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The OAM Virus

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A virus left by an ancient civilisation is brought back to earth from Mars, humanity faces regression and End of Days, The fight for survival.... Such was the sheer volume of constant explosions impacting into the mountain that those within were thrown like rag dolls, and if it had not been for their genetic trans-human abilities, they would have died, as within sections of roof structures started to collapse and huge machines toppled over. There was the sound of what can only be described as a trumpet call, and a blinding flash of light, and all within the complex vanished, as did every Christian remaining upon planet earth. As they realised they were no longer in such danger they collectively materialised upon one of the huge angelic space ships, and even though it was being repeatedly attacked from the fallen space crafts, yet their weapons were unable to affect or destroy the mighty angelic craft. In the blink of an eye the huge craft entered sub-space and took its precious cargo into the highest heaven where they were greeted and taken to safety. Below the heavens, earth faced its final almighty battle and billions congregated together to fight against God. Such was the size of the army, their pride and might, that they truly thought nothing could prevail against them. These were the strongest of the strong, the ....

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One.



Revised writing.

Intro. The Book of Revelation in the Bible is a difficult read at the best of times, and it becomes frightening in the section that deals with the last days, when Satan rules and turns against all Christians, and if understood then demonic powers are used and the return of the fallen, the giants of old, as mentioned at the beginning of the Bible in the book of Genesis.

My challenge was to make this presented in such a way that our younger generation could relate to, and I chose the path of Space Research, alien life forms and a virus, subjects very much in the media today.

My book has been revised from my first attempt; I hope it is acceptable.

(Scripture references taken from The Life Study Bible.)

By John R A Smith.

NOTE: A work of fiction based on the End Times as told in the Bible.)

Transhumanism combined with artificial genetic intelligence and cyborg technology.

A sci-fi Christian story about Armageddon, and the last days, based on hybrid trans-human cyborg warriors fighting for the survival of human life, and against the fallen and infected by the OAM virus, (Omega, Aura, Mars, Virus.)

Humans who mutate into animalistic behaviour and try to destroy all Christian life.

My name is Anna in Russian or Elisa in your native tongue, and I’m a Christian, Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, and I am told that this all started long before I was born, well technically yes I was born into your world, but not by conventional means, as I am the direct result of modern technology and a kind of cross genetic hybrid breeding program.

We were created to be the so-called saviours of the world, the new lifeblood of the human race, and which had been accidentally devastated by an alien virus brought to earth by the then new space race, and in trying to see who could be the first private business to send a space ship to Mars, and to have it return safely.

Well they reached that goal with great pride and with massive publicity, and Virgin Space Research, was the first to successfully not only send one rocket to Mars, but to repeatedly have five successful return trips, and all reportedly without incident. Although now we know that statement to not be true, as in later years it was discovered upon the fourth space flight, that it returned carrying some artefacts discovered by the brave astronauts who had piloted that mission.

But also, please note, my story and book are a work of fiction and only based upon biblical writings on the last days, but with a modern twist to bring it to the interest of our younger generation, and to try and bring awareness of the last days.

The year is 2018 and in the month of May and on the 23rd day, that Virgin Space Research successfully returned from a seventeen-month mission, to and from Mars.

Captain Louise Marshalled a crew of five on the first fully manned space flight, and the fourth in the succession of three previous unmanned flights, all had gone well right up to the precision landing of the Omega Aura craft, owned, designed and privately funded by Virgin Space Research.

On the second day after the landing, Lewis Ranald’s and Justine Wilson had ventured outside to plant the Virgin flag, only Ranald’s noticed something protruding from the dust layer, and where they had tried to create a hole to affix the flag pole. It turned out to be the first ever none human artefact found in space, and within hours, seventeen further artefacts were recovered, and one crashed craft from an alien culture and race.

Only the remains of dried bleached bones of some type of bipedal lizard type creature were found, and a sample of its DNA was extracted and sealed into a biohazard container for return to earth.

Full HD video recordings were made, and every procedure was meticulously documented. Five of the artefacts were taken directly from the damaged craft, hoping for advancements in metal and alien technology. Only unknown to the Aura team, a parasitic virus contaminated their suits, and upon returning to earth they unintentionally introduced an alien virus into the atmosphere, and which later mutated and started devolving human life into primitive creatures and taking away any trace of human emotions of love, trust, empathy and unity.

It was two years after their return that the first signs started to show, only a few had initially become infected, and at first, it was those who had handled the space suits, and they were diagnosed as having a type of flue, and which in time damaged areas of their brains.

Within six years over 87% of the world’s population contracted the virus, and no immediate cure could be found, it was a full-blown pandemic.

So, Nasa with the aid of Virgin and three additional government backers created a hybrid program to create new human crossbreed life. They took everything which was good about the original virus and had grown cultures in the orbital space station above the earth.

Incredibly, one of the station’s staff unknowingly became infected from this newly grown culture, and within the sterile isolation of the gravity-free environment, he amazingly acquired abilities above and beyond that of ordinary humans.

Not only had his IQ vastly increased, but also his brain evolved, and his body could now regenerate injured tissues much faster. He grew new teeth, his eyesight became perfect as did his hearing, and as for his strength, it was later discovered while back in the gravity well of earth, that he could lift over three tonnes without injuring himself.

Captain Graham Smith became a kind of superhero and the base model for genetic hybrid experimentation into creating a new hybrid race of which I am a direct descendant, only I was created within a test tube, and implanted into an artificial womb along with sixteen others of my kind.

Seven months after our birth, it was discovered the station staff became infected from the OAM virus as it was now called. (Omega Aura Mars Virus.)

Unfortunately for them, there was still no known cure once infected, and we were pre-programmed to terminate such life upon discovery, now we live back upon earth, and within a nuclear bunker buried deeply within Bear Mountain in Canada, and use it as our base station, and liaising with high command, and have since segregated into teams.

Team one is involved in new research and continues the breeding program, while teams two and three are delegated search and destroy missions. Team four my team, along with teams five and six underwent further genetic modification, so we could become technically advanced transhuman hybrid human shifters, and which enable us to blend into the background and gain vital intelligence for planning missions.

Every month a new batch of sixteen hybrids are created, and we are evolving into a race of beings with our own rights.

The problem started when high command now operating off the world, abandoned us and the entire planet’s inhabitants, and having further evolved their own genetics program within outer space, and deciding to seed newly discovered planets and moons, and leaving us to face twenty-seven fully destructive nuclear detonations, and each of the twenty-seven bombs carried multiple warheads, ranging from a minimum of fifty to over a hundred, and all designed to destroy all life upon earth, so it could restart afresh, and while those privileged few, creating new life, and immune to the OAM Virus.

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