his whores and sluts.

Some began to ask Alpha Larry if the back will fall since they will not have a rightful Luna. He assured them that for now, they are safe. Beta Randy helped Alpha Gene to his room, helping him to his bed. He encouraged Alpha Gene to get some sleep. Back at Alpha Bill’s pack house Lisa had woken up and noticed that Alpha Dawin was still sleeping. She observed he had taken his shirt off during the night and she looked at his sleeping face noticing how handsome he looked. She took her fingers and rubbed his checks going down his chin to his throat and down his abs when she felt a hand on her wrist stopping her from going any further. She looked up to see his beautiful blue eyes watching her.

She leaned forward and kissed his lips. His eyes widened but he did not stop her. The kiss went to her sucking and licking his bottom lip when started to moan they deepened the kiss until he rolled them over and was looking down at her. He proceeded to kiss her sucking on his mark causing her to moan loudly. He proceeds to take her shirt off kissing and licking his way down her body. She wanted him to touch her pussy but was afraid to ask him, however, he continued to work his way down past her hips putting his thumbs in her pants and pulling them down her legs where he started to suck and lick her clit. She grabbed his hair pulling her further into her screaming his name as he brought her to heights she had never dreamed up. As she began to pant he put two fingers in her pussy moving them until she was begging for him to go faster. She screamed his name as she cum and she watched him slowly lick her cum off his fingers. He then kissed his way back up and asked if she was ready. She nodded her head and he slammed through her maidenhead taking her virginity and bringing her more and more pleasure until they both came together.

At the time Alpha Dawin fully matted with Lisa her ex-mate Alpha Gene woke the whole pack house screaming in pain. He felt Lisa being pleasured and then her virginity being taken and began to cry stating he can’t live like this forever and he needs to follow the Moon Goddess’s directions and inform the other packs why those who have rejected their mates will feel the pain of rejection instead of the one being rejected. He also needs to let them know if their mate finds a second chance mate or a chosen mate that they can have pups but the one who did the rejecting can never have pups of their own. Alpha Larry informed Alpha Gene that since Lisa will not be his mate he will not be the next Alpha and he will follow through with making Alpha Dawin the new Alpha and join their packs together.

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