Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Eight.

The Humans were losing the war and desperately needed a boost to lift their spirits, but every coordinated attack they planned was met by counter attacks and more and more human lives were been lost. Minister Armstrong spoke next. “We must have an intelligence leak, I can think of no other way these Borgets can know of our every move.” It was one of the Warrior races who replied. “Here aboard this cloaked ship, we can assure you there is no security breaches, may I enquire how you are coordinating your intelligence, and communicating with other forces around the world.”

Minister Armstrong, who was an Atlantion representative smiled. “Yes we are using our very own computers for communicating and coordinating the communications,” She replied. “Have you checked the other countries systems so you can be sure they are not compromised,” inquired the Warrior representative.

Minister Armstrong appeared offended by the question, “You are very aware we have, I find your question insulting.” “Is that so Minister replied John, you see this room is shielded and no signals what so ever can leave here.” Armstrong looked at John. “Your point”. John smiled, “Well we gave you and only you some false information, and it became known to the Borgets, so it is you who is leaking the intelligence,” stated John.

The instant he had said this a beam of energy from one of The Others surrounded Minister Armstrong, and held her firmly in place. As she was been scanned to the surprise of some within the room, they stared in fascination as one of the walls upon the opposite side of their room became a huge viewing screen. At that they could see that under the minister skin was a metal skeletal structure and that the Minister was an advanced Borget operative. “I apologise minister it would appear you were captured and replaced without our knowledge, as such we can no longer afford to allow you to continue living.”

At that the scan obtained all it required and a blue light engulfed the helpless minister and she started dissolving before their eyes. Once they were certain the minister was truly dead and existed no more, not even a single quantum Quark, so the nanorobotics could not rebuild, John spoke. “We can rebuild our own version of Minister Armstrong and generate confusion and false updates within the hives, we can also send false virus packages into their system to give our operatives time to implant the genuine virus. Hopefully if we coordinate it correctly it could just buy us the time we need.”

There was stunned silence from within the room as the occupants became fully aware of the implications of what just happened, then suddenly each occupant was held within a beam of energy like minister Armstrong had been while The Others scanned each individual operative in the room. To their utter horror another two operatives were found to have been compromised and were destroyed immediately.

When it was over there was stunned silence within the room, and then John broke the silence. “We apologise, but we can no longer be complacent, this queen is by far more advanced than we realised and there is no telling how many operatives have become compromised, and for certain the old earth Atlantion base is without question infected and operatives are been abducted.”

Simon faced reality, “We were not aware…, how did you know when we ourselves had no idea?” he inquired. John grimaced…, “Simon we truly feel for your kind, you have protected earth for many thousands upon thousands of years, but this new queen is using a technology unknown to your kind and we suspected when we tested Minister Armstrong with false intelligence, and the Borgets fell for it. We then suspected she had been abducted and espoused into the hive along with all of her knowledge and of your existence and known locations at that time.” John hesitated for a moment and then continued. “Fortunately your race had gone into deep space and were no longer based upon earth, so the queen could not attack you directly, but she could with any operatives that Minister Armstrong was aware of, and who were still upon earth,” he said.

Simon considered the information he had just received, “Could you help us even further and scan each and every ship we have in deep space and discover if any more operatives are compromised,” inquired Simon. “We already have” replied John, “We can assure your ships and occupants are clean, it is only the operatives still upon earth who are compromised and you can no longer afford even communicating with them, we can also assure you your computers are not infected…, well not as of yet, but we have no way of knowing for how long that will remain.”

Simon breathed in deeply and then slowly exhaled, “We are indebted to your kind, it would appear you have yet again saved my race and for that we truly owe you a debt of gratitude far beyond which we could ever repay you,” Stated Simon. Simon we do not expect any such gratitude or future reward, we are an alliance of alien races working together to defeat a common enemy, and as such we need to work as one united unit, a team in the truest of its meaning. We are here to assist and offer technology which will help in updating your systems and bring your race back into this war, so we can unitedly defeat this enemy.”

Simon was aware his race had been at fault and had refused updated technology when it had been offered, he felt embarrassed and the others could read his thoughts and graciously ignored them, allowing him the dignity of accepting their offer of assistance. As the meeting finished and the various representatives dispersed, The Others ship had already changed its location just in case the Borgets had somehow managed to cross reference where their operatives had last been, and the fact that the Borgets still remained unaware of life from with Sub Space, and that was where The Others and the alliance were hiding, gave the humans a small advantage.

Once The Others updated the humans with regards infiltration and gave the technology to the Atlantions so their systems could no longer be compromised, events started to turn to the human’s favour. Vast cities were now fully under Borget control and they started rebuilding using technology unseen by the humans. New assimilation stations were created and selected individuals were signalled out by the queen.

All previous queens had shared the new knowledge as they obtained it, but this queen had adapted and started segregating important individuals, uploading their knowledge into the hives computers but with holding it to those she deemed as grunts or simple warrior class. She preferred to upload into them only specialised military skills and give additional knowledge as required, or send specialists to them by beaming them directly into a compound once it had been secured.

The queen was still sure they were compromised, yet no amount of searching had discovered from where it was originating, therefore she had surmised that Billions of warrior class Borgets could fight, and if they became compromised when they updated, it would go direct to a separate system to be searched for viruses, she only wanted the most important to contain the upgraded technology and quantum nanorobotics which she had developed since taking command and upgrading already upon the nanorobotics, which had originally created her.

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