Abduction - Book Two

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Chapter Nine.

Russia had acquired an injured Borget who had been prevented from beaming away by one of The Others ships, and it was now been held within one of their top secret facilities buried deeply in a mountain range under the Caspian sea. Here Russia held one of its most advanced research facilities in biological warfare, and could only be entered by submarines. The base had been unknown to Western intelligence and had become a prized facility in counter warfare.

In cooperation with China, Russia had secured an agreement to have their best scientific minds research into ways to biologically attack the Borgets, while India and the UK along with the United States of America dedicated research into creating additional software virus’s to back up the real and hopefully unseen attack. France and any other countries in the alliance coordinated the resistance and constantly created confusion and chaos to try and keep the Borgets confused.

All were working in one way or another with the alien representatives, and for once the world was united in combatting an alien force which threatened to bring human kind into extinction. India fought a separate battle and had entered the space race late in comparison to other countries, but it had used its vast technological computer skills and created the first fully cloaked and armed satellite.

China had been working upon similar technology but had not managed to fully cloak their work, when India made its work openly known to the Tall Whites, they were stunned that such advances had been made by this nation and later learnt also of Chinas work. The Tall Whites united the Chinese technicians with the Indian scientists, and together under the protection of one of the Tall Whites cloaked ships, they united their research and brought together their technology, with an intention of using the satellites against the mother hive station now based in deep space.

Each satellite carried a cargo of two dozen nuclear missiles and the Tall Whites wanted to use these as a diversionary tactic once the virus attack was in place and have the missiles taken into Subspaces and then to have one missile each detonate directly within the hives, while the Manta species penetrated security.

Everything had been coordinated when the Borget queen’s technology detected an opening within Subspace and her sensors started indicating that there were life signs from within. Although the queen had not detected the Manta race, she had detected other life signs within and deduced it was from here that she was been compromised.

Immediately the queen sectioned off a full 50% of her fleet and had them enter Subspace prepared for war and colonisation. It was a devastating blow to the Manta race, they had realised they ran the risk of eventual detection, but this queen was adapting far faster than they had been prepared for, and the aliens were now wondering if it was too late for the virus attack.

It also presented another dilemma for those Manta’s caught aboard the hives stations which had entered Subspace. Now they could remain cloaked, but could not escape back into Subspace without becoming detected. The Manta’s still aboard the Hives within earths space could escape into Subspace but faced the same problem unless they remained fully cloaked, even then the Borgets would be able to detect a portal opening.

As the hives swarmed into Subspace they were going in almost blind and not knowing what to expect, so their sensors were on full, while they still searched for the intruder or intruders which they suspected were aboard their hives. As it happened Subspace was used often by the Borgets, but only for long range communication and travelling vast distances between galaxies. Now they realised this presented the possibility of a vast new opportunity for acquiring new technology which they could adapt and assimilate into their hives.

The Manta race had warned the nearest planet within their entry points and instantly the race had gone onto an emergency footing having been prepared for this possibility ever since they became aware of the Borgets and of the danger they presented. Not only were they technologically advanced, the Manta’s were a formidable opponent and incredibly fast as well as been strong.

As the first planet was detected over thirty Hives stations surrounded the planet and started scanning for life forms. Immediately Life was detected almost ever where and at varying levels of technology. As the Borgets started beaming down upon the Manta’s planet they were greeted with confusion and panic and strange gibbon like life forms which held an above basic intelligence and had been a servant race to the Manta’s.

They were not a slave race but one of genuine employment, the Gibbon’s upon this world had evolved with the aid of the Manta’s technology, and gained a level of intelligence where they consciously sought to evolve even further wanting to better themselves. The Manta race had offered them employment and a wage plus accommodation, including knowledge in exchange for their assisting the Mantas in various positions within the domestic, engineering, service and military chain.

Those from within the military had been protecting the important facilities, and had reacted immediately to the new threat before them. They fought well and or a time put up a considerable resistance, but as always were vastly outnumbered. What the Borgets could not understand was every now and again their warriors would simply become beheaded by unseen weapons and even at times just vanish.

The greatest surprised came from the wild life, and they were like nothing the Borgets had ever come up against. Some of the birds were huge at over three metres in length and having a wing span of five metres, and their bodies were in long protruding blades with hooks so they could impair their victims and fly away to eat them.

Then there was a primitive version of the Manta’s only these were deadly and wild, having like the birds long protruding spikes which they used for both defence and to attack impaling their victims, before they ate them.

These wild Mantis type creatures stood at four metres high and were a formidable opponent as like the Manta cousin race, they had chameleon like abilities and could blend into the background unseen. Yet the most formidable opponent the Borget found themselves facing was not the huge wild creatures as dangerous as they were, but a small insect grasshopper bipedal looking creature, and an almost unseen enemy which devastated their armies.

These creatures were only centre metres high yet they were deadly and a formidable enemy to all life upon this planet who had not evolved to protect themselves against their deadly venom. They lived underground and like most ground dwelling creatures had evolved to cloak themselves from the Ariel threat of carnivorous’ bird life, like the specious below carrying a Borget head away.

The insectoid grasshopper looking species were in their trillions, and when attacking they swarmed a victim biting and dissecting it as they attacked. The Borgets had no defence and fell victim time after time, even when they tried shielding themselves the ground beneath the Borgets would open up and millions of insectoids would swarm upwards and attack their victims, dissecting them and destroying them in seconds.

No matter what the Borget tried they could not avoid these tiny life forms, and to the insectoids they had discovered a new food source and attacked relentlessly, the Borgets who tried beaming back aboard their hives only succeeded in taking millions of these tiny creatures back aboard their ships, and before they realised it those still aboard the thirty plus hive stations started falling victim to these creatures. Immediately they sent warnings to their queens as Hive after hive started to fall and the Borgets within were killed.

The queen although perturbed by this accepted it as an acceptable loss, as she had scanned the planet and discovered the technology been used by the life forms she came across, it interested her and she decided to wait and see if like all queens before her, that she could adapt and then colonise this planet and any others she came across.

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