Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Twelve.

The Borgets queen was angered as even now within deep space within the Pegasus galaxy the occasional hive station was still self-destructing after internal sensors had detected alien life forms and all of her warriors becoming dysfunctional and dying within minutes. At first a recovery team had been beamed aboard, only to find all dead and eaten or dissolved to the Skelton, yet no sign of intruders, the hive station was destroyed for precautionary reasons, yet upon returning to their hive unknowingly they had brought aboard tiny stowaways which were not detected by the sensors.

Within seventeen weeks that hive ship fell to the same fate, what the queen had not realised was the young of these creatures were microscopic almost in size and the very air was swarming with them, so any time a Borget beamed aboard an infected hive ship, the air around it within the inside of its shielding was contaminated and they took back millions of tiny microscopic creatures which later grew and ate flesh, some if breathed in, from the inside out.

Upon their home planet the wild life kept these creatures under control, as birds and flying insects fed of them as well as other life forms, so their infestations were controlled by nature. However within the environments of the hive ships, they were vast in size and humid temperature controls were ideal for breeding, and with no natural predators to control the infestations. This resulted in trillions upon trillions of these creatures hatching and growing unseen beneath machines and under floor grating eating each other and only the strongest surviving.

Suddenly and unexpectedly when there food sources could no longer be obtained so easily, these creatures swarmed and attacked whatever food source was available, which was the organic sections of the Borgets, and in minutes an entire adult Borget could be stripped to the bone. Because these miniature intelligent alien creatures could adapt, and were controlled by a vast superior queen who could create new generations whose bodies could vibrate at the same frequencies as the Borgets and get passed all sensors.

It was only when they swarmed, that their frenzy altered their bodies’ natural vibration and the sensors momentarily picked them up, but the instant the frenzy was over, they mated and laid billions of tiny spore eggs which floated upon the air to create the next generation, and the sensors lost them again. Never before had the past queens faced such an enemy, always the previous queens had in time been able to adapt, but these life forms within the Subspace dimensions had excited the queen.

To her way of reasoning, if they could avoid her sensors then they held a level of technology which she needed and was therefore determined to sacrifice warriors if it meant in time she could acquire these advanced technological advancements. All sub queens were independent if away from the main colony, but still if they came within mental communication range, then the sub queens became subservient to the true queen, and she was a formidable opponent, and surrounded by an army of specialised warriors far in advance to the everyday warrior cast.

It was this queen which detected a mind which was strong and focusing upon communicating with her. It took some hours before the two minds could understand each other, and then a dialog started. “Your mind is the first from your kind that I have chosen to speak with, tell me what it is which you desire from me,” said the queen. Jennie focused her mind while her body relaxed safely shielded by the protection of The Others.

It had been painful at first, but then it was The Others who were using their technology to aid Jennie until she was strong enough to hold her own thoughts aside and focus upon the queen’s mind. “We face the same enemy which is killing millions of your kind, and destroying your food sources as well as your homes, we offer an alliance to fight together, and not just upon your planet but in deep space,” replied Jennie.

The queen replied, “Upon our planet or home world we lost millions and yes our habitats and food sources were destroyed, but upon these strange creature’s homes, we are thriving, breeding and killing in the millions, there is no food shortage, so why would we require your help,” Stated the queen. John who had been following the conversation implanted images into Jennie’s mind of destroyed planets devoid of all life other than Borgets.

Jennie relayed these images to the insectoid queen, as she studied them she quivered in anger, “These creatures are to be stopped, and we must not allow them access to our homes”, she said. “You cannot stop them as they have weapons which can destroy your homes from space, so your warriors are not able to defend themselves or your nests,” replied Jennie.

The queen thought over her words, “What is it that you offer,” she said. “An alliance and technology to beam your warriors aboard, but you must ensure your warriors do not swarm and attack our kind,” stated Jennie, and at that she sent mental images of the alliance of aliens and humans. “In exchange when and if we destroy these life forms we propose to take your kind to their planets so you can find new food sources and expand,” said Jennie.

The queen thought seriously and accepted her offer, and as an act of good faith the alliance beamed thousands of dead Borget bodies to the queen’s nest for her warriors to feed upon. Also the queen came aboard one of The Others ships, and was taken to deep space within Subspace and the ship merged cloaked into the Pegasus galaxy where immediately the sub queens fell subservient to their true queen’s mind.

Within minutes the entire affected ships within the Borget fleet had unknowingly received direct orders from the insectoid queen and the sub queens started creating life which was aware of the new orders and alliance, Jennie had told the queen their plans and she had approved, and for now the insectoid queen was returned to her nest where she started immediately creating new warriors in readiness for the war.

The communications with the insectoid queen had triggered a protein marker within Jennies mind, and it started evolving and creating new chemical mental pathways which had previously laid dormant within her mind. Unknown to Jennie her mind had awoke to its true potential and was assimilating knowledge at a vast rate, and not only storing it, but re-creating it to command within an instant, even a single glance at a sheet of raw binary data, and within less than a second her mind could recall every single digit within its exact location.

Only less than two thousand of The Others race could claim such abilities and they were among the highest within their ruling class, and which led their kind in all aspects of military and commerce. John had seen the potential with Jennies mind and had ensured she was adopted into his race and had approved the marriage between Chris his son and Jennie. He just knew one day her mind would surpass even his kind and seek out others of equal status, as such he wanted to ensure Jennie remained on their side.

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