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The Moon Goddess Revenge: Book 1: Alpha Gene Rejects Lisa As His Mate

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Chapter 3

As I walked into my pack house there were pack members watching television. I walked into the kitchen and saw my Beta, Chris setting at the table with his mate Lana. Let me tell you that Lana is a sweet Beta female. She has beautiful long hair, and she is very loyal.

If you hurt, her family or friends she won’t hesitate to give you hell. She is mad at me right now because she doesn’t want to have Lori as the Alpha female. Lana threatened to leave the pack if I made Lori female. Chris looked up from his breakfast and said about time you come home. Lana looked over giving me an angry look and looked away.

I noticed that both Chris and Lana started sniffing the air. At the same time, both looked at me and said, “why do you smell of vanilla, coffee, and strawberries?“. I told them as soon as they were done to meet me in my office, but I was going to take a shower.

As I entered my bedroom and got my clothes and walked into the bathroom. As I entered my room wearing a towel that was hanging low on my hips I noticed Lori setting on my bed. She walked over to me and slowly moved her hands up and down my chest.

I grabbed her arms and slowly moved them from me. I had a sad expression in my eyes as I did not want to hurt her by telling her she would not be Luna. I told Lori I did not have time to talk with her now as I had paperwork to catch up on but would talk to her after supper.

I then turned and walked out of the door and headed to my office. Lori watched me walk away and demanded to know what was going on. I turned and looked at her and told her I don’t have time to put up with your bullshit right now and continued to walk to my office.

As I entered my office Lana who was sitting on the couch in my office looked at me and said spill your guts right now and I don’t want to hear any shit about Lori. I told her you will respect me and not talk to me like that.

Lana jumped up slammed her hand on my desk and said, as your older sister I can and will talk to you like that, especially if you are going to tell me you continue to plan on making that slut your Luna.

Chris was sitting across the desk from me and slowly said well are you going to tell us what happened with your meeting at Alpha Larry’s and Alpha Bill’s pack? I explained that I have another meeting with Alpha Larry at noon tomorrow and then I will be going back to Alpha Bill’s pack for a few weeks.

While I am gone I informed Chris that he will oversee the pack. Chris said, Ok, but what happened. I put my hands in my head and slowly looked up at Chris and Lori. They said well! Dammit, say something.

I explained that at my visit I found my second chance mate. Lana started screaming, jumping up and down, and ran to be giving me a hug. She then stopped and said, “she isn’t a slut, is she?” I said no, she isn’t a slut. She was Alpha Gene’s mate, but he rejected her.

She asked permission to leave the pack and go to her uncle’s pack to attend school there because she didn’t want to see her rejected mate. I said as she walked by me I noticed her sent and stopped her telling her she was my mate, but she said not possible I have a mate and he rejected me, and she turned and walked away with her parents.

I explained that Alpha Larry wants me to merge the packs and become the Alpha of his pack. Since is his son can’t get his mate to take him back. I also explained that Lori is not going to be my Luna as I had again met my mate Lisa, at her uncle’s pack and her uncle is Alpha Bill. I also told them we are fully mated, and she will be coming to the pack after she graduates from high school in June. That is less than 5 months away.

Lana and Chris’s mouths dropped open and then Lana said just how old is your mate? I said she just turned 18. Chris said she is 18 and you are 24. Does that bother you? I looked at Chris and said no, the age difference does not bother me.

I stated I need to meet with Lori and tell her she is not going to become the Luna. Lana started laughing and said good luck with that because she is going to demand you keep your promise of making her your Luna.

Chris stated that I should be prepared for outright war with Lori because she has been telling everyone here she is going to be the Luna and telling them to call her Luna while you were gone. I snapped my head up and said she did not have permission to do that and it stops now. I said I don’t know why I was even going to make that slut the Luna.

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