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What would it be like to awake and discover you are an alien hybrid and your family have undergone years of genetic preparation now the future awaits. When Adrian became aware of his younger brothers disappearance, he became concerned, at first he had not taken his brother seriously, when he told him friends and technicians were dying or vanishing, and that he had discovered a serious security breach upon the World Wide Web. But now he was unsure and reported it audibly to his immediate superiors, who fortunately were wise enough to not use a phone, fax or any form of computer system, as they were aware of the orders of compromised technology been sought by high command, and any incident regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant was to be audibly reported immediately, and away from any computerised equipment. The information eventually made its way to High Command and then to the Atlantions, Jennie had been informed and Sandra became aware, knowing the Atlantions needed to be immediately informed. Sandra passed the information upwards and an immediate check of computers using the World Wide Web, discovered the nanorobotics infection. This presented a serious compromise of security, as any operative who went home and used their laptops, tablets or any computerised equipment, were at risk of having files compromised and..

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One.


As I stared back at the object that was materialising in front of me, I felt my limbs go cold, and my body refusing to move. My mind was screaming and warning me of imminent danger, yet I was just so captivated, as if something from within me wanted to stay and communicate with whatever it was that was materialising in front of me.

There was a breaking of the silence from within my room. “You were wise to stay, as I am here to offer assistance and not harm you, as so many have thought” said a voice from within my mind.

“My appearance scares your kind and so few stay to talk, yet they die like all the others, simply because they refused to listen,” came the words from within my mind.

As my eyes saw the strange forming creature, I knew this was impossible, such things just do not exist, well only in books and films. Yet here and now within my room was something alien to my eyes and communicating in my fricking mind. I must be asleep and dreaming, I thought.

“No Jennie you are not asleep, and yes, I am real,” came the reply from the alien creature.

I blinked and rubbed my eyes,

“How can this be, who and what are you.”

“I am your future, and in ways you cannot understand, also your past,” Came the reply. As the voice was speaking within my mind I started to dematerialise, and then found myself aboard a space ship, which was orbiting over one hundred and forty miles above earth.

It was so strange, as I tried moving but found myself prevented, yet there were no visible bonds restraining me, and as I looked out of what I can only best describe as a wall of clear transparent material, I could instantly recognise planet earth below.

The voice within my mind calmed me, and incredibly I realised I had been here before, in fact many times, and even as a child. It was then the alien imprinted into my mind the memories of my mother, and of her mother’s mother, and even further generations.

“Yes child your family has a long history of assisting us, in fact you are a direct result of our creation, and it is for this reason that your education now needs to become open to you, so you can expand your mind and become a recognised and conscious member of our family.”

“No…, no that is not possible” I replied, yet I already knew it was true, as the memories started to fully unfold within my mind.

Dear Lord how could this be possible, this can’t be happening to me I thought. But it was, and it was real, only it was not like in the films or books where I was been ravished or harmed, in fact the more I thought about it, and allowed my mind to calm, I realised I was been cared for and treated with dignity, and only restrained for my own safety.

As soon as I thought about it, my heart rate slowed to normal and the aliens could see as well as read my thoughts, and they knew I was no longer at risk of endangering myself or them. So, they released whatever type of energy field had been restraining me, and I found I could move and even walk over to the transparent screen, and watch mother earth from the distant space high above my planet and home.

As I turned to face my abductors, I asked them a question.

“Please…, do not hurt me, and who are you…, I can remember you visiting me throughout my life, and if the images are true, then also my family, my mother and her mother, and so on.”

“Yes, Jennie that is true and in answer to your question we are a life form many millions of years older than yours, and we used earth as a staging post when our own planet became hostile and devoid of its atmosphere to protect us. So, we created enormous crafts some over three of your earth miles long and have lived on earth and in space since.”

I had turned to face from where this audible voice was now coming from. Before me stood a tall thin looking, bipedal type alien, only its skin colour was almost white and green, and it was slightly scaled like a lizard, yet almost human in appearance. Strangely it wore no clothing, yet it also had no visible gender, and was bald …, and standing at almost two meters plus tall. It was evidentially intelligent, and I could hear it both audibly and also at times within my mind, yet for some unknown reason it calmed me, almost as if been within its presence comforted me, it was then the earlier memories returned of the abductions and invasive procedures, yet this tall alien always remained by my side holding my hand and calming my mind.

I momentarily froze in fright, but then relaxed,

“Are you here to operate upon me,” I inquired.

“No” came the reply, “You are here today as the time has come for your induction and becoming a recognised member of our hybrid family.” I allowed the words to sink in,

“Hybrid…, family…, are you truly saying I am a product of…,” but my words were cut short.

“Yes Jennie…, relax your mind and think back over your life, we have released the memory block, and you should be able to access memories of who you really are,” The alien said.

As I tried to relax my mind, I was at first apprehensive and nervous of the unknown, but soon my mind started to open to memories that I never knew I had, and I started to relax. Soon memories of how I was created started to unfold, and I realised I was genuinely a hybrid, a product…, and a creation of genetic manipulation, and truly part of this strange and incredible family.

I also remembered seeing thousands upon thousands of others who had undergone similar infiltration…, abductions and genetic moulding. Yet from the earlier statement warning me not to resist and run, some must have failed in the genetic process, and for whatever reasons died. No sooner had that thought entered my mind, when the alien led me into another section of the ship orbiting above the earth.

To my instant horror, there with what I can best describe as transparent skin type pods were the bodies of thousands of humans, some with missing limbs, and others partly cut in two, almost like a cauterising light had dissected them in mid motion, it was almost making me want to vomit, and these were once humans I thought. “No …, they were our creations who panicked and tried escaping the transporter beam, what you see before you are the result of their lack of obedience…, we shall recycle their parts, and harvest nutrients for further studies” stated the alien, and I could sense the almost anger in its mannerism, and voice within my mind.

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