Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Three.

The tall white alien literally changed colour before Jennie’s eyes, and the red outlines vanished, as she heard the creature starting to talk within her mind. “I see you are amused at the thought of having a mind and brain able to absorb more knowledge and raw data,” said the Tall White. “Upon our home world we were once a great race, and many Billions of years older than even The Others as you know them…, our failing was we were nonviolent, and relied too much upon our technology to protect us. The Borget queen sent a hive station to attack us, and our technology prevailed for many years, but in time the queen did what she always does, and adapted, then once she mastered our technology, many of my kind became her slaves and were espoused into her hive.”

The alien went quiet as visions of the past started appearing within Jennies mind, and she imagined for the briefest of seconds the horror before as these truly beautiful aliens were transformed into hideous Borget monsters, and their lives ruined forever.

Jennie momentarily screamed as she saw what the whites had become and she started to understand the pain within its mind, also the possible fate awaiting human kind if they succeeded in invading planet earth.

It was then yet another vision entered her mind only this was different, these are yet another race who has been living with us, we joined forces for defence and are offering our services to planet earth and yourselves in exchange for sanctity and refuge.

We understand they are rather fierce looking to your kind, and yes they are a warrior race, but like us they prefer nonviolence and are highly evolved and intelligent, and almost defeated the Borgets, but for sheer numbers, and the volume of the queens army is almost uncountable, as such they were eventually overrun by sheer numbers, and had this not been the case the Borgets would have been no more,” Stated the tall white alien.

Jennie could not help thinking about the different colour shades from pure white, to red and white and finally blue and white. The alien laughed, “Yes many races comment about our colour change, it is something which happens when we are in communication, and especially long range communication, as it then informs others of our kind not to disrupt or disturb us.” “It looks beautiful” commented Jennie. “Why thank you, we have been called many things by other species but rarely beautiful, I will accept that for the compliment it is,” replied the alien.

Jennie was feeling much better and was now able to freely walk and move around. “Forgive my boldness, but do you have a name for us to identify you by,” inquired Jennie. The Tall White alien smiled. “You would not be able to pronounce my name, so Jane will suffice, and I will respond by that name while in your company, only you just need to think the name and project my image within your mind and I will know it is I you are referring to.”

Jennie blinked as those words were spoken within her mind, and she smiled thinking of the alien and spoke. “Why thank you Jane.” “Excellent” it replied “You mastered that very quickly.” Chris was momentarily confused as the conversation had been between only Jennie and Jane, and the alien had shielded her thoughts so Chris had been unable to know what was transpiring between them.

Deeply within the Pegasus galaxy a new queen was emerging, and she was an exact replicate of her previous version only now created by advanced nanorobotics, and as she was activated all of her subordinates were adapting to the new software and genetic bio upgrades. This attack upon her had almost annihilated her kind, and as such this was intolerable and unforgivable…, and active revenge must be sought. As the billions of Borgets received their upgrades the queen started gathering further intelligence with an intention of seeking revenge.

The Atlantions were past masters at gathering intelligence and reports were starting to come in with regards previously dormant Borget hive stations becoming active, and even of Atlantion ship crews been taken captive for assimilation. Simon viewed the intelligence and felt more than concerned and requested a meeting with Chris or Jennie as the designated representatives of The Others.

As both Jennie and Chris were beamed aboard an Atlantion vessel, Simon was there to greet them. “Welcome and thank you for responding so quickly, we have a situation developing which if I am right will seriously threaten planet earth and both of our races,” stated Simon. Both Jennie and Chris examined the data before them. “Has this been confirmed that these new threats are resistant to the shutdown software,” inquired Chris. “Yes we sent in ten teams and three managed to escape, and we lost over seventy operatives,” he replied.

Chris re-laid the information direct to his father and those in command, and then spoke. Simon we have acquired new technology and formed a partnership with a race of beings many billions of years older than yours, and incredibly unknown to you they have quietly been living upon earth unseen by your kind, or even unobserved by even us, until they revealed themselves due to the recent events taking place with regards the Borgets.”

Simon blinked. “Impossible we know of all alien life forms living upon earth, and I can assure you there are no such aliens upon earth in whom we are not aware of,” responded Simon rather forcefully. A Tall White appeared after releasing her personal cloaking field which had made her invisible even to the Atlantion technology. Immediately internal alarms sounded and Simon took a step backwards.

Instantly one of The Others shields activated protecting The Tall White and both Chris and Jennie. “Stand down demanded Chris, She is under our protection and came here voluntary to prove to you that her kind could enter even one of your ships undetected, unless they wanted to reveal themselves.” Simon was stunned and as several armed Atlantion guards materialised beside him, he hesitated only a few seconds from shock, but it was long enough for three of the armed Atlantions to release their weapons.

Instantly the three guards were caught within a beam of energy and time around them appeared to freeze, Simon blinked and ordered the others to stand down, but it was too late for the three guards, as their bodies started to disintegrate and within seconds they were no more. “Stand down,” shouted Simon as even more guards appeared and he feared this would evolve into an even more serious diplomatic mess than it was.

Simon realised the three guards had attacked a diplomatic envoy and as such they were within their rights to defend themselves. “I apologise for the loss of your three guards”, stated Chris as an older member of The Others appeared in their midst, and yet another guard taken by surprised went to discharge his weapon, but this time the guard simply vanished.

Simon blinked and became angry, “The next time anyone discharges a weapon without my direct authority they will answer to me…, do you all understand,” he was embarrassed and fuming in indignant anger. “Your guard is unharmed,” stated Jane, “I simply saw his actions and transported him into an alternate dimension, he is still here within this room only unseen to your eyes and suspended for his own protection.”

Simon looked at the alien, “You call yourself Jane, well please accept my sincere apology over the reaction of my guards, they were only trying to protect me, and your entry although impressive, did have consequence which we should have avoided.” “It is us who should apologise,” stated the older diplomat. “You may call me James and yes we also apologise, but we felt it was imperative under the emergency circumstance that you realised as advanced as your kind are, that there were and are still other life forms living directly under your noses, and without you’re even been aware of them.”

Simon shuddered as the full implications of this settled within his mind. Turning to directly face the Tall White Simon Spoke, “Do I have your assurances my guard is not harmed,” “Yes” replied Jane. “Then I thank you as you would have been in your rights to defend yourself and to have killed him, for that I truly thank you, three guards lives have been lost, and in my eyes that was three to many.”

Simon lowered his head at the thought of the loss of those three lives, “Please Jane just how many of your kind are living upon earth and if I may ask…, where…, as we were truly unaware of your existence.” Jane smiled and started changing colour again, it was a little unnerving to see the colour display, but Jennie realised she was communicating with her kind.

As her colour turned red and then blue once more, Jane projected an image within all of their minds, “We have been here upon earth thousands upon thousands of years, and once lived within the star system known to your kind as Sagittarius, our planet was on the outer fringes of the galaxy and shielded by our sun to your kind. We were over eight Billion of your earth years old when The Others were a merging race, and we were technologically so advanced that we truly thought none could harm us.”

Jane paused as she allowed the images she had sent to be seen and understood, and when she was sure they were ready she continued, “The Borgets became aware of our civilization and tried to assimilate our kind, but failed. Our mistake was we were and still are a placid race and find been violent difficult, so we relied upon our technology believing it superior and allowed the Borgets to live.”

Jane paused at the thought of their mistake, “We realise now that was a mistake, but what was done could not be undone, and in time the Borget returned and adapted, they somehow acquired our technology and integrated it into their hives, our planet was decimated and the only survivors myself included were those stationed upon earth or in deep space.”

Simon blinked at the sheer horror of the billions of life forms espoused into the queen’s hive, but Jane continued talking. “We came across another race who in later years…, well thousands of years later almost totally destroyed the Borgets and even killed the original queen, only she was re-created and the sheer number of espoused hive stations just over whelmed their home planet and rather than face assimilation they self-destructed and taking over seventy Billion Borgets with them, when their home world exploded.

Simon and all those present jumped when the image of the planet exploding came into their minds, “It is for this reason the Borgets have taken so long to recolonise this part of the Galaxies, as we presented by far the greatest loss of their kind and the cost was to great, well up until now, and now you have destroyed one of their queens…, they will want revenge,” stated Jane.

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