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She runs alone because she's afraid to run in a pack... Wolf craves to be a normal girl but will she get her wish? She moves in the shadows afraid to run in a pack. She was born a human but created to be something more, known to others as Wolf she craves to be an ordinary girl to feel the love of a man to have a family around her, just as her world starts to crumble she finds an escape but can she take it? He's the Vice President of a ruthless biker club the oldest of three he sits in the shadows alone with his thoughts listening to his siblings bicker he longs to fill the void in his heart to feel more than bitterness his countless kills earning him the name Reaper, instead of finding an angel like he expected he finds someone to sit in the shadows with him but can he fight strong enough for her?

Scifi / Action
Sarah Allen
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Chapter 1- Wolf


People run in packs because they don't feel safe alone.

I run alone because I don't feel safe in packs.

I've lived by this mantra my whole life I trained alone I went on missions alone. We were created to be a team we were created to work together but I didnt trust them, I didnt trust anyone.

Uncle wasn't happy but he understood my need to be alone, I was ferocious, I was ruthless never left survivors. I was created to be the ultimate weapon the perfect killer.

When I had asked Uncle to let me live in the outside world he hesitantly agreed allowing me six months before I had to return to the compound but I couldn't go back. The freedom to do as I pleased the taste of a normal life to be an ordinary girl so I never returned I went on the run that was two years ago.

I sat in the dark room waiting for my mark to arrive, after I didnt return to Uncle I realised that I had to find a way to make money at first I tried working an ordinary job serving coffee in a cafe but I guess I just didnt have the temperament for it. I'm built to be a killer it's all I know so I became a high paid assassin, it took some time and I keep my identity a secret from my employers I take the file with my mark without exchanging words they never see my face they never hear my voice.

Swirling the drink I had poured myself around the glass I heard the door open downstairs, I strained my hearing and listened as the heavy footsteps trudged up the stairs followed by grunting the handle on the door twisted opening gently a broad man walked through it flicking on the light loosening his tie he hadn't noticed me sitting in the chair. I stood up silently unhooking my blade from my thigh as he entered the bathroom.

When he walked back into the room he spotted me gulping slightly his gaze roamed my body "not even going to let me see your face?" His hoarse voice cut through the silence I stepped closer to him and his confidence faltered "if you're going to kill me at least have the decency to look me in the eye" he barked, I sheathed my blade and removed the biker helmet from my head letting my long black hair fall around my shoulders. His eyes met mine and he chuckled softly "is it wrong of me to hope you weren't beautiful?" He whispered.

I smiled and stepped closer to him unhooking my blade again, he sighed shrugging slightly "so this is how it ends huh?" I cocked my head to the side and gazed at him. He stood tall at 5ft 11" his brown hair streaked with grey his body toned and strong despite him being in his sixties he looked at me and smiled "at least I get to see a beautiful face before I go" stepping closer again until we were almost face to face "you knew this was coming Charles" my voice cut the air and he inhaled sharply closing his eyes "so beautiful" he whispered he kept his eyes closed as I held my blade to his throat starting at his left ear.

"Wait please" he whispered his blue eyes gazing into mine I clutched the blade tightly but said nothing "could I ask you just for one kiss please if I'm to die I would like to die a happy man. Today has been shit" he chuckled softly his eyes pleading. Going against my instincts I lowered my knife slightly and leaned in keeping my eyes open I let my lips gently touch his, his eyes snapped shut and he moaned softly keeping his hands by his side I deepened the kiss only slightly before pulling away "thank you" he whispered with a smile. Without hesitation I put my blade back to his throat and in one fluid motion I sliced stepping back to allow him to fall to the floor.

Putting my helmet back on I exited the house sitting on my bike I took out my burner phone and dialled the only number in the contact list, it answered on the third ring

"Is it done?" I stayed silent, a barking laugh came through the receiver "of course you don't speak. I will wire your money. Thank you Wolf" the line cut dead and I smashed the phone in half kick starting my bike I tore down the street onto the highway swerving between the cars.

I never allow closeness with my mark I simply kill, I should never have given him the option to speak never mind request a kiss I shouldn't have complied with the kiss but something about his pleading eyes he had accepted his fate he knew he was going to die instead of begging for his life like most do he simply asked to die happy. So I complied. Swaying between the cars I sped up needing to find the nearest bar to drown my feelings I glanced down quickly at my suit realising his blood had splattered me when I cut him, I cut off a couple of cars in my change of direction heading towards my home to change.

Once I had changed into comfortable jeans and a flowly white top under my jacket I sped down the highway on my bike again pulling into the nearest bar. Parking in the shadows I hopped off and strolled to the door shaking out my curls in the light summer breeze in my best attempt to remove helmet hair, brushing my fingers through my dark locks I strolled through the door thanking the man who held it open for me smiling sweetly.

"Hey Ellie! Your usual?" Miles the barman winked at me as I sat on the stool "hey Miles! Yeah please" he tapped the bar gently and wandered off to make my drink a White Russian I enjoyed the sweetness mixed with that kick the vodka provided, I never drank before I left the compound Uncle believed it would dull our senses too much and put us in harm's way which he was right about but I needed that dull right now I needed to forget. I traced my lips absentmindedly "something on your mind Ellie?" Miles placed the drink down in front of me and I smiled up at him "just a tough day at work Miles nothing major" he chuckled "tough day huh? Must be rough being an art execs assistant" I smirked at my cover story.

When I'd first come to this bar I would sit in the corner alone but something about Miles made me want to open up and have a friend so gradually I would sit at the bar longer until eventually like now we would chat like we had known each other for years. He would flirt and I would smile politely "oh you have noooo idea!" I giggled rolling my eyes for effect he leaned his head on his hand his fingers cupping his chin as he gazed at me "oh yeah? Care to share?"

"Oh no I couldn't! Client confidentiality" I winked at him sipping my drink letting a low moan escape my lips as the alcohol tingled my senses.

Miles had opened his mouth to say something when he was called from the other side of the bar excusing himself with a wink he went over to serve the guy. I sipped my drink more cursing myself for thinking I could have a normal life. Its been two years since I went on the run knowing Uncle he's probably sent Bear on the hunt for me or worse... Beast! My life isn't safe for someone like Miles every moment spent with me would put him in danger that's why I gave him a false name and a false background story. The less he knows about me the safer he would be.

I was about to get up and leave when I got the feeling I was being watched from behind me, tensing slightly and cursing myself for not bringing a weapon I glanced slowly over my shoulder my gaze landing on a pair of smoldering grey eyes under a head of dark brown hair resting on the face of the most beautiful man I had ever seen. A gasp escaped my lips and I looked away quickly squirming in my seat trying to put out the fire currently burning in my core.

I downed my drink in one large gulp and glanced over my shoulder again my gaze meeting those grey eyes once more. It was at that precise moment I knew I was fucked.

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