The Dragon's Power

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The Day After

Dr. Panila busted into an office where Dr. Dogon was looking over an order for a gun. Dogon was startled by the abrupt entrance. Panila also interrupted his jolly tune. “Sorry Yusei,” Panila said apologetically. “Were you busy?”

Dr. Dogon sighed, standing up. “I was just looking at this order. I know we have the prototype built, but do you really think we can finish this?” He handed Panila the schematic. It was a weapon based off of Grun technology. An extra durable gun, with a slot for bullets. The added durability was for minimizing effects of fine wind control.

“We should have sent this to the Brazil branch for this order, but Dante insisted we build this,” Dogon frustratingly said. “We had to get all the parts from the Brazil branch, and it took so freakin’ long. But now, we’re busy dealing with an outside intruder…”

“About that,” Panila interrupted. He really didn’t want to hear about the gun. “We’ve figured out where the badge came from.” Dogon’s eyes lit up.

“Really?! Well let me know where!” Dogon put down the schematics and started whistling at the same time. Panila handed him a paper with all the available information. Dogon grabbed the paper, and started reading. The tune trailed off as his oriental face immediately went pale. Panila wasn’t sure, but it seemed as though Dogon had lost his calm, cool demeanor for a split second.

“We’ll need to let the higher ups know about this,” Dogon said as he put the paper onto his desk.

“I think we should hold off on that, Yusei,” Panila said, speaking up for the first time since becoming his assistant. “I’m sure the Pangea Group would have much more important things to talk about, rather than us talking about intruders. We should handle this problem ourselves.”

Dogon turned around and looked out his window. The sun was starting to rise, signifying the start of a new day. After a considerable amount of time, Dogon finally gave his answer.

“We will hold off on contacting Pangea about this. You’re right, though Panila. We need to handle this problem ourselves. If we do, Pangea academy might have its budget increased!” Our budget is already set for life, Panila thought to himself.

Dogon started to clean up his desk. “I’m tired so I’m going to get some sleep,” Dogon said with a yawn. “This was a helluva night. Lock up for me, will ya?”

Panila said he would while Dogon walked out. Panila glanced at the badge uneasily as Dogon peeked his head around the corner again.

“And don’t forget, Panila,” Dogon exclaimed, nearly killing Panila from fright. “Make sure he’s taken care of today, alright? We need him!”

“Right, Yusei,” Panila said quietly as he was left alone in the room.

Yusei woke up a couple hours later, feeling quiet refreshed. He only needed a nap, but it felt like he had slept for a whole day. Thanks to some new sleep tips he read in a book, he was able to implement them into his daily sleeping routine. Yusei laid in bed for a while before getting out of bed to start his morning ritual.

His morning ritual consisted with him actually falling out of his bed and onto the ground to start his exercises. They consisted of 500 push-ups, 500 sit ups and 500 body squats. After all of that was completed, he moved to the shower to wash himself off and clean himself up.

He descended his grandiose staircase onto the first floor landing area. He walked into the kitchen where a paper sat. It said:

“Hey dear! I tried waking you, but you were out like a rock. Hard night at work? ;) Anyway, there’s food in the fridge for ya. I already took our son to school and I went into work. Talk to you when you get home! Love, Sesa!”

Yusei opened the fridge and saw a plate wrapped in plastic. “TV On,” he said nonchalantly, as the TV turned on to a news report about last night’s events. The blonde haired reporter had just gotten done talking about how a severe lightning storm happening above Pangea Island had caused electrical fluctuations near USC (The University of Southern California) had caused the wifi signal and lights to flicker. “This was no ordinary, lightning storm,” she finished. “We’ve reached out to Pangea Academy for a comment at this time.” Just then, Yusei got a notification on his phone about an email from the same news station running the story. He promptly sent it to Pangea PR.

Yusei, whistling a jolly tune, walked out of his house and across the mansion’s gigantic lawn. He got into his 2015 Nissan 370z Nismo and started driving. When he got to the academy, he was greeted by a security guard.

“Good morning, Yusei,” the guard said, holding his hand out.

“Good morning, Bob,” Yusei replied, handing him identification papers.

“Heck of a night wasn’t it?”

“You know it. I was in the middle of all of it too!”

Bob expressed his surprise and looked over the papers until handing them back. Yusei thanked him and bid a good day. Yusei parked in the “Director” parking spot. When he walked into the hole in the wall, he was greeted by Dr. Panila who was overseeing the security force’s investigation.

“Yusei!” Panila walked over to him. “I’ve got a ton to tell you!” He left another scientist in charge and walked with Yusei. “Okay, first up: Niko came back a little bit after you left. She brought with her someone named Kyosuke Fukushū. She informed me that Kyosuke fought her while everyone else escaped.”

“At least we got one,” Dogon said. “Make sure he is stable. Knowing Niko and how much she wouldn’t listen to me, she probably beat him within an inch of his life.”

“Well, actually, she didn’t,” Panila commented. “She did beat him until he was unconscious though. While he does have a few broken bones, it seems she actually held herself back last night during their fight.”

“What?” Dogon stopped in his tracks. “Niko’s never done that before…could this mean she’s starting to control her rage?”

“I’m not sure,” Panila said sadly. “But what I do know is that she’s become much stronger. Those lightning strikes last night were pretty powerful.”

“I know,” Dogon said as they continued walking down the wall. “Apparently USC was also being affected by Niko’s power last night.”

“Wow,” Panila said, amazed. “She must really be starting to increase in power!” As much as that was a good thing, who knows if she would ever lose control of said power. Her rage is nothing to joke around with.

They continued walking until they came to the hospital wing. The doctors showed their IDs and continued walking until they came to a bed.

Dr. Dogon whispered something into the nurse’s ear, then waved away the nurse and grabbed a chair. He pulled it up to the side of the bed, and sat down.

“You’re Kyosuke, aren’t you,” Yusei questioned the young man.

“Who’s asking,” Kyosuke snapped.

“The highest ranking person at this academy,” Yusei calmly responded. Panila noted that this guy wasn’t big on manners.

“So let me guess: you guys are going to torture me, right? POW and shit?”

“I want you to know that - at the moment - you’re not in any danger,” Yusei started. “Right now, we are actively trying to nurse you back to full health. I can’t tell you what we’re wanting from you at the moment, but if you cooperate, I can assure you that you will be sent back to your respective academy without any scratches. So please, Kyosuke Fukushū, I ask for your cooperation!”

Kyosuke laughed loudly at the proposition.

“If I was going to help you, our sworn enemy, then I would be more gladly to kill myself! I will give you a full course meal of revenge instead you self-righteous Pangeans!!” With that, he turned away from Yusei’s view.

Yusei felt a pinch of anger surfacing. He immediately calmed himself.

“How dare you speak to Dr. Dogon like that,” Dr. Panila yelled, causing all the nurses and the patients to stare at him. “All we want is your cooperation and if you’re going to act like that, we will give you the POW treatment, you worthless worm!”

Dr. Panila’s words stung Kyosuke deep, but he kept his head turned away from them.

Dr. Dogon immediately quieted Dr. Panila.

Yusei said to Kyosuke, “I hope you will reconsider. I don’t know what we did to you, but please don’t allow blind rage to cloud your judgment.” They turned around and started walking out. Kyosuke turned his head to watch them walk out, and the door to shut fully.

He turned back around with a sigh.

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