Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Six.

Kirk Willis a human technician, escaped the Borget assimilation by seconds, having entered a secure underground laboratory and passed the multiple secure measures as central command came under attack and an immediate lockdown came into place. The Laboratory was vast and extended deeply underground for some three quarters of a mile past the ground boundary level.

It specialised in bio genetic research, and more recently under the guidance of The Others and The Tall Whites, Nanorobotics research. Kirk had been working directly with a colleague recommended by Chris and John after one of The Tall Whites had assisted with updating their version of the Nanorobotics code sent to disable the queen. Kirk had an astute mind and could think laterally and see into complex problems where many other constantly failed.

When he had been introduced to the adaption he instantly spoke forth. “Forgive my intrusion but there is an immediate and serious problem which I believe you have ignored,” he said. “The Tall white alien viewed him and then smiled. “Yes I can see within your mind you are correct, if we use this now it will only be a very temporary victory and these Borgets will adapt quickly, and even if we destroy this queen, another will be created, and in time we will face the same problem over again.”

Kirk smiled “Yes sir, we need to hold onto this and seek yet another sub program to be hidden within and to attack the withheld queen’s nanobots, like the ones we scanned rebuilding the queen after our first attack.” “Better still, we could incorporate yet a third program to counter react any hidden sub programs the Borgets might hold,” replied Jane.

Kirk had not heard Jane entering the facility, she had beamed into the laboratory unseen by the Borgets. “I approve of your plan and authorise an immediate implementation into discovering another two sub programs so we can coordinate an attack, in the mean time we need to ensure your safety and give you as much time as we can, by resisting and attacking the Borgets whenever we can.”

Kirk blinked and looked at Jane, “Thank you Jane, but we need to gather as much equipment from here as we can and vacate quickly as it will be only a matter of time before the Borgets discover this facility.” Jane smiled, “We are very aware of your concerns and have already shielded this facility and the outer boundaries, you are now working in Sub space, and so even if the Borgets could enter this facility, they would only find open unoccupied space.”

Kirk was stunned as he had not realised these aliens could cover an entire facility like this and place it into sub space, then he became embarrassed as the thought dawned upon him, that these aliens had vast interstellar ships, and some over three miles in length, and if they could cloak such a vast volume of space and even place it safely within Sub Space, then the laboratory should not present any great difficulty to them.

The Borgets had taken and over run the entire upper levels of Central Command, and Minister Armstrong had escaped by been beamed aboard, but sadly Admiral McDermott had not been so fortunate, and became espoused along with the knowledge he held. This presented a major security risk, but it was too late and now the Borget queen was aware of many secret facilities which the Admiral had been aware of. With The Others working with the Atlantions, they beamed as many critical scientists and operatives aboard their ships as possible, yet sadly some were too late and they became victims of the Borgets. Many tried committing suicide rather than face assimilation, but only those who took a gun and placed it to their heads, and blew their brains out remained dead, as the other suicide victims awoke finding themselves undergoing the agonising emotional, mental and physical pain of facing assimilation.

They were trapped and at the total mercy of the Borgets, and mercy was not within their vocabulary or way of thinking, captured victims were simply assembled and quickly espoused and resistance was truly futile. In the first few hours alone thousands of humans fell victim to the Borgets, but that said the resistance was brutal and many military establishments self-destructed taking the enemy with them rather than allow the equipment and intelligence within fall into enemy hands.

Foreign countries like China, India, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom, fought back having prepared well. Canada in particular put up an incredible offensive attack and for a time truly slaughtering thousands upon thousands of Borgets, but like the United States they were eventually forced to retreat, simply because of the sheer volume of Borgets. You could kill a thousand Borgets, and two thousand would take their place.

The humans could now understand how the alien Warrior ace eventually succumbed to the sheer number of enemy attacking them, and why they opted to self-destruct their home world, rather than succumb fully to these invading monsters. Yet there were plans in place and only those protected by The Others and the alien alliance knew of the details, and secret locations of ammunition dumps, and deeply cloaked places of safety. The aliens had tried to transport as many women and children too many of these locations, but their time had run out as the attack came quicker than intelligence had estimated.

With The Others facing the front line assault it had brought much needed extra time, to retrieve the most important scientists and leaders, while The Tall Whites frantically tried rescuing as many more civilians and take them to safety, but in the end Billions of human lives were lost and or espoused, either way, they were lost to human kind.

Families were torn apart and even babies and young children were taken, not for direct assimilation, but for genetic experimentation, and none were spared. The entire planet was under attack, yet The Mantas moved freely among the Borgets, and coordinated resistance attacks, also placing powerful incendiary devices within vital Borget equipment and destroying hives station as they started to try and rebuild and equip themselves.

They were aware the queen suspected an alien presence and took extreme care to avoid any kind of detection, even planting bombs and leaving them cloaked for days before detonation. This angered the queen as she knew something was wrong, such devices could not simply appear within her hives unless they were planted there and therefore intruders had to be involved, and it was that or these devices were been beamed aboard, or to her mind and way of thinking, that or there were Borgets who had somehow overcome the assimilation process.

The queen had inherited all the memories of all past queens, as such her knowledge and memories were vast, yet she nor her predecessor had ever come up against such forces before who could so freely enter her hives, and this concerned her. In the end she was forced to have all hives retreat into deep space, in an effort to prevent further destruction, this meant Borgets upon the ground had no direct shelter or refuge to reequip and or come in for repairs.

Yet unknown to her within every hive now in deep space orbit, at least three Mantas had remained aboard, and knowing they could enter Sub Space within an instant should their safety be threatened. The queen placed heavy shielding around all of her hive stations so she could prevent incendiary devices to be beamed aboard, and once she was certain this was in place, the queen started having her Borgets search for intruders.

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