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"It doesn't require anything but logic to know that you cannot fight that which is unknown and cannot be seen" A boy of around 18 years old(Cody) mysteriously wakes up in the middle of a road in Arizona. He remembers nothing about his past life or where he came from and he doesn't know where to start. Things get better for him when he is adopted by a certain family only to realize that there is something strange about him as he wields weird but awesome extra terrestrial phantom super powers but they seem to come at a cost which he is willing to pay in order to help the ones he love.

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1

I shifted awake and slowly opened my my eyes. Everything seemed to be blurred and hazy. After a couple of seconds when my vision had cleared up a bit, I frantically looked around the environment that I was in.

I was lying down on a road and I was stark naked. I was confused because I did not remember how I had ended up in the middle of the road naked, in fact I did not remember anything even my name. It was cold and I was shivering as if I had just came out of a freezer.

I realized that I needed to get up as I was in the middle of the road and could probably can hit by a car or truck if I didn't get up. I even wondered why I had not already been hit because only God knew how long I had been lying on the road.

I tried to get up but my legs wobbled and I slumped back onto the cold hard road. I felt week in the knees and they felt stiff as if I had not walked in a long time. I finally managed to stand up after several feeble attempts when I thought I heard the sound of incoming traffic. Well, I had managed to get up alright but then I realized that I had nowhere to go.

The road that I was in seemed to be about a kilometer from the city because I could see several skyscrapers and other tall buildings to the northern direction. Without any other option I slowly started the tiresome walk towards the city. I didn't know what to expect when I arrived or who to approach, there was definitely nothing to look forward to but well that was my only hope if I wanted to get assistance.

I passed about 5 cars on the way and I felt totally uncomfortable and embarrassed by the way people were awkwardly looking and staring at me as if I was some sort of alien from a science fiction movie. After a few hours I finally reached the city and I was a bit surprised at the way people were looking at me but I guess it wasn't their fault as I was the one who was completely naked. Nobody seemed interested in helping me in fact one woman briskly walked away from me tightly holding her daughters hand making me look like I was some sort of serial killer who could pounce on her or her child at any moment.

"Hey can you please...." I was about to ask a certain man who was wearing a formal black suit a question when he quickly walked away without looking back just like the 4 other people that I had tried to ask.

A couple of teenagers who were passing by on their bikes laughed at me as the cycled by. I had completely lost all hope of ever getting help until a black cop car screeched to a halt a few meter from where I was standing. A slightly tall and averagely built woman wearing a police uniform with a badge which was written, "Arizona Police Department" casually strolled to where I was standing and showed me her badge.

"This is the Arizona Police Department, sir you have to come with me to the station and give a report on why you are walking around the city naked. Do you know that it is against the law?" She asked as she put emphasis on the word naked.

I only nodded trying my best to show that I was sorry and it wasn't my fault. I didn't have a place to stay but I was definitely not looking forward to spending my night in jail. The female police officer escorted me to the police vehicle and I sat at the back seat. She gave me a towel to wrap on my lower body and she also gave me her jacket so that I could keep warm as we herded to the station.

I noticed that she kept glancing back at me as if she thought I could vanish into thin air at any moment.

"So what's your name?" She asked as she steered the car left along a wider highway.

I figured out that telling her that I didn't know my name seemed kind of rude so I did what I thought was appropriate, I told her the first name that came into my mind.
"Cody. My name is ....Cody Martins" I replied weakly trying my best not to show her I had made the name up.

"Okay Cody where do you come from?" she asked again and I could tell she had bought the fake name.

I was about to lie to her that I was orphaned when I was suddenly hit by a headache and started hearing weird sounds in my head. My hands started feeling as if they were vibrating and when looked at them, I was surprised to see small but strong sparks of electric like energy in my hands. As if that was not enough my right hand turned invisible right before my eyes. I was bewildered. What the hell was happening to me?

"Hey Cody are you okay? she asked showing that she had noted that I was acting strange. Maybe she I had flinched due to the sudden headache.

"Yeah I'm fine" I lied.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, opened them and then looked at my hands again. My right hand was now visible but I could still feel the electric ripples in my palms so I just clenched my palms and tried to suppress it. The police officer who I learnt was called "Deputy Fletcher" didn't ask anymore questions till we arrived probably because she had noticed my strange behavior.

When we arrived Deputy Fletcher escorted me to her office where she gave me a T-shirt and blue faded jeans that were a bit oversize but it didn't bother me much as it was better than nothing. She asked me a couple of questions such as where I lived but I replied honestly that I didn't know. I told her of how I had recently awoken from the road and how I did not know anything besides my name(which was a bit of a lie as I had made the name up). Strangely as much as my story was difficult to believe, she believed me.

"I guess that's all I needed to know. So do you have anywhere to stay were I can take you? Deputy Fletcher asked as she closed the file and placed it in a drawer beside her desk.

"No, I don't remember anything" I replied honestly.

Deputy Fletcher told the Chief Police Officer, Mr Rogers who was a stout shot man with a small bushy beard about my situation. They both left me in Deputy Fletcher's office as they discussed on where I was going to stay and after what seemed like an hour, Deputy Fletcher returned.

"Well, thank your lucky stars Cody because you will be staying at my house with my family till something comes up. I'm sure you will like them but if any people come claiming to be your parents, I'll have no choice but to let you go."

I was overwhelmed. I could not understand why Deputy Fletcher was so kind to me. She seemed to understand my strange situation and above all she trusted me.

"I'll take you to my family which will be your family for the mean time but I can't take you if you don't want. So what's your decision?" Deputy Fletcher asked me as she stared at me showing concern.

I agreed. There was no way I could turn down such an offer provided I did not have a single friend or relative that I remembered.

"Then what are you waiting for. Lets go." She said this as she picked up her car keys from the table.

I had now found a home. But then I remembered that there was something that I had not yet told Deputy Fletcher about, and that was what had happened to me in the car, the electric sparks I had seen in my hands. But well it was best kept a secret because that would have even made her think that I was some sort of crazy weirdo and she could even put me into a mental hospital.

Deputy Fletcher gave me a form where I scribbled out my signature that I agreed to stay with her temporarily till anyone who knew me turned up. After all that was done, she escorted me to her car and we left for her home which she said was not far from the station.
"Thank you Deputy for taking me to stay with you I can't imagine where I would have been taken to if you had not suggested to take care of me" I told Deputy Fletcher as she slowed the car down at a red robot.

"Its okay Cody. You don't have to call me Deputy. Just call me...Lora or Mrs Fletcher...whatever that feels comfortable to you. When I saw you, you reminded me of someone that I loved very much" I could hear the pain in her voice, I could feel it that this person whom I resembled was very important to her.

"Who?" I asked inquisitively ,wondering who the person was.

"Its my son Jack but he died last year from cancer" she responded in a low regretful tone which made me feel pity for her.

"I'm sorry" I sympathized with her.

We didn't talk much for the rest of the way and I was already feeling sleepy when the car screeched to a halt outside a medium sized blue house.

My mind skipped a bit as I stared at the house for a second wondering how Mrs Fletcher's family was going to accept me, a total stranger, into their home.

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