Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Seven.

Doctor Kirk was pleased to discover many of his colleagues had been saved and once reintroduced to them, they started trying to create two extra completely separate sub routine programs which could be used to infiltrate the Queen and deactivate her. However it was far from easy, and needed to be incorporated within a routine update software patch, which the queen would accept and not suspect that it had been compromised.

This presented many problems as the queen was aware of the hidden sub routine which had been incorporated into the data burst, which had eventually shut down and in time destroyed her predecessor. So they started experimenting on a different approach and investigated implanting the core procedures with the data used to run the nanorobotics software. This involved having Quark sized nanorobotics each holding a sub routine on their own, but once they united and became as one, then the program could start to intelligently evolve and create entirely new and unseen instructions, not on one level but three separate levels.

It had taken time, yet they eventually reached their goal and had the three routine programs which they could implement. Now they needed a method of delivery which could be certain to not only affect the queen, but the additional nanorobotics which were always held in reserve to rebuild affected queens. They not only had to find a way of delivering the new instruction to activate the virus, they needed to ensure it over run all emergency nanorobots including having two separate programs to activate and destroy all possible back up facilities.

If they could coordinate their attack and have operatives in place at the right moment and time, then they could totally destroy all future Borgets in one fatal sweep, and hopefully even leave an unseen virus in place just in case there were unknown Borget survivors, and their programming and nanorobots were to try and adapt.

There next problem was to coordinate such an attack in the middle of a tech savvy Borget invasion, and a Borget queen who is fully aware of the methods used in the previous attack. It is all very well having the virus, their problem was simple, how could they deliver it collectively at a pre-arranged time unseen and undetected. “You could ask the Mantas”, said Jane. Kirk cringed as he had seen but not spoken to these aliens, and if he was to be truthful they scared him. Jane spoke within his mind. “There appearance can be fearsome and yes they do have a predatory look about them…, but I can assure you they will not harm you and have humanities interest at heart.”

“Kirk breathed in deeply and spoke audibly, “Could your kind not act as an intermediary for me.” “That will not be necessary” came an unknown reply as one of the Mantas materialised by uncloaking itself. “We have been observing your work while keeping security, and I apologise if my kind unnerve you Dr Kirk, yet I assure you, yes we are carnivores, but we do not eat your kind, so you are safe and should have no fears.

Kirk shuddered at the sight before him, the Manta stood some two point seven metres tall and looked like one giant meat eating mantis, it was the reach of its arms and those huge crab like claws that scare Dr Lewis, if the Mantas so desired, they could hold a human firmly in place while they ate their victim, as such it made kirk shudder.

Jane smiled, “Please excuse Dr Kirk he has a rather active imagination and can visualise your kind holding him and biting off his head,” she said laughing. The Manta saw the vision Kirk had in his mind and smiled, “Well if that is what he wants, we could always make an exception just for him.” Kirk squirmed, “No…, no thank you but I would prefer to keep my head.” “Are you certain Dr Kirk, it would be no difficulty to accommodate your fanciful vision,” replied the Manta.

Kirk realised they were teasing him, and then grinned, “Oh very funny, you certainly had me scared…, I will give you that one as I deserved it, and yes I apologise I have just had a phobia of insects since I was a child.” Jane grinned, “Oh so now you insult us,” Kirks eyes widened in shock “No…, no…, no please that was not my intention.” The Manta smiled, and spoke within Dr Kirks mind. “Sorry doctor, you deserved our humour, but rest assured you are safe and we will not harm you, nor your kind,” said the Manta representative.

Kirk blinked and regained his composure. “Thank you…, may I enquire as to what you have in mind.” “Yes it is simple we…, been my kind can deliver the virus and coordinate the counter attack upon earth and in deep space,” replied the Manta. Kirk thought over the offer, and eventually agreed. “Yes I can see your kind would be the perfect method of delivery, you can enter their hives unseen and undetected, and could even hopefully access the direct facilities the queen uses herself.”

The Manta looked at Kirk, “Yes we could do that, but every time we enter a hive ship, we run the risk of their adapting technology detecting a sub space portal opening, and then they will know from where we hide, and in time invade our space. There is also the issue if you have decided how to affect the queen?” said the Manta representative. Kirk went quiet for some seconds, “Well we have two options which both are risky, we can either use the same method as before, or…, we can capture a Borget and affect it without its knowledge, and allow it to escape with what it believes to be vital intelligence, and the moment it updates the queen and the other Borgets, they will all become affected. After that we can only hope our hidden sub routine software works.”

The Tall White looked at Doctor Kirk. “That is risky…, but I agree it is certainly an option which we need to consider, but rather than capture, could we not simply beam the program directly into the chosen target.” Kirk thought for some seconds, “Yes if your kind could make such a delivery…, then it would certainly be more preferable than risk an operative’s life, I simply never explored such an option as that type of technology is still beyond our understanding, but if you say it is possible then who am I to argue.”

It was agreed then that the delivery system would be used by beaming the said software directly into a Borget as it was updating to the Hive stations. Now they simply needed to repeat the exact same procedure at the same time across not one galaxy…, but multiple galaxies, and that was far from an easy task.

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