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The Moon Goddess Revenge: Book 1: Alpha Gene Rejects Lisa As His Mate

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Chapter 2

I was sleeping when my phone rang. As I picked up the phone I noticed the call was from Alpha Larry. Hello, I said. Alpha Larry asked if I was available for meeting at his pack house. I stated I was not available today but could meet tomorrow.

I asked what this meeting was about. Alpha Larry stated that he knew that I and Lisa had completed the mating process and that he wanted to continue the discussion of Alpha Dawin merging the packs and becoming the new Alpha.

I stated I would meet tomorrow at noon. As I hung up the phone I noticed Lisa was moving in her sleep when she jerked awake setting up in bed saying “No, No, that can’t happen”. Nightmare, I asked Lisa holding her against me. She stated yes, something bad is going to happen I can feel it.

I stated that I am afraid that Alpha Dawin’s pack members won’t like me. I have low confidence in myself even though I was training to be a warrior. I told her that if she had low confidence she covers it very well and not to worry that my pack is going to love her.

My wolf started stirring in the back of my head telling me I need to tell her about the sluts in my pack and how I did promise that slut in my pack when I returned I would make her my Luna. I did this because I did not think I would find a second chance mate. I was planning on making Lori my chosen

I told Lisa that I had to return to my pack today as I needed to discuss something with my Beta Chris and then that I had a meeting tomorrow at noon with Alpha Larry but would be back to see her after the meeting.

I did not tell her I really needed to meet with Lori and tell her she was not going to be Luna now as I had found my second chance mate. I know that Lori is not going to take that well but, it is for the best as my other pack mates did not want her as Luna as she thought she was better than everyone else.

The only reason I was going to make her Luna was that she was good in bed even though I know she is a slut, and because I didn’t think I would get a second chance mate.

I got out of bed and went to take a shower. As I came out of the bathroom I had a towel on riding low on my hips. I had water dripping down my abs and as I was drying my hair with a towel I felt Lisa’s eyes travel down my body.

I looked at her grinning and asked if she liked what she saw. Lisa said, I definitely like what I see and I still want to lick whip cream off your abs someday. I started laughing and told her she was going to keep me on my toes.

I noticed that she started to move from the bed and gasped in pain. I ran to the bed and picked her up caring her into the bathroom. I forgot that she would be sore when she woke up after our very active night.

Lisa looked at me and asked if she would feel this way every time we had sexual intercourse. I told her not always. She looked down with her face red and asked me if she did all right. I looked at her and told her that she pleased me so much and that I want to have sex now but, I won’t because she needs to rest up.

She laid back in the tub and I started to slowly wash her and then I washed her hair, as I was massaging her head I heard her moan and my dick started to get hard again. I thought dam, I am going to need another shower before I leave, a very cold shower.

As I helped Lisa out of the tub, I finished dressing kissing her, and telling her I was going to see Alpha Bill but, I would stop by to see her before she headed to school and left the room. As I shut the door I noticed the pack slut Carrie coming down the hall.

She stopped and put her hands on my chest saying “You can do better than that slut, I can make you feel really good, as her hand started traveling down towards my cock, I grabbed her wrist.

I told her to never touch me again and if she did I had no problem with breaking her wrist. I then said, that slut as you call her is my Luna and you will show her respect. As I started walking to Alpha Bill’s office I heard her say, “does she know about your soon to be Luna Lori?”

I turned around and grabbed her by her throat and told her that if she knew what was good for her she would keep that information to herself. I dropped her to the floor and walked to Alpha Bill’s office.

Carrie picked herself up from the floor and said, I will make you regret that. She thought to herself, I will have to call Lori and let her know how Alpha Dawin has found a Luna to replace her. I also need to start making the slut, Lisa pay for taking Alpha Dawin from my cousin Lori.

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