The Dragon's Power

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Getting Geared Up

“Should we have treated him like that,” Dr. Panila asked Dr. Dogon as they walked to another room.

“Sure,” Dogon responded. “We’ve caused him to start questioning his own resolve. A man as young as him should definitely have a rock hard resolve, or you can cause the smallest criticism to start crumbling straight to the ground.”

“Oh…” Panila trailed off. He noted that for future reference.

They walked to the Lab 13 test room. They swiped their IDs across the scanner and swung the door open. Inside, a sweat-drenched Feron Baton had finished his preliminary tests.

They walked to the window that separated them and Feron from each other.

Panila brought Dogon a clipboard that showed his test results. It read:

Squat: 475 pounds

Bench: 320 pounds

Deadlift: 570 pounds

Mentality: Above Average

40 yard dash: 5.5 seconds

“They’re pretty good results,” Yusei said as Feron was walking out of the testing room.

“Thanks,” Feron said tiredly, as he was putting his shirt back on and drowning the rest of his gallon of water. “I did the best as I could.”

Yusei put his hand onto Feron’s shoulder. “All I ask for is your best, Feron. After last night, giving us results like these shows how much of a hard worker you are.”

Feron blushed at the compliment. He had heard how optimistic and supportive Dr. Dogon was, but to receive such a compliment from the head honcho himself, Feron couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. He would make sure the infusion on him would be successful.

Dr. Panila came up to Feron and told him, “It’s time for you to get ready for the test. We’ve designated a time frame of 2 hours for you to get some food in your stomach and get rehydrated. Otherwise, your body might not make it through the process. First, drink this.”

Panila handed Feron a whey protein shake. Feron took a gulp and touched the lid to his lips. He immediately downed the shake. When he handed the, now empty shaker bottle to Panila, Feron took his leave.

“Hard worker,” Panila commented to Dogon, who could only whistle a jolly tune.

A pod was brought in, which prompted Panila to tell them to hook up and get ready for the procedure.

Feron walked past a pod and saw it go inside Lab Room 13. He also saw a couple nurses, which he thought was odd, but shrugged it off.

He walked about half an hour across the grounds to the campus food court. He chose his favorite restaurant, Subway, and ordered a Veggie Delite sub. After paying for it, he looked around and saw a friend eating a burger. He decided to join her.

“What’s up,” Feron asked, startling Niko while she was eating her burger. Obviously, she still wasn’t in it. “How’re you holding up?”

Niko gave a weak smile. “I’m doing alright,” she lied.

“What’d you do after your mission last night,” Feron asked, being nosey.

“I just brought one back and handed him off to Dr. Panila. After that, I took a shower and went to bed. I was exhausted.” Niko took another bite of her sandwich and a swig of her water.

“Oh, nice,” Feron said. He felt that Niko didn’t feel like talking. So he decided to take the initiative. “I just got done taking my tests and I’m about to head back to the lab in about an hour to start the infusion process. I’m wondering if you would want to watch me go through the process.”

Niko thought about it. It would be pretty cool to see what this infusion process thing was all about. She also needed something to fill the time; she was never busy on Thursday.

After a considerable amount of awkward silence, Niko answered, “We’ll see.”

Feron made a mental note that that most likely meant no. “Well I hope you will,” he enthusiastically told her.

Feron and Niko both heard a blonde reporter reporting on the lightning strike that happened last night. Feron looked at Niko and asked her, “Was that strike caused by you?” Niko nodded. Feron smiled and started talking to Niko. This time she started to open up a bit more.

They talked and conversed for a while.

“Is the pod hooked up,” Dr. Dogon asked.

“Yes, Yusei,” Dr. Panila answered.

“Good, how is his mental status?

“He’s stable, sir,” a scientist answered.

"And his life force,” Dogon continually asked.

“Thanks to the nursing we did last night, his life force should be stable and returning,” the head nurse answered. Another scientist confirmed her notion.

“Good, great job everybody,” Dogon said, relieved and sat down. He cleared his brow of sweat. “Once Feron gets back, we’ll start the 25th procedure of infusing them with Dragon powers.”

Everyone started to making sure the procedure went off without a hitch. Dr. Dogon took a look at the schematic of the prototype gun, again. He started grinning and whistled a jolly tune.

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