The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 16: A New Arrival

The morning sounded with yells ringing out throughout the room. Scientists were hard at work charting progress. The room glowed with the rising sun in the background. Many earth columns were being erected and crushed almost instantly.

“Okay, stop,” a voice rang out throughout the room. Just then, a sphere of earth broke apart followed by heavy panting. A scientist whistling a jolly tune opened the door into the training room. He threw a towel and a bottle of water at the trainee.

“You’ve made a great deal of progress in three weeks, Feron.”

Feron agreed with him. Learning how to use his new power was difficult at first. One of the common problems was turning one of his limbs into earth. What would happen the day after the experiment is Feron’s whole body would become earth instead of just a limb. Also, using his power of manipulating earth would cause him to get tired out quickly.

Yusei pushed him hard, but he was also reasonable. He knew that pushing someone too hard would cause them to crack. On the other hand, not pushing them hard enough would slow progress.

“I see you haven’t cut your hair yet,” Yusei joked, breaking Feron’s flashback. It was true, Feron told the entirety of Lab #13 that he would cut his hair after coming out of the pod. Feron grabbed his hair.

“Yeah, I know I said I’d cut it,” he started. “However, I’m kinda digging the longer hair now. I think it fits with my more muscular build.” For training sessions, Feron had tried out different styles. He decided a simple ponytail with a couple bangs looked the best. This way, the hair would stay out of his face and he would be able to focus completely instead of continually moving the hair out of his eyesight.

Feron had one question though…

“Hey Doc,” Feron started to say. “I know that you’ve been training me to control my power for a couple weeks now. I think I’m making good progress, however, there’s something that has been on my mind for a while now and I can’t seem to get it out of my head.”

Feron stopped looking over the charts and glanced at him. “What’s up, Feron? I’ll answer anything you ask the best I can.”

There was a bit of silence as the sun started to rise into the sky. The room was basked in a red-orange light.

“I know that I wanted this power and I thank you for giving it to me. But…” Feron started to be silent while Yusei’s face held a slight smile. “What exactly am I going to do with this power to manipulate earth? What am I being trained to do?”

The smile stayed on Yusei’s face. His eyes, however, became extremely serious. His tune also ceased.

“I can’t explain it to you yet,” he skirted the question. This made Feron quite a bit agitated, as he’s been doing as he’s been told for a while now. He hasn’t ever asked questions about this power he’s been given, or the people who attacked the academy and ended up with his best friend’s death.

“What I can do, however,” Yusei responded with Feron glancing at him with a hopeful stare, “Is ask you to come to my headmaster office around 11 am.” Feron slightly opened his eyes at the news. What exactly does he want in the headmaster office? Feron agreed to meet him at the designated time and location.

“Good,” Yusei commented as he pulled out his phone. “For now, training is over.” Feron opposed his decision because he felt he could still keep going. Yusei rejected his opposition.

“It’s important for you to keep your strength up. Plus, I believe you’re ready for the next phase. For now Feron, just meet me in my office.” He put his phone up to his ear signifying the discussion to be over. Feron could only watch as the doctor walked out the door, phone in ear and tablet in hand.

Elsewhere on campus, a white haired man was getting out of a car. He fixed his vest and gave his farewell to the driver. The young man calmly walked throughout the campus as he got glances from many females on the campus. He heard gossiping from the females as people never left the school after the term was over.

“Look at him,” he heard one female say. “He’s freakin’ hot!”

“I’d let him attack me,” another one complimented with lustful eyes.

“Isn’t that an Exterminator,” another girl questioned. The man sighed. He always heard about how handsome he was. It wasn’t his fault he was born with the looks. He was also as young as them. He was only 24. However, he didn’t mind the compliments. Even in the city, he had women older than him complimenting him on his looks. It just meant that his job hadn’t injured him too seriously yet.

He glanced across campus and saw Oracle Lake. He made a mental note to go there later. He thought he had saw a green-haired woman standing over there. He couldn’t recall who it was. It had been a while since he had been on campus. He walked to the cafeteria.

As he was eating some food, someone walked up to him and sat down at his table. The mouths of the women who were staring dropped at who sat with him. He looked up from his plate. He looked back down. “Surprised to see you, Dr. Panila,” he said calmly.

“Likewise,” Dr. Panila retorted. “I’m assuming you took care of the extra assignments?”

“Yep,” he answered simply.

“Good man. You can answer to the Director later and give your report.”

“By the way,” he asked the Doc. “When I was taking care of one of the last Failed, I saw a beam of gray light. It lit up the entire sky and made it look like a volcano erupted. What exactly happened here a couple weeks back?”

“Well,” Dr. Panila said as the man took another bite, “We were able to install another one of the Elementals.” The man dropped his fork and immediately shot his gaze up.

“Another,” he asked, shocked. “Who is it this time?”

“I’m not at liberty to say,” Panila answered. “I’m only the head of the Exterminators Unit. I can’t go around saying stuff that Dr. Dogon wants to say himself.” The man shrugged and took his fork from a female who picked it up for him. He thanked her and wiped it off.

“However,” Panila said in a hushed voice. “I think this one is the real deal. He shows much more promise than others.”

The man calmed himself and quietly ate his food again. “I believe Dr. Dogon will let me know later?”


“Good, then I’ll be ready to meet whoever this person is.” The man finished his food and walked with Dr. Panila in stride.

The meeting was starting soon. He surely didn’t want to be late.

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