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It's been a year since every nation has settled on to the new planet, and as peaceful as it may be, rebellion and disobedience starts to stir. Aurora got what he wanted, he was finally a Commander. With the changes on the New Planet, everyone does their best to adjust to the environment, some finding it easy more than others. It's not uncommon for those who served and fought in the space wars to have a hard time being a part of the normal word. Aurora just never thought he would be part of them. It's been a year and rebellion starts to spark against the system, and a few other nations aren't happy that the America's made it first. It's Aurora's job to keep everyone in line and assure that a war doesn't happen. But as he struggles to take care of himself mentally, he finds himself having to deal with most of the world's problems. Maybe being Head of Defense isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

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⌛Sector One⌛

Its been a year since all the nations made it to the new planet. Everyone has been moved to their preferred locations and all countries have preferred their original boundaries but people can reside wherever they want to before the borders set in. Everything has changed so much.

In just a year, we were able to build a ton of infrastructure and set up our societal systems. It only took a few months to get everything settled. Engineers worked hard and most of the population was able to move down on to the new planet.

Surprisingly, things were working out well.

The Command Center is still in space, but NASA has control over that.

I like it here. I like the sky and the grass and all the animals. It just seems so pure. I used to get overly excited to just sit in the grass. That’s how much I really enjoy it. Everything is bigger on Earth, and no one wasted time to get things built for the civilians. Society adjusted to the change rather quickly. Now there’s no reason to engineer all the things we need to stay alive. Now we have a natural environment and excess resources that we can use to maintain the purity of the planet. There have been new regulations set to heavily limit the amount of pollution that is released in to the atmosphere. Anything that could hurt the planet or another being is wiped out or rejected.

The point of coming here is to start fresh and learn from the mistakes that happened before. Plus, the other planet was heavily polluted so everyone did not hesitate to agree to new laws about the environment. We’ve engineered enough to figure out what we can and can’t do. We’re as environmentally friendly as we can be.

Then there’s things that deal with disobedience and treason.

Not everyone will follow the law. There will always be people that will break them. The Americas have enemies; there are some people that don’t like that we got here first. We have most of the control but we have done our best to enforce peace. We even have traitors within the nation that disagrees with everything that has happened. I’ve seen it and I’ve had to deal with it.

The system can be as perfect as it can be but there will always be flaws. The Computer is so heavily integrated to everyone’s lives. Its everywhere, it does everything, its helpful. Some people don’t like that. I’ve always trusted the system even though I know there are flaws with it.

There’s only so much we can do to make technology perfect.

The second I was asked to be Head of Defense, I literally grabbed for the position. There is nothing that I worked harder for than this. I’m sure I wouldn’t be this stressed out if I was Head of Economics or Health, but I was satisfied with Defense. I’m more than just satisfied. I’ve wanted this for years.

I deal with defense in three different regions. Its a lot of territory to cover. I am Head of Defense, but there are two other Commanders that work with me in the northern and southern regions. I take care of threats, possible attacks, and overall disturbances within and outside our nations.

The nation runs on different departments that work together to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We all have to get along or none of this will work. If one department falls apart, then so do the others. I rely on so many others just to keep going with my job. It would be such a hassle if one department just stopped working. Then there’s the Department of Human Resources. They are the bridge between other departments. If anything or anyone needs to get moved around, we have to go through them first. All the head’s of each department are important for running the nation. That was the only way for us to get things back to normal. Now there’s more space to cover, more to worry about, more to keep track of. If there weren’t any departments to help the civilians, we would be a mess.

The other nations operate the same way as far as I’m concerned. I’ve only met with defense heads, but I know they have other departments that work with them. Foreign Affairs is always nagging me, telling me to try and back off on the heavy defense so it doesn’t seem like we’re screaming to fight. I’m not here to hurt relationships, but I’ve dealt with some of the other nations and I just want to make sure that nothing goes wrong before I back off on defense.

We just got here. Anything could actually happen.

I’d like to think that I don’t mess around with my job. I’m finally a Commander. I’ve worked so hard to get to this spot and I don’t want to waste it on anything. Already, I have to deal with other nations being unwavering. And I also get this feeling that I have to protect the civilians from their threats; they might not be coming at me directly with them, but I know they’re making their threats. The tension is still there. There are still people that don’t like us.

I just know that I have to protect everyone.

Sometimes, its a lot of work. Other times, its not that bad. I get through it for the most part.

For the first year, everyone has been adjusting. For the first year, there hasn’t been any major threats that should be concerning. I just stared at the different screens but nothing alarming was happening. It was quiet.

To think we sacrificed so much to get to this.

Its hard to forget.

I sighed to myself quietly and turned away from my screens. I kept thinking and thinking since I was so distracted by all the things I had to do today.

Lately, I find it a bit hard to sleep. Sometimes, I don’t sleep at all. I get nightmares now and again, and I try to deal with it, but there’s only so much my body can handle. Its just stress. That’s what I’m telling myself. There can’t be something wrong with me, I have to stay here and do my job, there’s no time for me to just skip work.

I paced around slowly and did my best to figure out what was more important for the day. I haven’t been home in a while, and I would like to go today. If I start now, I could be home in a matter of hours. I continued to pace around as I heard the doors open; I didn’t expect anyone to be here then I thought of the only one person that comes around to bother me on an hourly basis.

I have more things to deal with than hearing Sirus yell at me because I’m not doing things the way he likes it. He knows I’m not going to care especially when he doesn’t do much work in the first place.

Sirus just stomped his way in furiously. Technically he’s not supposed to do that. In fact, he’s supposed to show me respect and stand at attention because he works for me, but he never listens and I don’t have the strength to enforce the rules with him. I could tell how angry he was, but I was going to pretend that he wasn’t angry at me. If I had the strength to demote him I would, but the second I threaten him with his position he will kill me. I know him, and he’s not up for doing even more work.

He signed up for this, I don’t know why he complains about it so much. Human Resources really can’t handle how much they hear from and about Sirus.

“Aurora, we need to talk.” He said loudly as he walked around the room, coming over to me. I purposely didn’t pay attention to him. “Hey, hey,” he snapped his fingers in my face. That made me lose it.

“What?” I snapped at him. I was already irritable and him coming here was not going to help me. He has to go away and bother someone else.

“I know you’re not breaking apart other forces just for border patrol,” he thought I was joking when I sent that out yesterday. He’s angry that I picked his sector first, and honestly that should include him. I don’t know why he’s not over there with them.

I still had to explain myself anyway, its like I can’t help it since Sirus has a habit of really forcing answers out of people; so to avoid damage, I might as well say something.

“There’s elevated activity going on in-”

“I don’t care. The drones take care of that.” He said loudly. I don’t want the drones handling with civilians. They’re already pesky enough, getting into people’s business and wheeling around all day and night. Plus Sirus is in charge of sector one and the first few sectors do all the other stuff the bigger sectors can’t do.

I don’t get why he’s so angry about doing the other things. It doesn’t matter what I give him to do, he will yell about it anyway. I need something that doesn’t talk back as much as Sirus does.

“You cannot just shuffle people around the way you want to.” Sirus said as he walked around me, getting angry like usual.

I stared at him.

He knows its my job to shuffle people around the way I want to.

“Sirus, please remember that I am your boss, and you do have to listen to all my orders. And if you don’t like it, you can talk to the head of human resources.” I crossed my arms. If he really did care about me shuffling people around instead of taking more drones, he would have talked to someone else to bring that issue up to me.

“Fine, whatever.” He gave up.

“By the way, don’t you have a proposal you have to run by me tonight? Something about new weapons, right?” I asked, smiling. This is how I get him to be obedient. He does what I tell him, then I can help him out. Simple as that.

He glared at me, his black eyes going cold; he even had his jaw clench and when he does that, he’s trying to hold back his verbally abusive habits. Sirus was not happy with me and I get that. He doesn’t like when I continuously switch people around because that messes with his plans. I really only do that with the first five sectors. Every other sector is consistent. Its just that the first five sectors are smaller, and they can do all the other stuff better and faster.

I can explain this to Sirus a thousand times, he will still come complain to me about it like I never told him. I can’t stand it when he’s angry.

“Next time, I’ll use the drones.” I finally said to make him feel better. Sirus still has temper issues, and I’m honestly shocked that the higher up officials thought it was okay to make Sirus a general. I never made any of the decisions, Picses did and then he just left everyone to do their jobs.

Picses honestly thought he would be doing me a disservice if he didn’t let Sirus come with me, but that was the disservice. Then again, I know Sirus doesn’t listen. Now it doesn’t bother me as much. I have much more important things than hearing him complain and whine about things. I can yell at him too, and I do most of the times, but I’ve been losing my voice a lot so I try to hold off on it.

Sirus turned away from me but before he could walk away, I took his arm. The screen was flashing orange like it has been sometimes. Apparently someone is trying to hack the defense systems but they don’t get very far. The only reason I’m getting alerted is because there are some things this person or people are not supposed to be able to crack. It doesn’t make sense. I wanted Sirus to see this cause I could use some help, he might know something about illegal activity since he did it all the time while we were up in the Mother Ship. I haven’t told anyone about this, the first person I tell will be Sirus. I don’t want to make it a serious situation, but if it does get out of hand, I might have to talk to the president.

“Wait, I need to ask you something.” I said and he glanced up at the flashing orange screen. He looked disgusted and paranoid with it because it did look alarming.

“What’s happening?” he didn’t like seeing the flashing lights.

“There’s someone that’s been trying to get in to the computer systems.” I said and tried to look up where the signal was coming from. I touched the hologram screens but I can only get so much information. “This comes up when I try to look for the signal.” I said. The system only lights up the country, and what’s frustrating is that its coming from one of our nations.

There was a code. I don’t know what it was, I didn’t recognize it. I thought it might have been one of the codes for our fighter ships in space, but the code doesn’t come close to matching.

“Well, I’ve seen that before.” Sirus said and touched the screen. The code only brought up question marks. “That’s the code for the Russian ships. I remember seeing that when we had borrowed them that one time.” he said as he typed more on the screen. The few Russian space ships we had registered came up. Although it wasn’t the same code, it was very close.

“But why...” I thought for a moment.

The location shows up north in the Canadian region. Why would a space ship be down here? The only ships that landed here were the destroyed ones on the first day. It was the American forces only too. After that, NASA started handling the other ships since they weren’t going to be in use. This is confusing. There shouldn’t be something suspicious like this in the northern region. I don’t understand.

Then it hit me. “They’re using their computer system to get in ours.” I said quickly.

“So what? You’re going up north?” he laughed dryly since he knows I barely go anywhere.

“No, you’re going up north for me.” I said and pressed on the green screens. Sirus groaned obnoxiously and stomped around. He doesn’t like work. He doesn’t like doing anything. Other people our age are either part of the education system or sleeping. I don’t feel that bad for us though since I like being here. Sirus wants to go back in space.

He hates it down here. There’s nothing that makes him more uncomfortable than going outside and looking up at the sky. I’ve never seen Sirus so terrified. Even now, he gets chills. This is really what he hates; Sirus hates a lot of things, but this is different. He really hates being here. He swears that he prefers being in space rather than being down on Earth.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” he said and moved behind me. He touched the top screen to display the region where he had to go. I don’t know why he had to come behind me to do that. Sirus still has that issue about establishing his dominance over me.

At some point, I was hoping he would let that go. It doesn’t help that I have authority over him, he still does whatever he wants. Our relationship though...its not as bad as it was in the beginning. Sirus doesn’t feel the need to use me for fun. Now he listens to me Although its not often, I know he listens. Maybe deep down, he sort of does like me. He’s still annoying though.

He leaned on me as he touched my screens like this was his room. I should really make him understand that he shouldn’t be doing this. If he gets caught here, I’ll get questioned. Already, there are concerns about my ability to do this job but with Sirus working for me, it just raises suspicion from others that don’t like me. I know that I’m young, extremely young, but I’m sure I can do my job better than everyone else, as long as Sirus stays out of my way. I don’t want people thinking that he was getting his way just because we’ve worked together for a while.

I didn’t stop him when he began touching me.

Its normal.

I should say something about it though. “Sirus, you can’t do anything here. You know I’m still dealing with problems about you working with me.” I said.

“Who cares about other people?” he obviously didn’t. “You’ve been stressed lately.” he said, ignoring my complaint. Of course I have been. He barely listens to me, that’s why I’m stressed. Sirus didn’t stop. His hands moved to my waist, holding me back to him as he nibbled on my ear.

His teeth bit harder it did hurt me. Its just like before. I have scars on my ear from him biting too hard. I thought he got rid of that terrible habit but he started it again. Just like I thought. His hands were traveling lower to the front of my pants, and that’s when I grabbed his wrist to get him to stop it.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?”


“No.” I said bleakly. He chuckled lowly and his other hand groped me, making me jolt in front of him.

He was serious about undressing me. I didn’t want him to do something here, but that’s what he planned. His hand was moving inside my black pants, and I could feel his fingers touching me..

“Come on, baby. Let’s have a bit of fun.” He whispered in my ear.

Absolutely not!

I wanted to wiggle out of his grip but he had me locked in his arms. Sirus won’t go away until I let him do what he wants. There’s no other option. So he could still fondle me this way and embarrass me or I could let go of his hand, let him do something vile to me and embarrass me. I still get the same result no matter what. But I let his hand go and he didn’t hesitate to touch me.

I have to admit that I have been a little stress.

There aren’t any major threats but the computer hacker really has me a bit worried. If I can’t solve this problem, its just going to blow up in my face. And then what? How will I take care of it if something worse happens?

I just needed a few minutes to not think about it and Sirus was the only help I had. I can’t say I appreciate it because his methods are a bit animalistic, but it works.

So I gave in. He touched me and I had to give in. His hands were pushing down my pants, rushing to touch me like always. I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm. If I just tell myself that this is only stress relief, I honestly won’t feel too terrible about it.

Sirus was laughing lowly in my ear. He was enjoying himself but its not like he never does. He takes pleasure in this. He moved my legs apart as much as he could and I could feel his fingers reaching back more, rubbing against my hole.

“Its nice to know that you recognize when I’m touching you.” he said lowly.


“Relax, Aurora. I promise not to mess with you.” he said and pushed a finger in. “Yet.” he added in when I began to shake.

I took a deep breath but already Sirus was messing with me. So much for thinking he would keep his promises. I know he doesn’t. He nibbled on my ear again, licking my wound that had probably gone red and was throbbing. His fingers rubbed around me as one of them barely moved inside me.

“You never leave this place so its hard to get you alone.” he said, a little disappointed that I choose doing my job over everything else. He knows how I am.

“I like working-”

“And I like fucking.” he said. I closed my eyes and sighed, my voice coming out strained as he touched me. “You see my problem, right, Aurora?” he was teasing me.

He was trying to add another finger and I wanted to protest against that. I don’t think this is the right time for him to do this but he pushed down my pants anyway and I felt him move another finger inside me. I moaned a bit too loudly when he moved his fingers.

Already I couldn’t stand it.

I would love to just tell him to take off my clothes so we can just...well, do it. That’s just not how I do things, and if I were to say that, Sirus will never let that go. It will be a constant fight everyday for him to do something to me.

I bit my lip so I wouldn’t beg him to stop going so slow. Still I could hear my voice and I bet he knew what I was thinking. Sirus just knows everything about my body, if only he would pay attention to me when I give him orders. My hands were grabbing on his arms as he tried to keep my legs apart. Already I was breathing heavily from his fingers moving inside me. He bit my ear again, but this time he did it a bit harder and that’s when his fingers moved faster.

My knees were buckling under me. It was getting harder and harder to stand. Sirus holding on to me was the only reason I didn’t fall. He was thrusting his fingers inside me harder. As I breathed out, I moaned louder and I know he liked the sound of that. I was honestly just melting in to his arms. There was this need for me to get out of my uniform but I just couldn’t. If I undress here, Sirus will humiliate me. My body was burning though and I couldn’t stand it. I moaned weakly as he fingered me.

For some reason, this was the best I’ve felt in days.

Sirus knew that.

I kept my head down as he touched me. My white hair covered my eyes but I could see the floor. I closed my eyes and just focused on what I felt. Sirus’ lips were pressed on the back of my neck, kissing me softly. His fingers were rubbing me in ways that could make me see stars. I was trembling. I was hot. I just wanted him to pin me on the wall and do everything to me.

That’s how it felt.

I couldn’t stay up anymore. Sirus brought me down on the floor slowly. His fingers never stopped for even a second. I was curling up on my knees but Sirus knows not to stop. My body still shook. I leaned my head back and let out a heavy breath as I moaned; my fingers tightened on Sirus’ arms just as he moved his fingers deeper.

“...S-sirus, just d-do it.” I begged him.

“Do what?” he asked, and I could hear his sly smile. I gritted my teeth, wanting to hold back anything vulgar that might come out of my mouth. “Come on, baby. I want to hear that pretty voice of yours.” he said smoothly.

“Don’t push me.” I said through my teeth. He chuckled though, finding it funny that I had my limit. Sirus knows me better than that. This is not the occasion that I give in to his likes.

“You don’t have to act all clean with me.” he laughed even louder. I ignored his comment since I wasn’t in the mood. This was just a one time thing, a very needed experience, something that changes nothing.

If Sirus keeps fingering me, I’ll cum. After a while of showing me no mercy, however, I bet that’s what he wants. I couldn’t help it. My cock was throbbing in my white underwear. I felt restrained. It wasn’t enough to only have Sirus’ fingers inside me. I hate to admit it but I want him me. I opened my mouth to actually say it to him but my voice just didn’t come out for me to talk. Now I could just moan weakly from the pleasure I was experiencing. To think this is what happens to me.

I put my hands on the floor, my body tensing as I thought I was close to my limits. When I moved, Sirus moved with me so he could keep thrusting his fingers inside me. Even if I thought about tearing away, he would keep me in his hold so he could make me cum. I was burning out. The heat was unbearable. My moans became strained and I could barely breathe at this point. My body was still shaking but it just got worse.

For a second, I just stopped thinking.

I felt everything at once, it was the most powerful rush I could go through. My voice had gone silent and my body was still as I orgasmed through the pleasure. It lasted longer than usual. I couldn’t do anything while the wave of heat moved through my body. Sirus’ fingers stayed deep inside me as I came.

After a few seconds I opened my eyes. The heat was still there, and that wasn’t enough to get rid of the unsettling feeling I had. My arms were shaking, but Sirus held me up against him. I was still out of it for a little bit.

I wanted to undress.

I just wanted him to do anything he wanted.

When I looked up, my screens began flashing bright red. The alarms sounded, too. There was strange activity happening; its a once in a while thing, but I wish it wouldn’t happen. Sirus has to go because this was his sector. He wasn’t too happy about this happening, especially when I know he was about to rip off his uniform. He sighed with frustration and let go of me.

“I’m coming back.” he told me because he wants me to stay right where I was. I know he will be back when this is over.

I didn’t want to get up off the floor. I feel like my legs would be shaking but I didn’t want to find out if that was true. Sirus left me an unspeakable mess. This is all his fault. He had nothing else to say as he left my command room. The next time I see him, I will have no choice but to beg him to do everything to me. Right now, I just felt unsettling and it won’t go away unless he’s here.

It took all my strength to get up off the floor, but finally I did. I fixed my black pants and took a deep breath. I’m sure whatever the issue is, it won’t take long to take care of. A red light might be serious but our defenses are strong enough to handle it in a good amount of time.

When the red lights stopped, the orange lights took over. Still, there was an orange glow around the northern regions. When I press it, the same code shows up. Who would really want to try and hack my systems? They shouldn’t get far, but it still made me a little nervous.

I wanted to find out who this was.

They’re smart enough to take out the tracker.

I wonder if they’re one of us. Or maybe, they’re from somewhere else. Maybe they’re attacking some other government system as well.

I stood there and thought to myself. Maybe I should talk to Libra. She has more control over the northern region. She might be able to get to the problem faster than I can.

This isn’t something I wanted to blow off but I didn’t want to deal with this. The light stopped flashing for now and my screens remained green. Just for now though. I’ll see another problem later tonight. Maybe we should go up north. Well, I should really go up north. Then again, I might need a stronger force to help me deal with this issue.

Bringing Sirus along isn’t a bad idea, but he’ll be expecting a fight. I just want to quietly take down whoever is doing this and be on with everything else.

I gave up all the thinking and decided to pay attention to something else for a couple of hours. I have other things to take care of. My stress keeps piling up and its hard to release all that stress at once. Sometimes, I don’t feel like I have a problem, but its not just the stress that gets to me.

I don’t feel right.

Its like a bigger weight I have to carry on my shoulders.

It frightens me most of the time.

Other times, I just remember all the things I had to go through before. I’ve seen some terrible things and for a person my age, I shouldn’t have to deal with that. Its never bothered me before but I get nightmares now about it. I wake up in cold sweat. The more I think about it, the worse I feel.

I wanted to leave, but I didn’t plan on going home yet.

I walked towards the silver doors at the end of the hall and pushed the button. It turned white at my fingertips. I waited patiently for the elevator. Its quiet on the my floor. I like that. I know its not just me that works here but sometimes it feels like it and I really like that. I looked out the glass and saw what it looked like outside. The lights were bright from the buildings around. Drones were flying in the dark sky, just keeping watch like usual.

The elevator doors opened and I stepped inside. I kept my hands together as I turned around, staring at the silver doors that closed.

Sirus was standing beside me quietly.

“What was it?” I asked.

“Just a few people with elevated stress levels.” he said plainly.

That happens sometimes. Flyers and Coordinators are getting diagnosed with PTSD more often now. Things happened. They can’t get over it. That’s life. Some of them snap and go crazy, others are willing to get help.

I never asked Sirus if he had any problems.

He wouldn’t tell me if he did.

We barely see each other now so it doesn’t matter to me. But still, sometimes I do get worried about him. Nothing’s changed.

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