Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Four.

The Borget queens mind had fully recovered and she examined the technology used to previously shut her down. It was a clever and complex set of programs secretly integrated within the two data bursts her earth hive station had sent before it was destroyed. She called her second in command, “I want this programed stripped to its core so we can adapt it and see if we can integrate it within our defence systems.”

The second in command accepted the data and rather than share the knowledge which had been the normal practice, the queen had given specific orders to refrain and observe, she had suspicions that not everything was as it appeared and that somehow and somewhere a traitor was among them. This disturbed her greatly, as all captors were espoused into the hives, there were no exceptions. This therefore meant either somehow a captive had avoided assimilation and was hiding, or an intruder was among them possibly cloaked and unseen.

As all other stations and Borgets came back on line, the queen’s next priority was to run a full code red diagnostics, which set every sensor within and outside the hive fully active and scanning for discrepancies. Each Borget regardless of alien race, was now 100% loyal to the queen and their minds were controlled as one, and functioning loyally to the queens and hives agenda.

The miniature unseen nanorobotics machines within their bodies flooded and multiplied constantly repairing and upgrading, and if one unit became aware of something, like a person or data or an object, then within seconds all within the hive became aware also, and upon every update the information obtained was in turn updated to all other hives across the galaxies using sub space communications.

Quietly and unobserved a team of unknown aliens moved freely among the hive, and gathering intelligence. It was important they remained undetected, and once their mission was complete then three were to remain while the rest departed and delivered their intelligence away from the hive, for risk of possible detection.

These creatures were unique and unknown to the Borget queen, they had the ability like the Tall Whites to fully cloak themselves and enter a facility unobserved even by the most powerful of sensors, as they crossed dimensions or more accurately between dimensional space, and which enabled them to move freely even through solid objects unseen by those within.

They had completed their mission and vacated by entering fully another dimension, and leaving no trace of their ever been there, it was standard practice for their kind to always leave three operatives behind to quietly observe and gather further intelligence as it evolved. They could return any time, especially if they felt threatened and required a refuge or place of safety, and were relieved of their duty every three days.

The Tall whites referred to them simply as Manta, and they along with the warrior race were preparing to defend earth and this section of the galaxy from the queens imminent invasion which they knew would unquestionably come. The Manta race lived in sub space, and had avoided all detection by the Borgets, the Tall whites became aware of them simply as they themselves could use sub space, but rarely had until after they lost their home world, and it was there that some sought refuge.

The Manta were like the Tall Whites a highly evolved race, and technologically advanced. Only they were also military minded and at first held the Tall white intruders prisoners who had entered there space, but soon came to realise he true enemy was the Borgets and that these life forms the Tall Whites could become companions in war, united in one cause to bring down the Borgets.

As it happened the Borgets invaded another alien race of warriors who almost defeated them, the Borgets lost their queen, and only because another queen was immediately activated and but for sheer numbers the Borgets eventually won, but then upon sending billions of Borget warriors to take the planet, they were destroyed, as the warriors rather than become espoused self-sacrificed themselves so others could escape into sub space, and the remaining warriors destroyed their own planet.

This action impressed the Manta race and an alliance was formed, to protect this part of the galaxy and the planets within. The Borgets had been defeated and those hives remaining had laid dormant until yet another queen was created, and then she deliberately avoided this region of space as her predecessor had been killed, and until her numbers could once more increase.

The Borgets had amassed in force within a distant galaxy and set about invading every planetary system they came across, simply to increase their numbers and acquire whatever new technology which they could adapt for their own use. This had over time made them a formidable opponent and one which could over run other life forms with considerable ease.

The warrior race was the only life forms to have almost destroyed them, until they came against The Others, and now they were trying to adapt and acquire technology to enable them to prevail over even these life forms.

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