The Dragon's Power

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Their World

Feron floated in black nothingness. He couldn’t feel or hear anything. Was he really dead? He pushed those thoughts out of his head. If he was dead, where was God? No time to worry about that now. He decided that he needed to see. Immediately, two suns, one bigger than the other illuminated the orange sky. He realized that he was floating in the sky and upon making this realization, start falling from said sky. Feron panicked as he was flying at a velocity and height that would surely kill him if he struck the ground.

I need to fly! I don’t want to die! Please. Let. Me. FLY!!!!

Immediately, he felt a sharp pain and pushing sensation from his back. He started sweating as he felt his back was going to rip apart. Suddenly, he let out a scream in pain as his back split open. The sensation of pain stopped, but he heard a flapping sound that wasn’t there before. When Feron opened his eyes, he saw a gray wing on the left and right sides of his body. He sprouted wings!!

Feron used to wings to keep him upright and fly through the sky. He grinned as he started flying through the sky. He was thrilled, but when he started flying one way, the area became black again. He saw that the suns illuminated the world he was in, but he must follow their path. He flew back into the path of the suns.

As he continued to fly, he saw someone else flying through the same sky. The individual, however, hadn’t sprouted wings. Was he flying using his own energy? Levitation? Is it even possible? Feron never heard of levitation being used to such proficiency. The individual looked at him, and smiled. Feron felt like he knew who he was. He waved, and the individual waved back. Before Feron could fly over to him, the individual disappeared into a sea of clouds. When the clouds had ended, Feron saw that he could see the ground clearly. What he saw, caused his mouth to widen.

Feron saw a huge domed temple carved into the earth below. When he flew through the opening in the roof, he landed on a platform that looked like a battle arena.

“Where am I,” Feron questioned himself as he walked down a massive hallway. He descended multiple stairs and walked down multiple hallways en route to what looked like a throne room. There were giant glass windows behind the throne which showed a yellow pillar of energy piercing the orange sky.

Feron walked up to the throne, which he saw was grossly over-sized compared to him. He examined the throne, which had a pure grey look to it. The stone throne also looked extremely weathered, and was falling apart. The support structure for the back, which was colossal in its own right, still had about half of itself standing. The seat also had various nicks in it. The throne was encrusted with various jewels, making almost a rainbow shining through the glass panes. After Feron wiped the dust away from a small area on the throne, he sat down on it. He made himself comfortable, and felt empowered.

The power he felt coursing through his veins lit up the entire room in a bright grey light. It seemed as though the orange sky had gotten a little bit brighter when he sat down.

“So,” a voice rang out across the room, disturbing the harmonic silence of the throne room. “You don’t even ask whose throne this is, before sitting down on it. What gives you such a right to sit down on that throne?!” The ferocity of the voice shook the room. Feron instantly became scared because he’s never heard such a voice before. As he tried to get up, the throne started to melt into a collection of earth and rock around him. Once it melted, it solidified itself, trapping him. He couldn’t move.

“You must think you’re an Elemental Dragon! Well, great Elemental, please, don’t let me stand in your way!”

Suddenly, he felt himself get hit from behind by what felt to be a tail of epic proportions. The melted throne shattered around him, and with such massive density and weight, the attack hurt him more than a usual kick that Luke usually hit him with. His entire being was smashed and he felt the wind knocked out of him. He tried to stand up, but realized that fragments of the throne were still stuck to him. He heard giant claws detaching themselves from the throne room ceiling.

The creature landed in front of Feron with a thunderous slam; the earth around it cracked and popped. It spun its gigantic tail around the room where the young human was trapped. Its gray eyes started to lighten up as Feron felt adrenaline course through his body. He thought of a way to escape his captor. Wait! Maybe if I use my wings! No use. His wings had melted off his back onto the ground. They were a part of the earth as well.

The huge creature picked him up and held him in his hand. The creature’s gray eyes pierced Feron. “So you want to have my power,” the creature roared. "You must be the one who's been given the genome for my Elemental power of Earth. But I wonder..." The creature started tightening its grip. The grip started to pop some bones that Feron never knew he had. He screamed in agony.

“Normally, humans or any other creature that visits my domain were killed in the first blow, or I see their innards explode out of their mouth, and eye sockets. However, since you haven't been killed by either of those basic attacks, I suppose I'll enter a contract with you and give you a small amount of my power since your body isn't accustomed to this state yet. I hope, Yusei Dogon knows what he’s doing by pairing us up!”

“How do you know about Dr. Dogon,” Feron started being cut off when the dragon looked him in the eyes. Feron almost got lost in the creature’s gray eyes, but realized he needed to complete this dragon's test by not dying. He locked eyes with the dragon, whose gray eyes were becoming more and more tinted with brown. As the dragon's eyes became full brown, Feron felt its grip suddenly loosen, releasing pressure on his body, and ultimately saving his life. The creature laughed as it pulled away from the stare.

“You’re worthy of my power, young Elemental,” the creature commented as Feron was put down, and was coughing out blood.

“But how…,” Feron started to ask, still on all fours before the mighty Earth Dragon.

“I’ll tell you,” the Earth Dragon responded as it started to mend Feron's semi-broken body, then it sat down in its completely remade, mint condition throne.

The two started to converse.

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