The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 19: No Chance

Blake glanced at the two. Feron had dropped to his knees and Dante had broken the bindings that Feron created. No doubt, with three weeks of training, Feron wouldn’t be able to hold his own with someone who had their powers for over a couple years. The crazy thing was that Dante wasn’t even attempting to use his power against Feron. In fact, he was using the bare minimum against Feron.

He looked into the expression Feron’s eyes were giving and realized that Feron hadn’t figured it out yet. His eyes were filled with anger, confusion, and defeat. Feron did create a powerful combo. With practice it will be a great asset, but using it so quickly in the fight left him completely defenseless to Dante’s counterattack.

Feron tried to catch his breath as Dante handlessly lifted him by his hair and smashed his knee into Feron’s face. A stunned Feron was thrown aside by Dante who kicked him in his side, causing Feron to cough up blood. Dante’s sky blue eyes looked into Feron’s steel gray ones. He saw someone who wasn’t going to give up. Weird, considering just a moment ago, they were filled with defeat.

No matter. Without using his hands, Dante lifted Feron into the sky and sent an attack toward him and ripped part of his clothes. Feron let out a scream as he was sliced in a couple places. He slammed into the ground. Hard. Again, without using his hands, Dante picked up a piece of dirt and threw it at Feron. It hit him in one of his cuts, causing him to wince in pain.

Feron attempted to get up and block himself against Dante’s attack, but it was no use. Not only was Dante using his knees and his boots, but it felt that he was also becoming faster. Feron was completely outclassed. Also, that attack earlier. Feron felt a sensation come over him as he was surrounded by the blast and was cut. He didn’t know what happened, but it can’t happen again.

Feron gulped a huge breath of air as Dante stood with one hand out of his pocket. He may lose this duel but he was going down swinging. He placed his hand on the ground for a quick second, picked himself up and started advancing toward Dante. Feron tried delivering a right hook, which Dante quickly avoided. While still in motion, Dante moved to deliver a hard punch to Feron.

He was blown back by the punch. A sluggish Feron centered himself and dashed toward Dante again. Feron ducked a punch from Dante. He planted his right foot into the ground and used the ground to deliver a sudden left knee to Dante’s stomach. The knee sent Dante into an upward lift, where Feron continued using the manipulated earth to smash his left elbow into Dante’s face. Feron, then grabbed his coat and threw him into the ground. Feron followed.

Emerging from the crater was Dante, rubbing his nose from the attack. Feron was panting heavily. He was able to use what little energy he had to muster another combination attack. He decided to move to a sitting position.

“I’m surprised,” Dante said suddenly. “I wanted to test your skills and see just how well your earth powers were progressing. To an untrained eye, when you put your hand onto the ground before attacking me the second time, you actually infused part of the ground with your hand to deliver stronger striking power. I dodged that quickly.

However, what I wasn’t expecting was the left knee. You infused part of the ground with your knee as a backup in case the punch didn’t work out. After that, you moved the earth gathered in your fist and transferred it to your elbow, where you smashed it into my face. That hurt, by the way,” Dante finished.

“Almost nothing gets past you does it,” Feron asked through gasped breaths. Dante shrugged. “Well then, how about we finish this then? I’ll defeat you!”

Dante removed both his hands and reached for the holsters fastened on his lower back. He revealed two silver pistols and held the barrels to the ground. A glare suddenly appeared on his face.

“Let’s end this,” he said as he positioned both pistols on Feron. Dante pulled the triggers on the pistols and shot two projectiles at him. Feron weakly avoided the two attacks, but not until two more came at him. They grazed his cheek and knee. Feron felt a hot sensation at the spots, but he thought that there should be some sort of metal penetrating him. There wasn’t.

Before Feron could register what happened, Dante appeared in front of him and opened his palm in front of him. Feron was momentarily shocked, but a moment was all Dante needed. He released an attack that ripped at Feron again.

“It’s over,” Dante said simply as Feron dropped to the ground like a rock.

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