Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Two.

Chris looked at Jennie and took her arm as they kissed after the priest had declared them husband and wife, and their friends and family within the audience cheered and clapped, and some whistled, as both Chris and Jennie turned and slowly walked along the corridor of arched roses, by the setting alongside an open field by a lake. In the minds of the human family and friends, Chris had undergone yet another operation to strengthen his legs, and he had fitted mechanical leg braces to give the impression they were aiding him in walking.

As they made their way to reception, word started arriving of an immediate emergency recall, the wedding couple included. There were sighs of displeasure and grumbles, but all knew the procedure, some were even angry as they had hired their suits, others had dressed in expensive clothing, but they knew the procedure and that it was part of the job, such an emergency recall had conditions attached and no amount of protests or grumbling would prevent the destruction of their clothing, and them having to strip and undergo body scanning.

As the guests started to return to base command, Chris and Jennie were led into an unoccupied room, and beamed aboard an awaiting ship, where they were able to change their clothing and were debriefed. “We have a possible situation, in that we believe the hidden code within the signal sent to the Borget queen has become compromised,” stated The Others, intelligence officer.

Chris had already received a mental transfer as to the events which had transpired, however for Jennie’s sake he audibly explained. “We sent one of our ship cloaked to accompany the Atlantion team of human marines who were to enter the queens hive ship, and as we were scanning we started detecting a previously unknown group of nanorobotics activating, and we tightened the scans penetration, and discovered they were from within the queen’s head. Also as they started adapting other similar nanorobots awoke, and a signal was being constantly sent into deep space, which no matter how much we tried, we were unable to block.”

Jennie looked at the intelligence officer, “Did the boarding party capture the queen?” “No mam…, events went wrong and there was confused reactions, resulting in the queen self-destructing and taking the hive station with her…, in truth mam, had it happened aboard one of the ships or at a ground station, the resulting destruction could have been fatal and with the loss of many more lives.”

Chris was disturbed by the events which had evolved, recently she had been receiving disturbing dreams, and they had not gone away, within some of these dreams she had seen the Borget queens return, but at first had thought it no more than concern, stress and an active mind. Now she was not so sure, also her mind kept feeling as if something was reaching out to her.

Now as Jennie had sat before the computer console and viewed the intelligence data as it was being collated and prepared for the department heads. She was angry, her wedding had been interrupted and her head hurt, the screen light was causing her eyes to water and her focus was becoming blurred. Jennie awoke hours later aboard one of The Others ships orbiting earth. “Shish…, you have no need to worry…, you are in safe hands now…,” came a gentle soft voice within her mind.

Jennie blinked as her eyes started to focus and become accustomed to the strange lighting within the room. “Take your time said Chris…, Jennie sat up but she found it momentarily difficult as if the room was tilting. “Woo…, slowly does it, your mind will stabilise in seconds, it is just the medication wearing off,” stated Chris.

Jennie blinked again as before her eyes she saw a strange light and shape.

Jennie finally focused her eyes and mind. “What happened…, the last thing I remembered was sitting within the office and my head hurt.” “You suffered a kind of mental brain seizure, it was nothing actual physical…, it is just when the Atlantions created you…, well they…, well they kind of adapted your mind to evolve and intake far greater data, and process it than the human brain at your stage of evolution had adapted too, and…, well when we recreated you, we kind of neglected to adjust for the amount of raw data that your mind could process.”

Jennie stared at Chris, “What the hell are you saying,” she retorted. Chris cringed at the anger coming from his wife. “It was not your husbands fault…, it was mine, your husband nor his kind had no way of knowing of our race or of our mental abilities…, and for that I truly apologise, as it was I who targeted the most powerful mind I could find, unknowing you had not yet adapted and learnt how to focus such thoughts.”

Jennie looked towards from where the voice was coming from, there she saw a beautiful but unknown alien.

As she focused upon the face it smiled, please accept my sincere apology, it had not been my intention of harming you.” “The most powerful mind you say” retorted Jennie. “You mean more powerful and stronger than my husband…,” replied Jennie grinning. The Tall white smiled. “It would seem so, as when I sought out a mind capable of communicating with my kind, I was presented with many to choose from, but your mind was by far brighter, stronger and open…, so it was yours I chose at first and tried communicating with,” replied the alien.

Jennie looked at her husband and grinned. “I told you the female is greater than the male…, the most powerful mind…,” she retorted to him laughing. Chris grinned. “Ok…, ok I will give you that one, but the argument is not over.” “O spoiled sport…, you’re just upset because my mind is better, stronger, open and more powerful than yours,” laughed Jennie.

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