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A squad of genetically engineered super soldiers - known as Ultimas - fall in love with a girl who's designed to match them in every way possible. In a post-apocalyptic world, only 3 cities remain with 3 million people on Earth. 1 million of which are mutants whom survived the Dooms Day and the gene altering bombs that killed 85% of the Earth's population. Alyssa O'Brien graduates from high school and lands a job as a spy. During her second mission, she runs into the most dangerous villains of Frankincense City. STRIKE are a gang of super soldiers, and once Alyssa crosses paths with the beasts of FC, her life will never be the same again. FC SERIES TRILOGY REMASTERED | The Diamond Spy, Princess of the Shadows and Ultimate Underworld | Edited | + SPECIAL EDITION CHAPTERS ADDED w/ DIFFERENT POVS

Scifi / Romance
C. Swallow
4.8 33 reviews
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[1] Special Edition Ch. [Dale Falls in Love]

[1] Special Edition Ch. [Dale Falls in Love]

Dale’s POV 7 YEARS OLD [20 years ago]

“You know why I think you’re so amazing, Sammy?” I pass Sammy a picture I drew of an iris, shaped into a unique slit, “You make me think that I can kill anybody, if I just believe I’m doing it for you.”

Sammy picks up the drawing and observes the picture of an eye. Tyrian purple.

“It’s your eye colour, with a slit pupil, are you saying you’re part cat?” Sammy asks, she’d only met me five times but I don’t think she remembered the first four times I told her this.

“7% leopard, actually,” I assess her reaction. Her mouth is downturned in worry but her eyes are alight with curiosity. I conclude she still likes me, but she’s scared.

“Why would they give you big cat DNA?” Sammy finally puts the paper down and meets my gaze.

“I told you, I’m a killer,” I speak clearly, “It’s just what I do.”

Sammy’s mouth tilts up, into a smile.

“Well, I think you’re a little boy with one hell of an imagination,” Sammy laughs, but her eyes are distant as she looks up.

I glance over my shoulder and I see Lumen, my father, projecting pictures of two faces on the screen through the window.

It’s the same two people that Lumen shows to Sammy at the end of our discussions. I don’t know who they are. One man has green eyes, blonde hair, while the woman looks like she could be Sammy’s sister or something.

“Zac...” Sammy gulps, “...Lucy...” she’s says their names every time.

“Time’s up, kid,” Lumen speaks through the speakers. Usually I would move, but I stay still, clenching the side of the table, I glare up at my father.

Sammy quietly starts to cry, silent tears, but I hear how her breaths are uneven and shallow. I jump up from the seat and turn to face my dad.

“But father, I just started to talk to her,” I hiss through my teeth, a growl reverberating from my throat.

“It’s time you rested, son. Question me again and see where that gets you in your classes tomorrow,” Lumen cuts off the speakers and walks over to open the door.

I turn to Sammy one last time, and she’s sobbing in her hands. When she glances up at the open door, she’s trembling from head to toe.

“Goodbye, Sammy,” I whisper, sad that I had to leave her. She intrigued me so much.

“Who are you?” she asks, a lost look in her eyes, she’s forgotten me already. Why did she always forget me? In contrast, I never forgot anything about her.

I turn, my fists both tightly clenched as I glare at Lumen on the way out.

I storm through the door and as soon as Lumen shuts out Sammy, keeping her contained in her cell, he grabs my shoulder before I can continue on my way.

“Do you feel a connection to her?” Lumen asks, carefully, “The blue print for your DNA was guided by her extremely indestructible DNA. She may even be smarter than you, the technology in her DNA is old and lost.”

“Every time you show her those pictures,” I hiss, ignoring his scientific jargon, always focused on the damn stats, the facts, the logic, “Every. Time. She forgets what’s happening around her. She forgets me.”

“That’s trauma, son,” Lumen shrugs one shoulder, “Until she overcomes her fear, she’ll be stuck there. You have your job. Heal her.”

“I’m a killer, not a healer -”

“That you are, but you are so much more, Dale,” Lumen tut tuts me, “Go to sleep and take your meds.”

“I don’t need inhibitors anymore.”

“I’ll decide that,” Lumen drops his tone, warning me to stop challenging him, “Until you can control your predatory instincts outside of battle and war play, you’re getting help in the mean time.”

I steady my need to ask questions and I keep my attitude controlled. I head for my bedroom in the lab, which was in a boring room with two bunk beds.

I slept on the bottom of the left, Serge slept on top, he kept beating me down so I couldn’t own the top just yet. Jose was on the top adjacent, Ace at the bottom.

I wished I could tell them about Sammy; about how she made me feel.

I didn’t feel quite so alone when I was with her. The first time I met her, she was the most beautiful person I’d ever laid eyes on. I felt so much around her, but I didn’t know anything about that. I only knew theories, facts and how to outsmart the enemy.

I enter our metal boring box of a bedroom and I see Jose reading, Ace biting his nails while a broken leg was healing, without any pain meds; that was something Lumen didn’t like to hand out. Serge has stolen my pillow, again, just to assert his dominance, his feet are where my head is suppose to rest.

Serge smirks as I come in, but I close the door and my bottom lip trembles, I was still pissed off that Sammy forgot me, within seconds this time.

“How was it?” Jose looks up from his book, questioning me, “Talking to the special patient?”

I gulp down the feelings roaring through me, I couldn’t show weakness to the team.

Yet, a tear still escapes and rolls down my cheek and all three of them sit up.

“What the fuck happened?” Serge asks, genuinely concerned.

“I don’t know,” I try to find the right words, but my tongue can’t figure out the vocabulary.

She made everything different. Nothing was right. This was all stupid, “Give me back my pillow, Lightning.”

“Or what?” Serge chuckles, excited for a brawl, but I wasn’t in the mood to play.

“Give it back right now or I’ll rake your fucking eyes out of your sk-”

A buzz from the speakers.

“There will be none of that, Dale,” I jerk when Lumen’s scolding tone speaks through a corner, “Lie down and be quiet. You’ve all got a big day tomorrow.”

We all go silent, our faces stony as the speaker buzz dies off.

I head to my bed, I sit on it and I pick up the meds next to it. I pretend to put them in my mouth, lowering my hand with the pills stuck in the crevices of my palm.

Serge throws down my pillow and I catch it, punching it once and placing it on the bed.

I lie back and think, while staring at the back of Serge’s mattress against the metal frame. I slowly put my hands behind my head and quickly slip the meds into the pillow case.

My chest was still coiling with emotion I didn’t understand.

And I hated things I didn’t understand.

Author’s Note: I’m remastering the Frankincense City trilogy, The Diamond Spy, Princess of the Shadows and Ultimate Underworld will be re uploaded into this one book, all chapters edited, plot holes fixed, and special edition chapters thrown in, like this one :) if you’re new, I suggest waiting for these chapter updates instead of reading the originals, only if you want the perfect version.

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