The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 14: The New Feron

Panila immediately pulled Feron’s pod’s lever moving him back into the room while the other pod was still suspended. When the door opened, gray smoke entered the room. Feron grabbed the edge of the pod and lifted himself out. Standing amongst the scientists, they realized that he was a little bulkier than he was when he went in. Feron looked from Yusei to Niko and back again. He examined his body, and clasped his hand.

“What do you think,” Yusei asked intently.

“I’m impressed,” Feron finally said after a little bit of examination. Yusei seemed relieved. He patted his hair and made a note to himself to cut his hair as it had somehow grown longer during the infusion process.

The nurse was looking at his vitals and everything to make sure he wouldn’t go out of control. “It seems so far,” she started, “That the infusion was a success. His resting heart rate is a steady 40 beats per minute. His blood pressure is normal. It seems that all other systems within him is excellent.” She handed Dogon the tablet.

“How do you feel, Feron,” Yusei asked.

Feron answered, “I feel excellent. I’m breathing much more clearly and my vision is as sharp as diamonds. This new, muscular body though; I’ll definitely have to get used to it. I’m excited to do the post operations tests to see how much stronger I’ve really become!”

“Good,” Yusei responded. “Beth, I’m going to take my leave now. It’s obvious our guest isn’t going to be completing his session too soon.” He started walking toward the door, but turned around before heading into the hallway. “Dr. Panila, please watch over him and let me know if anything happens.” Dr. Panila nodded. “Niko, Feron. Please follow me. I’d like to take some tests of Feron if that’s okay.”

The head nurse chimed in. “Don’t you think it’d be better if we allowed Feron to take it easy for a while? Let him get used to his new body first, before we allow him to have tests taken. The new muscle fibers in his body, must not be subjected to such rigorous tests moments after the completed tests.”

Dr. Dogon thought about it. “You’re right. Maybe if we just allowed Feron to walk around for a couple days, it’d be okay?” The nurse nodded her head.

“Well then,” Dr. Dogon started, “Let’s go for a walk. Feron, Niko, want to leave this place for a while?”

Feron complied, but Niko stayed silent. She was much too calm to be leaving the person in the pod. She was sure she knew who it was. Feron touched her shoulder. “Niko,” he said. “Would you like to come and walk with us?”

“No,” Niko responded simply. She turned to the two who were over by the door. “I’m going to stay here for a little while longer. Maybe if it starts getting late, I’ll come see you guys.

Feron shrugged and told her, “Suit yourself.”

Yusei and Feron headed out the door followed by a couple of researchers. Yusei told them he would need help, so some of them headed out with him. This left about six of the 20 researchers left in the room.

Yusei and Feron were walking down the hallway. Feron was falling a couple of paces behind Yusei.

“What’s wrong,” Yusei asked without his head.

“This new body is just a little stiff to walk in,” Feron answered.

It was true though. Feron was struggling to keep pace with Yusei even though Feron was much taller than Yusei. Every step was making Feron winded. He also felt like his feet were stuck in mud.

A couple hours passed, as Dr. Panila walked over to Niko, who was still glancing into the room. The sun was starting to dip behind the mountains.

“It’s sunset you know,” Dr. Panila pointed out.

“I know,” Niko responded.

“Some of us are getting hungry. Would you want to come eat with us? We might get some burgers or something.”

“I’ll come in a minute. I’ll give you a call.” Not once did Niko turn her head to talk to Dr. Panila.

“Alright. Well, we’ll go get ready,” Dr. Panila said taking his leave.

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