The Dragon's Power

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Pillar of Light

Multiple scientists were at work. Lab #13 was silent as Yusei Dogon stared into the infusing room. Both pods were steadily vibrating now. Niko had gotten control of herself and she now had puffy eyes. The head nurse had a tablet lit up with both subjects’ vitals. Dogon turned toward the nurse.

“How’re they looking, Beth?”

The nurse wiped some sweat from her face, before staring into the tablet. “Both subjects are looking okay,” she answered. “Feron’s vitals had spiked in the beginning, no doubt to the initial shock of their world. Now however, Feron is doing okay. They might actually synchronize right away.”

Dogon’s eyes lit up as he turned to her completely. “Synchronize?! This is unprecedented!! Niko’s the only been one other person that has ever synchronized this quickly! This, I’ve gotta see.” Dogon turned around and excitedly talked to himself for several moments until calming himself and turning toward the pod with a purposeful look on his face. “How about the other one, Beth?”

“Well,” the nurse started. “I don’t really know.” Niko turned her head slightly to look at the nurse. She wanted to hear this. “Take a look at this.” She handed Dogon the tablet. “As you can see, his vitals are fluctuating rapidly. It’s as if he is resisting the infusion. I don’t know why he’s resisting. It’s as if he wants to die.”

“I wonder why…,” Dogon commented as he surfed through information and scratched his growing facial hair. As the two were conversing about medical doodads, Niko turned her attention back to the pod. She was almost certain she knew who it was. Especially since she thought she felt a faint energy slowly getting stronger. It was familiar, and calming. But also, slightly dangerous.

A familiar voice in Niko’s head spoke.

You can feel it can’t you?

“Not now,” Niko whispered to herself, making sure not to catch everyone else's attention. “I must see what’s going to happen.”

I can show you, ya know?

“Wait,” Niko exclaimed silently to herself. “I don’t want to use my dragon power to see! I want to see this for myself as a human..”

But why? You have all the power you could ever want.

“I don’t want to use our dragonic powers all the time,” Niko answered.

I can accept that answer. Okay, then Niko. I’ll watch on my side then, and I'll protect them if anything happens.

“Thank you,” Niko said smiling, before realizing someone was quite close staring at her, with a curious smile.

“Conversing eh,” Yusei questioned, as Niko turned toward him, almost punching him in the face.

“You heard that?”

“Yep. I was the one who infused you and their power, after all.” Dogon pointed to his ears. “Plus, these cans can hear just about anything on the island.” He let out a light chuckle and turned his attention back to the infusing room.

“Everyone,” Dogon exclaimed. “Look at that!!” Everyone looked up from their screens and tablets to look at everything happening in the room. Feron’s pod started shining as light came through his eye sockets and mouth. The vibrations started picking up again as the harness holding the pod started to detach itself from the ceiling. The glass started to shake while the earth swirling around his pod started to drop to the ground. Feron let out a loud – albeit silent to everyone else – scream. His pod was filled with gray light and the pure gray energy shot upwards in to the hole in the ceiling and into the sky.

Two people were in one of the alleyways on the Port of Long Beach.

“No, don’t,” someone pleaded with a gun pointed toward them. “Please! I don’t want to go back!”

“Then,” the man with the gun answered, “You shouldn’t have escaped.” He pulled the trigger and put one right between the eyes. The pleader immediately disappeared into the bullet hole. He put his silver gun back into the holder on his white trench coat.

He pulled out his cellphone and used a number programmed on speed dial. A silent voice picked up on the other end.

“Let him know that the mission’s accomplished.” He hung up and turned his attention to the gray column of light shooting into the sky.

“Guess I should go see what all the commotion is about this time,” he said with his sky blue eyes before heading off to his car to get some sleep at his residence.

The light dissipated in the pod and everything became silent. Dogon got up off the ground, and helped other people to their feet as well.

“Well, is everyone okay,” Dogon asked. He got a confirmation from everyone in the room that they were fine. He let out a bad joke.

“We seem to have ran into an earthquake of some kind.” He let out a slight chuckle. He face immediately turned serious as he turned to Panila.

“Let him out.”

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