Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Five.

The Tall Whites made their presence known to the humans, and who were deeply alarmed to discover not one, but two alien races of previously unknown origin were living among them upon planet earth. Quickly the military enveloped their location within the range of Top Secret Air Force Bases within the Nevada mountain range near to area 51 and Dream Lake. This action was taken according to the humans, so they could protect them and ensure they remained unseen.

At least that was the pitiful excuse given, which made Simon laugh, as these Life Forms had openly been living in that region long before the Air Force had even established a base there. The actual Roswell Incident, of a crashed UFO, was brought about by one of the Greys craft, flying over that area, and brought down by the Tall Whites. They had even been at the crash site when the military had arrived, but had simply cloaked themselves, or entered sub space into an alternate dimension.

What it did do however, was to allow the humans to acquire their first advanced technology, and from there the humans started to evolve in their technological advances, into the human field of operation. The one thing in the humans favour was they were quick to learn and adapted, and they soon started creating advanced technology of their own, including weapons and space flight, and later into everyday technology.

The Warrior race of aliens fascinated the humans, as they communicated freely and even offered to fight alongside the humans, and assisted them in developing their technology even further, in fact they soon became an integral part of the military and advanced space program.

The manta race was a different story, their very appearance spooked the humans, and they felt uncomfortable to be near to them, however the Manta’s offered an alliance, and shared selected technology which they knew the humans could not turn against them. The technology was so advanced and unknown to the humans, that it advanced their race in one giant leap, however it required Manta technicians and scientist to assist the humans, until thy adapted and became familiar with this new type of physics.

The humans who were working with the Atlantions and The Others, also the three new alien alliances races, were acquiring knowledge at such a rate that almost all of their previous technology became defunct and they constantly needed alien technicians to guide them. Yet none lost sight that they were preparing for war, as such every available facility was commandeered and machine shops were tooled to start creating strange new technology, and no one questioned that their very lives and that of their loved ones depended upon success.

The Tall Whites became direct advisors to the War Office, and within two years they had created a formidably advance space fleet and hand weapons and armour for their military. Sadly they ran out of time, as the Borgets amassed their interstellar fleet and headed for planet earth.

It was The Others who became the front line in earths defence, and upon the arrival of the hive fleets, The Others fought an incredible battle, they were wise enough to not commit their entire fleets, and keeping back undiscovered inhabited planets within other galaxies as reserve, and to preserve their kind, should they fail.

Their fleet was even then still vast, and they fought the adapted Borgets hive stations with incredible courage, destroying entire stations time after time. But such was the sheer volume of Hives that the queen withheld over 90% of her fleet so she could learn and start adapting. As each hive ship was destroyed, data was transmitted to the queen and she saw each time the technology used, and started having her nanorobots breaking down the technology and trying to find a way of encapsulating it within her own defences.

Eventually the queen lost a full 48% of her entire fleet before the technology The Others were using was broken and the queen started to find ways of protecting her fleets against it. The loss of Borget life was immense, such was the sheer brutal determination of the Borget queen to win, and The Others had lost less than 10% of their fleet, however now the hive stations could deflect their technology, The Others were forced to retreat, so they themselves could adapt and fight another day.

The Borget fleet came into earth’s space, and again they met vast resistance, and technology they had not realised the earthlings held. At first Hive stations were been destroyed and another 12% loss was occurred upon the Borget fleets. However they quickly adapted and by sheer volume of numbers alone the Borgets were able to overrun the earth defences, and start colonising earth.

Immediately the queen had her Borgets start assimilating humans, and the citizens from across the world were an easy target, and quickly succumbed to the alien technology been used against them. That said India, China, Russia, France, UK, and the USA had planned well. They had established deep underground facilities, and stock piled munition gifted by the Warrior race and Manta’s. The Tall whites opened up their facilities and base stations to the humans and quickly a resistance was formed.

Yet the sudden onslaught of Billions of Borgets poured into towns and cities and within hours humans were becoming espoused, and in the queen’s eyes she had won, even though resistance continued and selected shielded facilities were not taken. It had been an expensive exercise for the Borget queen. She had deliberately sacrificed a large percentage of her fleet so she could simply acquire the technology to develop and adapt and turn it against the humans.

Now she knew she could start once more rebuilding and this time with technology which had previously been used against her kind. It was a tragic loss of human and alien lives, yet they continued fighting and refused to give in. Central command fell, only moments after Simon and Jennie were beamed aboard a solitary cloaked ship and taken to safety.

Atlantis remained protected, it had lifted from the ocean which had been its home for thousands upon years and the satellite colonies this time were not left behind. They had learnt from The Others example and had fore planned for such an event, and kept aside technology still not available to the humans, and therefore their shields held while they cloaked themselves and escaped into Sub Space along with The Others and the three main alien races, leaving behind a selected number of warriors and technicians to lead the human resistance.

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