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Chapter 2- Reaper


"Man you wont believe the pussy I had last night! Jesus christ that bitch was tight" Bolts my younger brother was bragging about his latest hump I rolled my eyes at him "you're a pig Bolts did you slap her ass and send her on her way when you were done too?" Kassi spat walking into the clubhouse kitchen I smirked at his reaction "shit Kass you weren't supposed to hear that" Bolts mumbled glancing at me I shrugged my shoulders "morning sis" I smiled at her.

Kassi is the youngest of us three she may have spent her life growing up around men like our brother in the clubhouse but that girl was spitfire when she got going "you shouldn't talk like that Joshua girls don't appreciate being objectified" she spat at him her hands on her hips Bolts flinched at her using his real name. Our dad walked into the kitchen "dad! Joshua is being a pig again!" She whined at him stomping her foot "jesus girl let a man get a cup of coffee before you start ranting" he grumbled pouring himself a cup.


"That's my cue to go" I smirked giving Kassi a light peck on her forehead "good luck Bolts" I chuckled over my shoulder hearing Kassi rattling on about his antics. I strolled down to the main office of the clubhouse "what's up Prez?" Behind the desk sat a big man not big as in fat just big as in a fucking tank he looked up from the stack of papers in front of him "I need you and Whippet to take a couple of prospects down to the warehouse on 25th some asshole busted a couple of windows I want you to make sure nothing was taken or damaged"

"Sure thing boss do you know who it was?" I shuffled on my feet in front of him "new gang rolling into town calling themselves Sons of Hell or some shit go to the warehouse check it out and if you see one of those sons send a fucking message will ya?" He went back to shuffling papers

"Whippet!" I called walking into the garage lighting up a cigarette a lanky skinny guy covered in tattoos popped out from behind a car "grab a couple of prospects we've a job to do!"

"Sure thing VP! PROSPECT LETS GO" he roared striding out to his bike I chuckled and followed him out motioning to two of the prospects to follow in a car they get to ride a bike when they get patched in. I swung my leg over my bike clipping on my helmet Whippet pulled up beside me "what's the job Reaper?"

"Warehouse on 25th has some busted windows need to check it out and send a message to the Sons of Hell" I roared over the sound of my engine kicking to life.

We rode out to the warehouse keeping our senses sharp in case those assholes showed up. I leaned against my bike outside lighting up a cigarette "did you hear your sister giving out shit to Juice this morning? I thought Hacker was gonna blow a gasket" Whippet chuckled I side eyed him "what you mean giving out shit? What the fuck did Juice do?" I barked clenching my fists, Whippet laughed "easy Reaper the boys know better than to touch your sister no she was giving out about some girl your brother fucked last night"

I rolled my eyes typical Kassi ever since mom died she spent less time at the clubhouse choosing to live in her own apartment downtown and work in some diner even though we could have supported her she wanted to be out by herself and independent dad had insisted she stayed last night trust Bolts to choose that one night to fuck a girl who wasn't a club whore then send her packing.

"Everything looks good Reaper" one of the prospects said the other one following close behind "alright good let's go" I grumbled stubbing out my smoke swinging my leg over my bike. I need to talk to Bolts he needs to be more careful when he knows Kassi will be around. She doesn't exactly approve of our lifestyle but the club is in our blood she knows that our father was VP before he stepped down after mom died and I stepped up to take his place. Jackson the president is a close friend to our family when mom got sick he really helped us out. Our club is family a brotherhood. We protect each other. Always.


"Man would you check out the pussy in here tonight! The place is oozing! Check out those blondes over there man!" Bolts eyed the place like he was starving his grey blue eyes darting around the room like a pinball machine

"Mmm yeah" I grunted chugging my beer "remind me again why we're here?"

Bolts eyed me like I was insane "are you actually asking that question? Look around man! Its college night! These girls are asking to take a walk on the wild side" he winked at me fixing his cut, I grumbled and chugged down the rest of my beer "oh I spot a hottie excuse me boys" Whippet slipped out of our booth strolling over to a redhead whispering something in her ear her cheeks flushed the same shade of red as her hair "damn how'd he score so quick? I need to up my game" Bolts grumbled shooting back a shot of vodka eyeing the place up.

I've fucked girls yeah a couple of whores from the club but they just bored me after a while so I stopped trying choosing to sit in the corner moody instead Bolts started smacking my arm spilling my beer "what the fuck man?" I growled at him "check that babe out!" He gasped practically drooling I followed his gaze and saw her.

Shit I'm hard as a fucking rock. Her long black hair flowing in waves around her shoulders she was giggling at something the bar guy said I tightened my grip on my beer "fuck man I'd do her every goddam way she is a rocket"

"Shut the fuck up" I growled clutching my beer tightly Bolts laughed beside me smacking my shoulder "hottie revving up the cold engine inside you eh Reaper?"

I glared at him he just shrugged his shoulders and wandered off towards Whippet and the group of girls he was talking too. I need to stop staring at her but I couldn't take my eyes off of her, her olive tanned skin standing out under her white shirt which flowed loosely on her she touched her lips lost in thought while that annoying bartender made her drink he said something to her and she smiled I shifted in my seat trying to rearrange my jeans to hide my now painful erection.

She looked distant like her mind was elsewhere a darkness falling on her once happy features she glanced over her shoulder her gaze meeting mine and I stiffened my cock threatening to rip through my jeans her golden brown eyes bored into mine with such intensity it's like we were fucking right there on the table. She finished her drink glancing back over her shoulder her gaze meeting mine again. I swear I saw something flash in her eyes but shook it out of my head.

I was about to get up and go talk to her maybe dip my stick in her tank when she bolted knocking the stool over on her way out. "Ellie! What's up?" Bartender roared after her, least that asshole was useful for something. I got a first name off of him at least.

I need to get Hacker onto that, I gulped down my beer sinking further into the corner my mind wondering about the mystery girl called Ellie.

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