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Aliens, abduction, government coverups, The military prepare to resist powers unimaginable are approaching, can genetically altered children resist? Their resources are vast, and they always keep their true mother ship out of reach, thus allowing them to re-supply and regroup. All we have managed to do is delay them and tie them up in a loss of time, giving your planet and ours a chance to prepare and to survive. Please, please understand they will come, and at the very best all they can do now is to try and contain us and prepare the way for total colonization. We have three years to destroy as much of their military as possible, to build our own crafts and to prepare your children for a future as to this point unheard of.” Her words held a frightening realization, not a single person had truly taken in the full implication of what awaited them. Now they knew for sure that at the very best they could only delay the inevitable, however given enough time then they could build an unseen army of children, who would hold the very future of their world in their hands.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

The world leaders were aware of what was happening and had been powerless to prevent the actions of an advanced race of aliens who were in the process of preparing to reclaim the planet and enslave humanity. Our only defence was to prepare and quietly experiment on abducted humans, and to try and create a resistance within humanity, it was that or give in to certain extinction.

Sarah Winslow sat talking with Commander Sgt Major Robert Denton; Ian’s suggestions had been taken seriously. After viewing his work, Ian was asked to join a section of the Earth Watch Alien Project, with an aim to writing a program that would contaminate the alien’s computer systems. It was John Dobson who on examining the new downed alien craft from Scotland; discovered that certain sections of the alien’s computers were genetically linked with the aliens operating them.

Further investigation revealed their system was much like that of termites who can chemically transfer updated information regarding the condition of their colony. Such information was vital for the ongoing survival of any colony; should the transfer of information become altered or contaminated the effects could be devastating.

While working with the downed alien craft, John Dobson discovered two alien translation devices similar to the one that Owjut had shown him; and with further secretive, investigation revealed the method on how these devices worked. Dobson had long suspected Owjut and his colony to be more of a threat than of help; the new knowledge in his hands enabled him to create an advanced version of the translation device.

Its purpose was to not only enable John Dobson to read the thoughts of fellow colleagues, but to also shield his thoughts from others. He had become convinced that Owjut was using the people of earth, and to assist them in eliminating any opposing alien forces. Also, he felt sure that once such a threat had been eliminated, and then the people of earth would be at the total mercy of such an advanced civilization.

It was a slow process for Dobson to find fellow beings that were sympathetic to his believes; it was a chance meeting with Commander Sgt. Major Denton that turned the tables. Dobson on scanning Denton’s mind discovered he was also concerned about the aliens; he then explained how he had witnessed Owjut put John Whitmore into to a kind of hypnotic trance, regarding his feelings towards the aliens. It was then that Dobson had realized such methods could unknowingly have been used on any number of people to the alien’s advantage.

Dobson had manufactured several new devices; he knew that if he was to succeed he needed people in positions of power to assist him. It was Commander Sgt Major Denton who authorized the setting up of a new section to be headed by John Dobson. Its primary purpose was to enable a selected team of trusted military and scientific personnel to prepare a defence against the global threat of alien domination.

It was approved that a cover operation was required to avoid suspicion; it was therefore agreed that the unit was to be an extension of Earth Watch working on specific projects. Its new location was to prevent the loss of intelligence, and if for any reason RAF Rudloe Manner was infiltrated and destroyed. John Dobson had requested that Ian Boyd be assigned to his team; he was aware of the connection with Cathy and John. However, he felt sure Ian could be trusted, and his line of research had immense potential in possibly destroying or at the very least restricting the aliens planned global domination of the planet earth.

Sarah Winslow paused, before her were her superiors who were responsible for the nation’s security; a decision was needed regarding the known cloned humans. The aliens knew it would be virtually impossible to remove so many people from all walks in life without the public becoming eventually aware of the alien infiltration. This was an area that the world governments were not prepared to tolerate; it was universally agreed such knowledge would cause mass panic and possibly bring about total chaos.

The whole affair hit personally at Sarah, and due to her sister being one of the cloned humans; there was also the problem that to date, it was estimated there could be anywhere up to several thousand or more cloned humans who were unknown to the authorities. George Nelson’s team received full financial support for the UK side of the operation; and it was agreed that Commander Sgt Major Robert Denton would be responsible for the Western European side of operations, and with all such units directly under his control.

Dobson soon established his new base under the umbrella of Earth Watch; and all scientific research material was at his disposal, and with duplicated backups of computers and data, should RAF Rudloe Manner ever become compromised. It was also agreed the security was to be tightened, and with no single member of RAF Rudloe Manner ever being given security clearance, for the new sight, without first going through John Dobson.

This again was put down to the past breach in security in MI6 and Rudloe Manner; John Whitmore surprisingly agreed with the ruling thinking such an exercise was a sound security measure. He remembered all too well the breaches involving the Nelson episode; and of how an assassin had managed to get onto the base and kill Marie Roberts, and it had also meant a promotion for Whitmore in giving him command of the Rudloe Manner base.

John Dobson had accidentally discovered that not only could he scan the minds of others, he also could retain whatever knowledge he acquired. The device somehow automatically imprinted the information onto the brain, and almost like a computer writing a program. The downed Alien Craft recovered from Scotland was now permanently in his care. Dobson noticed it had many similar features to the Alien crafts being back engineered at RAF Rudloe Manner; however, there were areas within the new craft that had never being seen before.

The incubation type containers were of particular interest; Dobson suspected that their function was other than that of simple incubation or hibernation. It was also noted that the propulsion system was different in that it incorporated not only the electromagnetic and anti-gravitation units, but also some type of cold fusion units.

It was soon realized the craft in their possession was far in advance of anything discovered before, and on further investigation into the so-called hibernation units, revealed they were also able to revitalise and heal injuries and restore people who were close to been dead. Dobson now understood this was why the aliens had stored their colleague’s rather than disposed of them. This in itself opened new avenues for his research team, in that injured soldiers could be restored and once again sent back into the field of operation.

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