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The OAM Virus

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Chapter Two.

We had no warning regarding the intended detonations, and Alex my friend was caught out and unprotected from the nuclear blast, as he had been collecting data, and had penetrated deeply into an occupied area known to hold a dense population of OAM infected. I had accompanied him along with Justine, Gwenda, Lewis and Philip, only we had taken shelter to rest.

Alex was on point and we had sheltered within a cave system during the day, while Alex ventured out as the sun was setting, he had planned to biogenetically scent mark the trail, and discover where the largest cluster of infected humans was, and then to report back.

Only, high command had other ideas, and they detonated a series of pre-programmed nuclear explosions across the infected world, and with the exception of Alex, my group survived thanks largely to the fact that we were sheltered within a labyrinth of cave systems, and due to our genetic abilities, intellect and strength.

Fourteen days later we were rescued by our fellow team members, and they reported that Alex never survived, his remains were eventually found, and they had been fed upon by not only insects and animals, but also by surviving infected humans, and who were infected now by the newly mutated OAM virus.

Those stupid short sited leaders within high command tried to murder us, and to abandon us and start over again, only they failed to not only terminate our lives, but they also failed to fully think through the consequences of their actions, as the radiation brought about a further mutation, and it started to evolve directly from the extremely high gamma radiation, and worst still from those whom then fed upon Alex.

It was an unknown variable at the time, but we later discovered the infected acquired transgenic abilities to inherit and develop, and resulting in yet a further new breed of life feeding upon the infected, and flowing up the food chain, and although man was near the top of that ladder, certain wild predators had for a time superseded them. Well at first we thought that was the case until the infected humans fed upon those predators and themselves further evolved.

Now we understand why the high command took such an action and abandoned this world, only they miscalculated and failed to destroy all infected life, and actually giving it an unintended boost up the food ladder, and within time the OAM infected started to acquire an intelligence, also one of healing abilities and strength, and all sadly originating from the death of Alex.

Although we ourselves were now a race within our own right, our objective became one of survival, and of adapting, evolving and genetically blending our life forms with technology so we could remain on the top of the evolutionary food ladder.

Also unknown to us at the time the radiation had further mutated our own genetic makeup, and the original virus strain which infected Captain Graham Smith evolved and we found our natural appearance, now changing.

It was not realised by high command, but the lizard-like remains from the crashed alien upon Mars, was actually a descendant from a chameleon type race, and this combined with our abilities to use technology to help us shift, made us almost invisible to the naked eye, and enabled us to blend into the background unseen.

Not only could we mimic the shape of the infected humans, but we could also now walk among them virtually unseen, unrecognised as to their enemy and remain to gather intelligence or to get near to designated targets and carry out our mission and return safely.

At least that was what we thought, and again it was high command who on sending a team to survey our supposedly abandoned planet, and thinking their new creations were more advanced in every way, as created directly from Captain Smith. They failed to take into consideration their actions had been unsuccessful, and that life upon earth had since further evolved.

We intercepted their desperate calls for help, but by the time we arrived the remains of their bodies could fit into an old shoe box. Steve collected whatever we could find for genetic testing, and we took what new technology we could salvage from the destroyed landing craft, knowing that within time we could back engineer the technology and grow cultures to try and ascertain the genetic advancements that high command thought was so important and used to seed new life upon other planets.

It is from here that I bring you into our community so you can witness for yourselves the problems we faced and our desperate race of survival.

“Elisa you are required immediately at the research unit, module three, report to the designated team leader Elisha Wilson, who will update you as to the results of the genetic remains of the high command transgenic human.”

I blinked as the soap washed from my eyes. “Shoot that hurt,” I shouted, no not the soap in my eyes, but the fact I had waited five days for my designated slot to shower. Water was rationed and we needed to recycle almost everything, and today was my turn for a much-needed shower.

I tried to ignore the order, but the screen upon the wall lit and Philip smiled as although he could not directly see me, he knew I was showering, “Elisa that was a direct order and it meant immediately, like now, so get your butt out of that shower and report immediately to your designated destination.”

I grumbled and I heard Philip laugh, and I was glad that he could not see me. “OK I will designate you another shower as soon as I can find a slot, but for now, it is important, report as instructed.” I grabbed the towel and started drying myself as I made my way through the modules, got dressed and went to section three and reported to the research and Developmental leader Elisha Wilson.

Being wet was not an issue, as we were shifters and to us it was natural, an everyday part of life to use technology to transform in front of others, and so we could change shape and become by appearance another life form. Only I had learnt a trick which saved my life on so many occasions because I listened, observed and became the creature I was mimicking.

That was the mistake of earlier shifters, they only mimicked the creatures they shifted into and as a result some lost their lives, I, on the other hand, had decided early in my evolution to becoming the creature I desired to mimic in every way, and only retaining my subconscious human transgenic self, so I could know when to change back and still remain in full control.

Elisha Wilson smiled as she saw me entering her module, as I was still drying my hair and my clothing still clung to my semi-wet body. “Elisa, I apologise for pulling you away from your shower slot, we all know just how precious such times are, however, it was imperative you and your team become aware of our discoveries and take active measures to protect not just yourselves, but that of our collective community, and for its survival and extending its existence.”

Her words caught my immediate attention, and as I looked around the room, every member of my team was present, I had smelt them long before I entered the module, but I also smelt as well as sensed an unknown variable, and yet it was familiar, yet different, and..., well let’s just say it brought my higher side to an alert status.

No sooner had I transformed into a wolf and my hackles raised, I saw within a distant corner something which had evaded all of my team members, and only Elisha Wilson other than myself was aware of its presence.

Elisha looked at me, “Stand down Elisa that is a direct order, that which you see is not our enemy, but a human scientist who risked everything to return and try and contact us.”

I remained in wolf form and my crew were startled at the sudden unexpected appearance of an unknown life form materialising from within their mix, all transformed to protect themselves and each other. “Stand down”, shouted the leader as she desperately tried to exert her authority and regain control.

It was then the life form appeared as a human child, looking unthreatening and offering himself freely to those within the room. His actions calmed the group, yet we remained alerted not knowing what to expect. “I apologise if I startled you but Miss Wilson had warned me you might detect me, but I needed to see for myself, and I must say I am impressed, what was it that alerted you to my presence?”

I looked at the Research and Developmental leader and she nodded her head giving me permission to speak. So I focused my attention on the unknown life form and then launched forward at what appeared to be empty space, and there was a scream and yet another unknown life form materialised from within the room, only now it was laying on the floor and my teeth were degree’s away from tearing into the exposed flesh around its throat.

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