The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 18: Dante vs Feron

Feron had accepted Dante’s request at a duel. This was going to be the first time he would be able to show how proficient he is at using his power of manipulating earth. He would be able to show it to his new superior no less.

They walked for a while with Blake and his subordinate before arriving at a training facility. The group completed all the preliminary work. Blake had the settings set at minimum so they would not have to compete under less than favorable conditions. This was a simple duel, not a training session.

Dante, with his hands in his pockets and Feron both positioned themselves at the starting markers. Blake explained the rules to the three. “This duel session is between Dante and Feron Baton. This duel will continue until someone is incapacitated, admits defeat, or cannot continue the duel. No killing blows, and no large scale attacks. Not that you two would be able to do that anyway, but still best to mention it. No low blows either. Fight like men. Any questions?” There were none. “Okay, then commence the duel!” Just then, the room turned into a sunset field set upon a cliff.

Might as well come swinging out the gate. Feron put his hands to the ground. The ground underneath Dante rocketed him into the sky. He then used his earth ability to rocket himself into the sky as well. Feron directed his column to collide with the one Dante was on. Right before it made contact, Dante jumped off and the two columns create a small collision in the air.

Feron was able to center himself on the ruins of the two columns and float about 30 feet in the air. Dante landed on the ground, hands still in pocket. “That was only kiddy stuff,” Feron muttered to himself. “Let’s see how he handles this!”

Feron dive-bombed right on Dante’s location, creating a small crater. Feron was momentarily stunned, but Dante remained unscathed. Feron immediately went for fisticuffs. He tried to deliver a right punch to Dante, who ducked underneath it. Feron went for a left hook; Dante evaded that one as well. Feron tried to deliver multiple punches, but they were ineffective against the ever-evading Dante.

Feron, who started to get agitated, put some distance between his adversary. He threw his hands into the ground again. This time he brought them forward in Dante’s direction. Earth Spikes had started to form and made their way toward Dante. Dante smiled, and stood his ground.

“I’ve got you,” Feron exclaimed with a smile on his face. The spikes closest to Dante were reduced to nothing but dust. Feron was shocked that his attacked was rendered useless before Dante.

Blake smiled. “This isn’t any ordinary opponent, Elemental,” he muttered to himself. His subordinate was keeping a very close eye on the battle. Blake himself was judging Feron and realized that Feron was being too reckless with his power. No subtlety, just attempting to take his opponent down with raw strength.

Feron closed the distance between him and Dante. This time, he didn’t lead with a punch; but with a left knee. Dante had to block with his right knee. He still didn’t take his hands out of his pockets though. After connecting with his right knee, Feron grabbed it. Feron spun a couple of times and let go, flinging Dante into the air. Dante was slightly caught off guard by the massive momentum and the sheer force he was thrown with.

Feron reached for the ground again, and pulling out a spike, threw it at Dante. Blake was shocked at Feron’s attempt to throw a sharp spike at Dante. He didn’t know why he did that, but he figured he shouldn’t be worried. Dante immediately dusted the spear. Before he knew it, more were thrown his way as well. Dante changed his momentum for each of the three spears, avoiding them all and falling back down to the ground.

Feron, now was getting annoyed at no matter what he did, he could not hit Dante. Was I given a power just to be powerless? This can’t be! He did feel like he was losing his power as Dante was proving to be a more and more difficult foe than he originally intended him to be. The crazy thing is, Dante hadn’t even taken his hands out of his pockets! How can a guy like that not have a hit on him, but also not fight back? What exactly was he waiting for?

“Why,” Feron asked through slightly heavier breathing. “Why aren’t you fighting back?!”

Feron threw his hands into the ground again, creating spikes. Dante, however was ready for them this time, and was readying to dust them again. Just then, the ground under Dante became soft, and he started sinking. This unbalanced Dante as the spikes were rapidly approaching. He decided to vault into the air, where Feron was waiting for him. Dante was able to avoid Feron’s double punch. However, while looking toward Feron’s direction and not in front of him, he collided with an earth column erected by Feron. The column liquefied and trapped Feron within its confines. It dropped to the ground and landed with a thud. It solidified.

Feron dropped to his knees once he hit the earth. Using such a combination at once before he was able to master it caused him to lose a lot of stamina. He was heavily sweating and gasping for breaths. “Nice combination,” a voice came from the round, solid ball holding Dante. Feron looked up while he was on all fours.

“I wasn’t expecting that. It looks like you tired yourself out. However,” Dante calmly said destroying his earthly prison, “You’re going to have to try much harder than that.” Feron was in disbelief. He exhausted himself on that last combo. He was completely defenseless.

Dante started walking toward Feron.

His counterattack started now.

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