Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Thirteen.

The time had finally arrived for the Manta race who now felt all was in order for a full fledge response and counter attack upon the Borgets. As earth started to unite and thousands of Borget warriors were beheaded and vanished, the Borget queen became aware that upon earth there was something happening and that her warriors were dying.

As she prepared to send in further warriors to replace the lost and quell the human insurgence, Manta warriors along with the Tall Whites had acquired thousands of severed heads and beamed them aboard their ships ready to infiltrate the hive ships. Each head was shielded from the advanced detached nanorobotics machines which tried to attach themselves to humans and other life forms so they could infiltrate into their computers and pass on intelligence.

Each head was taken within range of all known hive stations not just upon earth galaxies, but all known galaxies, and updates were coordinated at the exact second regardless of the vast interstellar distances from each other. At the same time using subspace the Manta warriors risk beaming aboard and entering the hive ships and delivering a content of adult and micro insectoid warriors. Immediately the insectoids vanished into the multitude of mechanical systems, while a small army of Manta warriors remained to oversee all went according to plan.

As the Borget heads started their timed update, the queen accepted them into the hives and for a time was not aware of the infiltration. The software was designed to not activate immediately as the aliens were aware the queen would run the software updates through a process of advanced check points before accepting it fully within the hive stations.

As the program infiltrated its way into the hives, the queen became aware the Borgets were not responding to her new program and then realised these were the warriors reported as dead in action and from earth. Immediately the connection was broken and measures were taken to examine the updated software, then hive stations within the Milkyway galaxy and the Pegasus galaxy started shutting down.

Instantly the advanced Nanorobotics were activated sending signals across the galaxies to start rebuilding a new queen, and to adapt to the new orders from the merging nanorobotics. As the insectoid army merged from their hiding places Borgets were unable to react and fell victim, with the hive stations failing to self-destruct.

All Borgets upon earth fell deactivated and earth started to reclaim its land once more. Within deep space and distant galaxies, the Borgets were falling victim to the implanted software, and as the nanorobots tried to adapt, they found yet another software routine destroying and counter programming them. It was a single Borget hive station positioned by a black hole which had not received the updated software sent by the queens advanced emergency nanorobots. This was the Borgets standby emergency hive station. Twenty times the size of all previous hive stations, and holding over seven trillion Borget Life Forms, all suspended in hibernation, and awaiting awaking.

As its scouting ships shielded from updates, started reporting the destruction of their race, the huge hive station awoke and started gathering intelligence before it decided what action to take and from where.

The End of Book Two.

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