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Chapter 3- Wolf


"Come on Ellie! You're always working or off at some Art event! Please? It's my birthday!" I looked over my coffee mug at Kassi holding her hands together in mock prayer batting her long eyelashes at me her mousey brown hair thrown up into a bun. I sighed setting my cup down on the counter "where's it on?" Her screams of excitement attracted several customers attention "as you were nothing to see here" she waved her hands in the air.

I held my mug up for more coffee "ok so it's on in the clubhouse you'll get to meet all the guys I'm always giving out about" she rolled her eyes "oh yeah? You mean that Juice guy you keep talking about?" I smirked at her, she glared at me pouring my coffee "promise me you'll come Ellie please?" I nodded "fine fine I'll go! When's it on? What do I need to wear?" "It's on in two days so Saturday and hey my shift finishes in 20 why don't we go shopping?"

I rolled my eyes at her "you gotta stop it with those puppy eyes you only get so many passes you know?" I wiggled my finger at her laughing she smacked it away going to clear tables.

Once her shift finished we went to the mall close by to go shopping. When I left Uncle's I didnt have many clothes or even friends over time I settled into this world I still have to look my shoulder every now and then but I feel normal, it took a while to warm up to Kassi she's so bubbly and always happy but we balance each other I'm the quiet type and she's always outgoing.

"Hey Ellie try this dress!" Kassi's voice pulls me out of my daydream in her hand she was holding a flowery summer dress I scrunched up my nose "I don't think flowers are really my thing" I pulled out a plain navy summer dress "this is more me I think why don't you get the flower one you know for Juice?" I winked at her and she scowled at me sticking her tongue out wandering towards the shoes muttering under her breath.

My phone rang in my purse an unknown number I handed the dress to the sales girl to ring up while I answered staying silent I waited for someone to speak "hello? Is this Wolf?" I stayed silent only breathing gently into the phone

"Oh right of course I heard you don't speak. Well um if this is Wolf I-" throat clearing "- I am in need of your services. Could we meet? It'll have to be when my husband has the kids so Saturday?" I pressed a button on the keypad to signal I understood "ok well great I will meet you Saturday and the park on 25th at 7pm?" I pressed the button again and hung up before she could say anything else.

"Hey Kass? What time did you say your party was starting?" I shouted across the store paying for my dress "it starts at 6 why?" I flinched "well um that was my boss on the phone theres a quick work thing I have to do so could I maybe make it there for 8 without you ripping my head off?" I smiled sweetly at her she put her hands on her hips and glared at me "Ellie you are not getting out of this party you promised" she whined stomping her foot "I'm not trying to get out of it! I'll be there for 8 I promise! Just text me the address I have to get back to the office" I shouted over my shoulder running out of the store.

Once I was home I plugged my phone into my laptop to trace the call it came from a house in the suburbs. Great now I'm a contract killer for some disgruntled housewife? Wonderful. I'll meet her Saturday but I don't have to take the job if I don't want too i guess, I wandered off to the bathroom and ran myself a bath this was gonna be a long weekend.

Saturday came around pretty quick, I geared up in my black spandex one piece suit. Good thing about Uncle was he designed suits to make us bulletproof if our reflexes slowed down all black one pieces with wrap around straps to hold our weapons my choice were a couple of glocks and blades which I strapped around my thighs for easy retrieval when needed.

I pulled up on my bike and waited silently for any sign of this housewife who called me out of the corner of my eye I spotted a middle aged lady shuffling nervously on a bench close by. Hopping off my bike but keeping my helmet and gloves on I strolled over to her sitting down silently she peaked at me nervously "I'm not really sure how this works honestly I was expecting a man I'm surprised you're woman" she eyed my suit which clung to all of my curves like a second skin.

I waited silently for her to begin speaking "I shouldn't be here" she whispered "my husband he's a horrible man he runs this gang and at first I thought I would be ok with this life but I've got kids now and he's out of control the club comes first but he's so power hungry and he beats me. I understand you charge highly for your services and I'm willing to pay I just need him gone" her voice trailed off nervously. I held my hand out for the folder of my marks information once she handed it over I tucked it into my leather jacket and strode back over to my bike.

Once I had changed into my outfit for Kassi's party weaving my way through traffic I found the clubhouse easily. Kassi must've told them I was coming because some young guy wearing a leather cut that had "prospect" written on it waved me in. I parked my bike at the end noting how my Ninja stuck out compared to all the Harley's. Fixing my hair I strolled up to the door holding my head high I walked in and scrunched my nose up immediately it smelt like sex sweat and booze in the bar didnt look much better either looking around I saw some girls wearing next to nothing wandering around in hooker heels, shorts so short they may as well have been underwear and boob tubes walking further into the bar I noticed some of the whoreish looking girls giving some of the guys blow jobs under the table or fucking on the pool table down the back.

I was about to turn around and walk out thinking of some excuse I could give Kassi when she spotted me "Ellie! Hey! Over here!" I planted a sweet smile onto my face hiding my complete disgust at the goings on in the bar walking over to her she pulled me in for a hug "I seriously thought you weren't gonna make it!" She squealed "I promised didnt I?" I smiled at her, she dragged me over to a group of guys and I froze staring at those smouldering grey eyes that had haunted my dreams the last couple of weeks.

"This is my brother Joshua" she pointed to a young guy with blondish brown hair and grey blue eyes when he stood up he stood firm at well over 6ft and broad like a fighter "hey everyone calls me Bolts" he smiled holding out his hand, I shook it firmly "what's your speciality?" His face fell "sorry what?" I cocked my head at him "well this is an MC club right? So what's your speciality?" He smiled again "locks my speciality is locks" I nodded my head glancing around "well uh I'm gonna go find the guys" he wandered off glancing over his shoulder at me smiling slightly

"This is my other brother Ka-Reaper" Kassi stuttered under his strong glare, I held my hand out smiling at him "Ka-Reaper? What're you an undercover stalker or something?" I giggled at him he glared at me shaking my hand "you can call me Reaper" he muttered darkly, I just nodded silently Kassi cleared her throat "right well come on Ellie let's get a drink" she dragged me over to the bar yelling to the prospect to bring us over some drinks. "What's uhm Reapers problem?" I mumbled glancing over at the smouldering man in the corner. Kassi shrugged "he changed after mom died, got all serious and moody. Hasn't cracked a genuine smile since just sits in the corner drinking"

I pointed to the girls strutting around "what's the deal with the whore looking girls?" I mumbled she laughed drinking her beer "they're just that girl. Whores. They get passed around the club by the boys, they don't belong to anyone. Only the old ladies or family like me are off limits" she shrugged I choked on my beer "I'm sorry what? What's an old lady?" Kassi giggled nudging me "an old lady is the wife of a biker she's been claimed by him and belongs to him. The boys know not to touch her she's off limits. If you haven't been claimed then you're fair game" I stared at her "and you're ok with this?" She eyed me "well I'm off limits because I'm Reaper and Bolts little sister plus my dad used to be VP so I'm kinda like a biker Princess all the boys here are like my brothers. We're family"

I nodded drinking my beer silently looking around. The men in their leather jackets with the club logo on the back some sitting in groups drinking beer some getting head off of a whore in the corner. It's a weird family but maybe I could fit in here.

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