Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Eleven.

Chris was speaking with Simon regarding the recent discovery of the Borget nanorobots rejecting the software unless it was delivered directly from the brain and mind of a supposed living Borget. “We have a problem,” stated Chris to Simon. “The software appears to be working and was accepted by a supposed living Borget, however we were unable to implement it artificially, nor could we circumvent a delivery other by direct updates from what the software took to be a living brain.”

Simon listened with interest having already ascertained there had been difficulty, but then he accepted it was early days and that everyone was already aware the Borget queen had already adapted and even discovered the life forms in Subspace. “I gather from your colleagues that you had to destroy your test subject after only one test, is that correct,” inquired Simon. Chris bit into his lower lip, “Yes sadly we quickly realised it was possible to simulate sleep and upon awaking the nanorobot went into automatic testing mode, so they could detect any issues which were dysfunctioning and required repaired, then they went into update mode, which gave us the opportunity for implementing our software,” stated Chris.

Simon listened with interest as Chris continued talking. “However we realised that the nanorobots were programmed to have the body start functioning immediately after it was updated, and had the brain have disconnected as if it had died. That way we avoided the Borget queen realising our actions, as we need to keep this as our means of delivery.”

Simon nodded agreeing with their actions, “So you are certain this method of delivery will work.” “Yes we intercepted the signal the brain sent to the hive stations and queen, and had everything shielded within one of our latest interstellar ships, we were using a technology as of yet unused upon the Borget hives and as such they have not been able to adapt.” Simon blinked and looked at Chris, “Will this technology be made available if it is required,” he inquired.

Chris smiled, “Well like your kind withheld vital technology from the humans until it was needed, we also for security reasons need to withhold this technology for a time, but rest assured in time we will be sharing it with your kind.” Simon grinned “We suspected as much, and if I am truthful I can understand your actions, as we have already been compromised, and such intelligence could become leaked to the Borget queen, and we certainly need to avoid that at all costs,” he said.

Jennie had been informed the Tall Whites had failed to find a way of infiltrating the Borgets, so she in turn could update her human superiors, the fact that it was dis-information was deliberate, as The Others and The Tall Whites had realised the Borgets had infiltrated the humans and that a cloned duplicate of Minister Armstrong was now in place, and feeding false intelligence back to the Borgets.

It was like a deadly game of deliberate baiting false information so their highest scientific minds could escape and carry on working, while other military and lessor technicians were sacrificed, so others could live and fight another day. War was a bitter pill for any leaders to swallow, they knew they had to order others to a certain death, while acting in subterfuge so the enemy could not detect your true intentions. It took a certain calibre of leadership which in simple truth very few could truly face, knowing the death of true good people lay upon their hearts and that the blood of their deaths was upon their hands, and even worst for some who became integrated into the hives. It was imperative for these operatives to truly believe they were carrying out true orders and that the intelligence was true, as once espoused into the hives their minds would reveal every piece of intelligence and knowledge they were aware of.

It was from this method the Borget queens had advanced so quickly, as once a captive became a part of her hive, she immediately could read the thoughts and brains of every captive, especially if they were scientific advisors, technicians, engineers or diplomatic servants. Nothing could be withheld, and as such the queen could quickly collate and update her hives almost instantly, and in time quickly overcome technology used against her.

As such The Others were fully aware they needed to be extremely careful their intended plans were not revealed to the humans nor the Atlantions as they wanted to keep the information and knowledge within only a selected and trusted group who they could be certain remained aboard their crafts and who were not infected.

I was John from The Others who came up with an idea, and talking to a Manta representative he asked a question. “Is it possible these insectoids could become upon our side, as from our scans we be live they are a very highly intelligent species”. The Manta looked at John, “We have tried many times, only to constantly fail, it is not that we cannot communicate as we have, but they refuse to adapt and believe they have an inherent right to rule. To their way of thinking we are the intruders upon their home land, and if we are truthful then yes…, there kind was hereupon our planet long before our kind evolved,” he said.

John thought over the words and offered a solution, “Would they consider setting aside their grievance, and assist in the destruction of these invaders.” “Possibly…, but they are choosy in whom they will accept and it must be a female, as they are a matriarchal society, and their warriors are female and males are regarded as second class for breeding and everyday duties, it is the females who rule and become formidable warriors,” stated the Manta.

John nodded his head, “Yes I understand and it is for this reason that I propose we seek young Jennies mind, it is by far the most advanced and open mind we have ever come across, and given time she will become a formidable person in her own right. We also believe the Insectoids may accept her, as her mind is truly open and able to consider an unbiased viewpoint, and we also feel the queen will detect this and be ready to deal with her as an equal mind of strength and intelligence.”

Simon thought over these words and agreed to report directly back to his immediate superior, it was not that they had not wanted Jennie to coordinate between these alien races, Jennie had originally been the Atlantions creation, and as such even though she was now fully free of their influence, there was still a hesitation of resentment by those in charge at her loss.

John was aware of this petty resentment and had been prepared to take a stance should the Atlantions seek to take any kind of revenge, however he was certain for the time been in the midst of an alien war that the Atlantion leadership would withhold such petty acts at least until another time. Regardless John left strict orders for his security and intelligence sections to keep Jennie under strict observation and to keep her safe.

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