Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Ten.

The Borget queen had detected the injured Borget before it had been taken into the submarine base, and had instructed the nanorobotics within to infiltrate the captor’s technology. Only the Tall Whites had placed the Borget into a shielded area and the nanorobotics could not access the technology been used. However what had happened was the queen had pre-programed all Borget nanorobots to detach an unseen advanced set number of nanorobots, and which could hide and attach themselves to other life forms, and then infiltrate once the users of the facility became contaminated, and then used their technology.

This opened the way for her most advanced nanorobots to gather intelligence and find ways of adapting, and beam the information back to the queen or nearest hive once within range. The Russians had no idea they were now compromised and only when their vast underground facility was destroyed from within, did they realise what had happened. Also one of the Tall White operatives had become contaminated and it was only when it was beamed aboard its cloaked ship, that the Tall Whites detected the infectious nanorobots, and had them isolated.

Once they were certain all were contained they were able to start a study upon them, so they isolated a single nanorobots and tested to see if their software could reprogram it. To their surprise the Nanorobot started to adapt, and actually assimilating the new program into its core routine, only rather than change to the new programed parameters, the nanorobot started over writing the software and espoused their hidden codes.

This was total unexpected and forced the Tall Whites to place their counter attack on old until they had time to isolate another nanorobot and have it stripped down to its very quantum quark core, where the hidden software lay. Once they had isolated two nanorobots they started duplicating each move, with the first Tall White technician proceeding, and if there were no complications, then a second technician followed suit.

Incredibly they got down to the very core instructions before the first technician tripped a hidden program, and the nanorobot self-destructed. Immediately another Nanorobot was isolated and set into place, where the first nanorobot had been before the self-destruct was activated, and the second technician took the lead.

Carefully the second technician ensured she avoided the same procedure and sought another route to deactivate the self-destruct, but it was yet another failure and the nanorobot self-destructed. The Tall Whites were disturbed and sought the advice of the Manta race. “You need to acquire a Borget brain and adapt it to function within your test area, this way it should be able to override the self-destruct and instigate the new software”, stated one of the Manta technicians.

Immediately The Tall Whites beamed aboard a freshly decapitated Borgets head, and placed it into full shielding, to prevent any further nanorobotics contamination. Then they had the head beamed into one of the isolation chambers and had technicians ready to start work. Carefully they kept the brain alive as if it was in a sleep mode, and followed the Manta’s guidance in creating chambers used by the Borgets to update themselves and their queen.

Once they had perfected their design the brain implanted with another set of programed software and they waited to see if the Borgets brain would assimilate the software or accept it and incorporate it into its update programming. As the brain awoke and started its usual check routine to ensure all was functioning, the Tall Whites computers had already been programmed to mimic a functioning body.

The Borgets brain then implemented the update procedure only it was not beamed to the hive ships or its queen but directly to yet another Tall Whites computer which received the data update and shielded the signal from proceeding any further. It had worked, at least so far the self-destruct procedure had been bypassed and the core program had accepted the software patch at a quantum level embedding the data directly into its very core where it was broken down into simple binary code.

It was a success but only a partial one, they now knew how to upload the software, but were unsure if they could implement a full coordinated attack across multiple galaxies at the same time, and prevent any Borgets from adapting or overwriting their software. The technicians were scanned for hidden advanced Nanorobots, as The Tall Whites were now aware of the queens hidden infiltration procedure, and once verified they deactivated the Borgets brain, having realised it could only be used once, as after that in time it would realise it was not functioning and then self-destruct.

The Borget queen had been aware of her subjects vanishing or been decapitated so when the single Borget warrior had been abducted by The Tall Whites it had not gone unnoticed, but not acted upon as anything out of the usual. He was put down as a casualty of war, and as its nanorobots had not reported anything further it was deemed inactive and having self-destructed and not been able to be re-espoused back into the hive.

The queen’s conquest into Subspace had excited her and she decided to dedicate further hive ships to infiltrate this area, and explore its deep space. Another Five thousand ships were sent into Subspace with specific orders to gather intelligence and only attack if they were sure they could assimilate life forms into the hives. Their objective was basically to acquire new technology and not lose Borget human or alien lives.

The Manta race had different ideas and were now fully prepared and had vast fleets of their own on standby to attack immediately any further hive stations entered their space. It was a devastating blow to the Borget queen, as she had already lost over a third of her fleet, in the initial invasion and fight with The Others, before she faced the Humans fleet. Then she had sent some Fifty percent of her entire fleet into Subspace, and now every hive ship she had sent into Subspace was destroyed including the recent Five thousand.

Immediately the Queen started beaming Borget warriors directly aboard orbiting hive stations and left a small continuant number upon earth to oversee the resistance and acquire further espoused humans. Then the queen had all her hives bar one, leave earth’s space and settled within the Pegasus galaxy to coordinate their intelligence gathered before her hives were destroyed within Subspace.

Immediately with the limited intelligence gathered the hives started adapting and reconfiguring their shielding so they operated on alternating frequencies and took into consideration the weapons used to destroy their predecessors. Then they started studying the life forms which they had confronted and tried embracing them into their hives, this worked with some but the insectoids proved impossible to adapt. Also even now within some of the hives billions of tiny insectoids lay hidden awaiting orders from their new queen.

They were an incredible species, and like termites and ants were ruled by a queen, however if they became separated from their queen and they knew it was unlikely they could not return, another queen was born by the female warriors and in time she would start laying eggs and rule. Their saving grace was they could blend into darkened corners or under machines and like the chameleon become invisible, also each new queen like the Borgets was born with the inherent memories of her predecessor.

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