The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 15: A Calming Memory

The moon rose above the academy. Night had fallen. Scientists were filing in and out of Lab #13 for various reasons. The only constant however, was Niko Beser. She wouldn’t leave whoever it was that in the pod.

The pod had achieved a steady pulsating state. There was a slight judder every now and then. The bright light had been replaced with a dim energy that outlined the subject’s pod.

“Vitals are steady,” the head nurse said while an assistant nurse stood by. She had been in and out constantly over the last couple of hours. No doubt checking on the other patients, and in particular, one: Kyosuke. She was viewing a tablet with all the patients’ information on it. She also used the tablet to keep tabs on her own nurses at work. No doubt, she keeps all of that information to herself, Niko thought to herself. She wondered how the head nurse kept it all under control.

Niko was sitting on the floor eating a couple of burgers. Before he left for the night, Dr. Panila brought her 3 big burgers. “Thank you, Doctor,” Niko whispered to herself between her inhalations of food. During this time, Niko never moved an inch. She was absolutely sure she knew who it was. The person who walked with her past Oracle Lake. The person whom she loved.

For some reason, she just couldn’t believe that he had died. The calmness made her think so much more differently. Her eyes saw him die. Her heart believe he didn’t. Her brain was conflicted because it couldn’t handle the overflow of emotion. Niko tried to calm herself as she’d been doing the last couple times throughout the night.

She thought of a positive memory.

A seven-year-old Niko was in tears. She was being bullied because of the green tint in her hair. She had told the teachers, and they said they’d talk to them. They did, but the bullies pestered her even more after that.

“Green hair, green hair,” the four bullies continued to repeat as they pestered her. She begged them to stop as she was powerless. Niko pushed one of the bullies to the ground who stared at her in disbelief. He got up with a crazed look in his eyes.

He pushed Niko back. She went to the ground, hard. He got on top of her and started pulling at her hair. The tears were flowing as the other three bullies were starting to get worried about their friend’s aggression.

As Niko lost all hope of the bully stopping, he was punched. A black haired kid got up rubbing his first. “Ouch,” he exclaimed, rubbing his hand.

“That hurt!!! I always wanted to try a flying punch though.” He did indeed fly through the air and used his momentum to punch the bully who wouldn’t let up.

As he stood up, the three bullies converged on him. He fearlessly fought the bullies. He blocked one of the attacks, and countered with an uppercut. He blocked another attack, but the bully he uppercutted recovered and grabbed his foot, diverting his attention for a split second.

That split second was all they needed. They pounced on him and beat him to a pulp. The boy laid still as the bullies kicked him and punched him. As Niko once again thinking that all hope was lost, she started feeling incredibly calm. Niko stood, dead-eyed, and started rushing the bullies.

She tackled all four at the same time. This time, she stood up; full of courage, fearless, just like the boy who rushed all the bullies in her stead. As they fled, Niko turned to the boy. He wore a small smile.

As she got him up, he said something to her, “You fought back. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” she responded. “But why fight for me? Nobody has ever done that before.”

“Well,” the boy started answering. “I fought for you because everyone else who saw the fight continued walking. They left you. I couldn’t stand myself knowing that those guys would beat up on a helpless girl.”

“Helpless,” Niko said quietly, looking toward the ground. “You really think I’m helpless?”

The boy realized he made a mistake in his wording. “That’s not what I meant,” he tried correcting himself. “I’m just saying that you were outnumbered. Anyone would be beat up under those odds.”

“Like you,” she asked with a small smile appearing across her lips. He nodded.

“I should probably go and get this looked at,” he said rubbing the bruises that had started appearing all across his body. He asked about who he could take her to.

“Well, my current guardian is Dr. Yusei Dogon. I can go myself. I won’t let them beat me again,” she said with her eyes full of fire.

“Okay then. I’ll start heading out now then. Maybe we could hang out sometime!”

“Yeah!! I’ll see you later!” He nodded and turned around.

As he started to leave, Niko called out to him. “What’s your name?”

Turning over his left shoulder, he responded, “Luke. Luke Smith.”

Niko had found a center. Now, completely calm, she opened her eyes only to be shocked. Staring at her from inside the pod, two piercing yellow eyes had steadied themselves on her. She didn’t know when the eyes had opened. However, they were open now and it was the first time it happened since the tests started.

They stared at each other. After a while, Niko stood up and started walking toward the glass separating the two. She slowly put her hand on the glass. All of a sudden, the energy in the room spiked. It blew out the electronics in the room and the pod started to pulse more violently. The eyes revealed a mouth under them and a monstrous roar rung throughout the two rooms.

The roar caused Niko to hold her ears. She was also blown backward in the process. Niko was frightened as she looked at the pulsing pod.

She quickly ran out of the room.

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