The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 17: The Exterminators

Feron made his way to Dr. Yusei’s office. His hair was currently down. He wasn’t training so there was no reason for him to keep it in a ponytail. He worked his way across the campus from the athletic dorms to his office. It was a calm day; no clouds in sight, a slight breeze passed through his hair.

It seemed that the campus was in a bit of an uproar this morning. Females gossiped about a “mysterious Exterminator” on campus. He passed by a couple of females talking about this “white haired guy in a long, white jacket.” Feron was confused as heck.

First of all, he hadn’t really paid attention during one of his first classes at the academy talking about the Exterminators. Just that as far as he knew, none were on campus for the majority of his time in the older classes. So an Exterminator showing up on campus now, was rare, and of course surprising. He wondered if the person being here was in any correlation with his meeting with Dr. Yusei that was fast approaching. He didn’t know anything, and it bugged him.

The campus was lively as ever as students walked the grounds in droves. He was having fun just walking across campus, but unlike some of the recent graduates that were roaming the grounds, he had an obligation to the work force of the academy and probably Pangea as a whole now. With his new power, he felt powerful, but he also felt that he didn’t know anything about what’s going on in the outside world. They were a couple hundred miles out from the sprawling, gleaming metropolis of Los Angeles. He wondered what was going on over there.

He was thinking a bit too hard as he almost walked into the doors of the headmaster’s building. He gawked at the inside. It was massive! He couldn’t believe that Pangea Group pumped so much money into the academy. There was vegetation inside the building. It was a literal hanging garden inside the building. Plastered on the walls were giant screen televisions that had pictures of the students and the headmaster.

As he slowly walked throughout the lobby, he was greeted by Dr. Panila. “Hello, Feron,” he said, holding a smile to the young man.

“How are you, Dr. Panila,” Feron responded.

“Good, thank you,” he responded. “The current headmaster is waiting for you. If you would follow me, it’d be greatly appreciated.”

Feron walked after him over a bridge inside the campus, to an elevator. On either sides of the elevator were massive waterfalls. He could only wonder how much electricity was pumping through this building.

Once inside the elevator, Panila used his tablet to whiz them up to the top floor. While in transit, Feron asked a question.

“How do you think my training has been coming along,” he asked Panila. Aside from Dr. Yusei, Panila was the second most person he saw throughout his three weeks of training. There must have been a reason for that.

“Well, in my professional opinion,” Panila started to answer. “I believe that there are always things that can be improved. Your fighting ability has improved tremendously and the control of your element has been improving throughout this time as well. It’s by no means, perfect. But, seeing as you’re the first person that has been through this new procedure and have shown no side effects yet, you’re an amazing person to be able to endure all this. In the future, I foresee great things in you, Feron.”

Feron was stunned. He was trying his absolute hardest; the training sessions and the running was hard on him. There was even a couple of times he thought he would literally die from the tough training from the two. But he was thankful he made it this far, and he was able to deduce what Dr. Panila was saying: You’re doing a good job. Keep it up.

“Wait,” Feron asked suddenly, “What do you mean by ‘side effects’?”

Dr. Panila stayed silent throughout the ride to the top floor, leaving Feron to think about what he meant. The elevator opened into a lobby right outside the headmaster’s office. He saw six security guards stationed outside the office and almost half a dozen more people standing around inside.

“You can head inside,” the secretary mentioned. The two thanked her and walked inside. All talks immediately seized as Dr. Panila spoke up.

“He’s here, Dr. Dogon,” Panila called to Dogon. Dogon thanked him as they walked up to the desk in the spacious office. It literally took up the entire floor. Books neatly stacked on the curved bookcase and a round table in the middle of the room. The room opened into a massive deck that overlooked the island that could see Los Angeles in the distance. Feron gawked.

“No need to be so surprised, Feron,” Yusei joked. This snapped Feron back to reality.

“It’s just…I’ve never seen an office such as this before.”

“It’s alright,” Yusei said. His smile turned into a stern expression. “You remember this morning when you asked me about what I have been training you for?” He glasses lit up. Feron nodded. “Well it’s because I wanted to make sure that you were the best qualified person for this job. The reason I’ve been training you so tough is because I want you to become a member of the Exterminators.”

“The…Exterminators,” Feron asked. “I don’t really remember what we were taught on them. Who exactly were they?”

“Ah…someone who also didn’t pay attention in school eh,” Yusei asked. Feron shrugged; the only other person who laughed was a middle-aged man in a uniform. The other two and Dr. Panila were quiet.

“Well,” he started, “The Exterminators were the first hunting group of the Pangean humans. The Exterminators were the most feared and respected among the tribesmen who battled the Dragons and Dinosaurs during Prehistoric Earth. During this time, there were about 10 humans throughout all of the tribesmen that were documented with killing over 100 dragons and dinosaurs. The other amazing quality of these men - other than their miraculous kill counts – were that they had feasted on dragon flesh at one point in their lives.

These men had literally taken in the mythological powers of the dragons and were able to have a controlled use over the elements. These elements were Earth, Air, Fire and Water, among others. The important thing to remember, is that before they knew it, one of their genes had mutated under the stress of taking in massive amounts of foreign DNA. This is known to us today, as the U-Gene. Another name that it is known as is the Universal Gene. This Universal Gene connects all of humanity to the cosmic universe. The only important thing is that only a certain amount of us have access to this U-Gene, as in, a certain percent of humanity currently has their U-Gene active.

So you, Feron, have the ability to manipulate Earth. The reason why we were training your Earth powers is because we want you to join us in protecting the peace as an Exterminator.”

Feron was almost lost during that explanation. A super powered human is what all that basically meant to him. “But wait,” Feron asked after registering that explanation. “Who exactly are we ‘protecting the peace’ from?”

“Good question. Dr. Panila, why don’t you answer this.”

Panila stepped forward and cleared his throat. All attention was on him now. “We are currently battling people known as The Failed. There are numerous Failed throughout the world, and we are currently working with other branches to have them returned to the place they belong: Agartha. Also…”

“Thank you, Panila. That’s enough for now,” Dogon interrupted, holding his hand up. Panila nodded his head and stepped back. He was clearly agitated being cut off.

“The Failed, eh,” Feron thought to himself out loud. All of this was new to him, but at least he was being let in on what was happening. The four elements as well. It was certainly a new explanation to him, but he had control of one of the elements! One that no one else had control of. He was being extended an invitation to the Exterminators. It sounded like a good gig, and the payment he sure wasn’t going to be bad either. After thinking about it for a while, he responded with, “I’ll do it.”

He was greeted with celebration from Yusei who was relieved to hear the news. “Here you go,” Yusei said after pressing a button on his desk. Coming out of the ground behind him, a white long coat came out of the ground on a pedestal. It bared the “One Spear” logo of the Exterminators. “This logo is untraceable. If it had the same logo as the Pangea Group that would be one thing, but thankfully, the Exterminators act outside of the Pangea Group’s rule,” Yusei continued as Feron looked over the coat. He put it on. The coat went down to right below his calves.

“This is a long coat,” Feron quipped.

“Thank you,” Yusei said proudly. “It’s designed with a tough but breathable fabric in mind. We made it so that being in a fashionable part of the world, it would be fashionable, but also hide any weapons that you would have. Last thing we need is police officers getting in your way. They’d blow your cover immediately and we would be negatively exposed to the world.”

Feron also picked up a couple of blue cards. “What do these do,” he questioned.

Dr. Panila answered before Dogon could. “Those are used to send Failed back to Agartha. It’s known as an inter-dimensional transport device.” Dogon thanked Panila, albeit a little annoyed.

Yusei continued with the explanation. “The person in charge of the Exterminators is Dr. Panila,” he said. “He will be the person who will give your assignments on who you will go after. It’s imperative that you listen to him. Also, the leader of the elementals will be this man.”

He pointed at the young, white haired man. He stepped forward. “My name is Dante,” he said in a slight Italian accent. His coat was clean as a whistle. He also stood with a very proper stance. It’s obvious this guy has been doing this for a while. His sky blue eyes were hardened as well. This guy was very serious with his job. Feron immediately labeled him a hard ass. “I’m your superior from this point forward. Your cooperation will be needed in our fight against the Failed.”

Feron silently nodded to him. “This,” Yusei said to Feron and pointing him to the man who laughed earlier, “Is Blake Chare. He’s currently leader of our Special Operations Squad here at Pangea Academy.” Blake immediately stood a step forward and held out his hand.

“Nice to meet you kid,” Blake said.

“Thanks, and likewise,” Feron responded. He shook Blake’s hand, but not before he felt a red hot sensation pass from Blake to him. Feron was puzzled, but decided to drop it. Next to him was a person clothed in a black and red coat. “I’m guessing you’re also a part of the spec ops squad,” Feron questioned.

“Yes,” the person snapped back. Feron was taken aback by their rude answer to his question. They were wearing head gear so Feron wasn’t able to tell who it was. Feron decided to assume it was a guy. Blake gave out a slight chuckle.

“Don’t mind them,” he said. “They just have a slight temper.”

“Noted,” Feron responded quickly. He was going to keep his distance from him for a while. Maybe they were just in a bad mood.

Feron was talking amongst the people, when someone else walked in.

“Niko,” Feron exclaimed seeing Niko walk in. She was a white coat.

She was a part of the Exterminators as well?! Feron had no idea. He wasn’t able to get her to talk to him over the last few weeks. Niko just seemed out of it. As if she had seen a ghost. It was certainly after she left Lab #13 when she wasn’t looking much better than before. Now, she looked absolutely horrible.

She motioned Yusei and Panila over to them. “Forgive us, everyone,” Yusei said as he got up and walked with Panila over to the door.

“So, uh…” Feron started. “Dante.”


“Where are you from?”

“Does it matter where I’m from? I’m a previous student of this academy. Same as you.”

“Oh, right right. Well, how long have you been doing this?”

“A couple years,” Dante answered.

“Wow, and you’ve already gotten such a reputation that females are still talking about you on campus?”

Dante sighed. “I guess so.”

“Well, congrats man.”

“Thanks…I guess.”

Feron could tell this was going nowhere fast. And the other one was pretty rude to him as well so he didn’t even want to try to talk to him either.

“Sorry, everyone,” Dr. Panila said walking back into the room. “We’ve gotta take care of some business. Can we finish this later?”

“Of course,” Blake said, getting up and silently motioning for everyone to do the same. “We’ll be leaving.”

“Awesome. See you all later. Oh and Feron,” Dr. Panila said turning around. “Good job, and welcome to the Exterminators.”

Feron proudly thanked him as he left. See, Luke? We could have been a great team within the Exterminators if you had only accepted the power, Dr. Yusei offered you earlier. Instead…you’re in the next life now. Well. I’ll make you proud, my friend.

“I’d like to see what my new teammate’s ability,” Dante said, as they left the office.

“Oh yeah,” Feron said confidently. “And how would you like to see my powers at work?”

Dante stared at him in the elevator.

“In a duel.”

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