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Abduction - Book Two

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Earth became embroiled in the Alien wars as humanity fights for its survival, subterfuge and deception was needed against such a technological race... . “Upon our home world we were once a great race, and many Billions of years older than even The Others as you know them…, our failing was we were nonviolent, and relied too much upon our technology to protect us. The Borget queen sent a hive station to attack us, and our technology prevailed for many years, but in time the queen did what she always does, and adapted, then once she mastered our technology, many of my kind became her slaves and were espoused into her hive.” The alien went quiet as visions of the past started appearing within Jennies mind, and she imagined for the briefest of seconds the horror before as these truly beautiful aliens were transformed into hideous Borget monsters, and their lives ruined forever. Jennie momentarily screamed as she saw what the whites had become and she started to understand the pain within its mind, also the possible fate awaiting human kind if they succeeded in invading planet earth. It was then yet another vision entered her mind only this was different, these are yet another race who has been living with us, we joined forces for defence and are offering our services to planet earth and yourselves in exchange for sanctity and refuge.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One.


Revenge of the Borgets.

Book Two.

The queen started to awake, and her body sparked as an electrical surge frantically tried to override the counter programming within her mind. Her nanorobotics had almost completely died, but an inbuilt safety protocol had withheld a dormant batch of advanced nanorobots, which had started trying to override the intruders which were rewriting her software and placing her into a quiescent sleep.

As each nanorobotics multiplied creating newer versions of themselves, the organic genetic structure programmed within them started to create a molecular resistance to this new virus attacking her. Time was now critical, and her mind and brain were the greatest priority, her body could be created from machines or simply rebuilt one atom at a time. The very fact these particular nanorobots had been activated was code RED in her language. It was a critical emergency, and all functions, soldiers, ships, invasion plans whatever, had to be put aside until the queen was functional once more.

It did however release an automated code within the hives, and secure shielded nanorobots awoke from across the galaxies, and started building defence mechanisms, and adapting to the new technology which the queens automated coding was sending out to each hive station from galaxy to galaxy. As her head detached from its spine and was lifted by machines and secured to a new unaffected spine, a new body was being created around her resistant to The Others nanorobots.

As the Atlantion ships arrived, and their military entered the hive, they started neutralising every inactive Borget they came against. They had still not been awakened by their queen, priority was on ensuring her survival, while all along, as every second passed continuous updates were being sent to as yet undiscovered hive stations, and which were currently dormant. “Over here” shouted one of the Marines accompanying the Atlantions. “I think this might be the queen’s chamber,” he said. He reached forward to touch who he thought might be the queen, an invisible field of energy frazzled him to death.

All of his life force was almost instantly drained from within him, and his body went limp and fell to the floor. The soldiers gasp as they saw what to their eyes was a flow of plasma looking energy enter the queen’s body and her eyes opening, frantically they started firing their weapons, but their efforts were in vain as the energy field deflected each projectile back towards them.

“Cease fire…, cease fire gad dam you” shouted one of the Atlantions from within their minds, having seen their colleague die like that, and watching what to their minds was his life force been converted and entering into the queen, had freaked them, and it had been an automatic response. Four of the marines had basically shot themselves or their colleagues, simply because of their munition rebounding directly into them, or a colleague, who was nearby.

Just as the marines parted, an Atlantion fired his hand disrupter weapon into the ceiling area above the queen. Instantly the shielding started to break down, and all they could see was the queen’s body jerking and sparking, but other than that she was not moving.

Then before their eyes the body detached, and the head and spine was lifted away, as they watched the spine starting to dissolve…, they then saw the conscious queen’s eyes open and watching them and moving, each human there thought, dear lord, that was once a living human, as the head and then the brain slowly dissolved before their very eyes, until she was gone, and there was nothing left of the queen.

As she vanished the hive station around them started breaking up and most died having been unable to make it back to the safety of their ships. As the Atlantion ships went into immediate shielding, the hive station exploded forcing them away by the energy generated. Their mission to recover the queen had failed and answers needed to be made for their blatant failure.

As Atlantions entered inland Hive facilities these also started to self-destruct, and the order was given for immediate withdrawal not wanting to risk further loss of life. Deeply within the Pegasus galaxy a solitary cloaked hive station awoke, as the queen’s emergency broadcasted signal reached it. The encoding process started and a new queen was being built from genetic samples stored within all such facilities.

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