The Dragon's Power

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The Director

A man in a white lab coat, walked down a hall. He was whistling a jolly tune and rubbed some sleep out of his eye. He continued down the straight hall for some time, occasionally catching a glimpse of Pangea Academy’s R&D courtyard. As he passed other colleagues, he was greeted with a salute and a “sir.” He always told them not to call him “sir,” since he was like them; just a researcher. They’d never listen, so he gave up trying and the annoying name stuck.

After reaching R&D lab #13, the scientist put his badge up to the scanner. A robotic voice welcomed the scientist. “Welcome to Pangea Academy R&D division, Lab #13. Yusei Dogon.” This prompted a Japanese male in his mid-30s to appear on the screen. His brown hair was back in a ponytail. His bright blue eyes showed in his picture. He was wearing rounded spectacles as well. The card had his height on it; it read 5’9. The scanner also announced his position for the world to hear, “Director of Dragon Research.”

Dr. Dogon opened the door and closed it just as fast. Inside, there was much activity going on. Other colleagues were busy taking samples, or watching YouTube videos of dragons, others were playing videogame consoles involving dragons. If there was any place that a person who loved dragons could go, it was Lab #13. Dr. Dogon made his rounds greeting every person in the room. When he reached the last person, who was his lab assistant, Dr. Dogon looked worn out. “You should stop greeting everyone in the morning. With all that caffeine in your system, you’re already crashing,” the assistant said with a chuckle and a handshake. Dogon sighed. “Come off it, Dr. Panila,” he said, returning the handshake. “You know if I don’t greet everyone, I can’t concentrate on my work.” Panila wondered if that was really the reason.

Later, after everyone arrived to lab #13, Dogon started the briefing. At the moment, the place looked like a proper laboratory. Dogon nodded to Panila and the lights dimmed. An overhead projector lit up the room. Dogon started, “As you all know, we are tasked with finding the dragons that disappeared from this earth approximately 100,000 years ago. Like the dinosaurs, the dragons were mysteriously wiped out.” Dogon slid the slide to show a map of the Earth. He pointed to a town in Nebraska. “A couple months ago, the USE received multiple reports of weird rock formations. After excavating the site, the USE was able to determine that the rock formations were, in fact, dragon scales left in tack. Bring it up, Dr. Panila.” Panila brought up a slightly glowing scale of a dragon. The scale looked like a kite shield, but he was able to hold it effortlessly. He set it on an easel. Dogon continued, “See these cracks here,” he questioned pointing to the only rough edge on the scale. “This shows that the scale was forcibly removed from the dragon. We can assume that the dragons were in conflict with another species. These scales are quite durable, so the fact that it was removed in such a manner, shows that the dragons were facing a much deadlier foe.” When Dogon touched the scale with his hand, he realized that the surface was moist. Withdrawing his hand with goo on it, he continued, “This liquid substance shows that the dragons had plasma within their system. If we somehow cultivate the substance, we could start to ‘regrow’ the dragon, in a sense.” This caused unsettling murmurs within the room. Dogon raised his hand, “Don’t worry, my job as director of this project is to ensure no one gets hurt unnecessarily. Any questions?”

After questions were completed and the team of 20 scientists was dismissed, Dogon took a seat in his corner office. He took a few deep breathes to calm himself. It’s been five years since he’d taken on the job of Director of Dragon Research. He was given samples by the Pangea Group, the corporation overseeing activity on Pangea Island. Results were quick at first, since he was able to modify numerous dragon DNA and inject them into subjects. Eventually, research stagnated and the team wasn’t making any progress. Pangea Group actually considered pulling the funding, even though Dogon was able to show them results. Now, he was back in the driver seat, the finding of this rare, glowing dragon scale opened possibilities that were secured just months before.

Dogon stood up and with a resolve to show that dragons existed, he left the office and out the door. He was whistling a jolly tune.

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