The Dragon's Power

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Earth and Energy

Feron held his breath as the pod closed. They had hooked him up, put a device onto his head to monitor his vitals and also pierced his body with a couple needles. The head nurse had taken a couple of tests to make sure he was ready. Feron assured her he was.

He was lifted off into the air by the machine. He was ready. He was confident…well almost confident. The only thing he wasn’t confident about was the second pod to his left that was already lifted when he arrived. The pod was filled with fluid that caused a silhouette of someone to show through. He wasn’t sure who it was, but the figure looked familiar.

Why would they have another person in here during his test? He wasn’t able to figure out the question when his pod started making noise.

“Are you sure he’ll be okay with the injection method,” the head nurse asked.

“I’m sure it’ll be okay,” Dr. Dogon assured her. “They should be able to have an immediate effect to the injections rather than just inhaling it.”

“But Yusei,” Dr. Panila interjected. Dogon noted that Panila has been much more objective as of late. “It’s the first time we’re trying it!”

“Then,” Dogon started turning to the both of them, “Let’s hope this is a method we can stay with.”

The injection method they were using was a five-point injection system. They had one point connected to the nape of the neck, two points on each vein separating the bicep and forearm, and two points connected to each quadriceps. Dogon developed it to counteract the inhaling method that caused them to hallucinate. The radiation testing method was also declined because their powers could go out of control. The injection method could also cause their powers to go out of control, however was found to be the safest procedure. They were also experimenting with some of the most powerful dragons’ scales that had been discovered so even they could get stronger and cause their powers to go out of control. They were forcing their two subjects' U-Genes to forcibly activate via the injection method. Dogon could only hope that it worked.

“Are you all ready,” he asked everyone. Everyone replied positively, causing Dogon to yell, “Activate the procedure room!!”

As Feron’s pod pulled away, the small testing room expanded into a giant room. The scientists gawked as the room continued to expand. The weight lifting equipment disappeared into the floor replaced by a pure white tile. They couldn’t believe how giant the room was slowly expanding into. The tiles separated to show two dragonic scales that the two were hooked up to. The scale on the right that Feron was hooked up to was continually shedding into clumps on the ground. The other pod was hooked up to the yellow glowing scale that was found last week. They were cemented to the floor. The two pods were suspended well into the air.

“I can’t believe how big it is,” one scientist exclaimed, as the room slowly came to a stop to show a 60x60 room that was evenly split between the top and bottom by the window that allowed the personnel to see. There was a hole in the ceiling that showed the bright blue sky.

“After our previous room was destroyed by our previous subject’s aura, I decided to expand our infusion room to such a giant space,” Dogon recalled. “By doing this, we should be able to not worry about the power of our experiments. Also, if my hunch is correct, we’ll need this size to accommodate these two.”

Panila looked on silently, as Dogon finished his explanation. He was a little taken back by how big the room was expanded. It was almost certainly overkill, but Dogon had a blank check when it came to things that delivered results. Panila looked to Feron who was looking to the pod next to him. No doubt he’s wondering who is in there. You’ll know soon enough, Feron. Panila grabbed the double braced handle that would cause the start of the 25th experiment.

Before Dogon could tell everyone to start the experiment, he sensed someone at the door. He heard a knock at the door. He held his hand up that caused all the chatter to stop. He walked to the door, and waited. He heard another knock at the door. The room was deathly quiet as Dogon moved to open the door to a waiting Niko.

“Feron asked if I wanted to see the experiment,” she said to Yusei softly. Yusei was relieved as he closed his eyes and fully opened the door, extending the invitation to go inside. Niko walked inside and saw everyone looking at her. Some of the younger scientists started to blush as Niko resolved herself and walked up to the window.

She saw the four items in the room: The pod housing Feron, who looked at her and smiled, and the clumping scale on the floor. She was the glowing scale to his left, and…a mysterious pod with just a silhouette inside. She wondered who it was. She felt a sense of calming as she continued looking at the pod. There was only one person who caused her to be so calm.

Panila saw that tears were starting to form in the corners of Niko’s eyes.

“Let’s get started, everybody,” Dogon announced to everyone in the room. The countdown started.

10. Everyone was getting silent.

9. Panila’s hand started to get clammy as he gripped the handle.

8. A small grin appeared across Dogon’s face.

7. Niko clasped her hands across her mouth as she became weak in the knees.

6. Feron started to become worried at seeing Niko crying.

5. I’m not going to die, am I?

4. No! I WILL make sure I make it through!

3. The head nurse resolved to watch the whole thing through.

2. Dogon raised his hands to the sky.

1. An eye in the mysterious pod opened.

Feron’s pod started to glow a bright gray. The other pod started glowing a bright yellow. The mixing gray and yellow was overwhelming as everyone closed their eyes. Dogon put on some sunglasses to block the bright light.

When the glowing light died down, everyone opened their eyes to see some of the tiles being manipulated and sprouting out of the ground. It seemed the earth under the ground was being pulled around Feron. Small balls of a clay-like substance floated around his pod while a giant snake-like substance was curling and twisting itself around the room. His pod was slightly pulsating in the air. Feron, himself was screaming at the top of his lungs, with the whites of his eyes exposed. It also looked like part of his body was clumping together and falling off into the bottom of his pod.

From the other pod, it was expending pure energy. The scale on the ground was vibrating maniacally in tune with the pod. A massive snake-like column of energy was twisting around the pod and clashing with the earth column that was equally twisting itself around the room.

“Stay with it, everyone,” Dogon exclaimed to the staff. “We’ve almost got it!!”

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