The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 20: The Medical Wing

Feron groaned as he became conscious. He was lying in a bed and had an IV stuck into his arm. He also had bandages over the small cuts on his body. He was also surrounded by white curtains on three sides and a window was above the head end of his bed. One of the curtains opened.

“You were infused with power, and you’re already in the infirmary,” a nurse asked with a disbelieving look on her face. Feron recognized her as one of the nurses present during the experiment. She looked at his IV to make sure it was working properly then messed around with some more medical instruments.

Feron thought she was a good looking nurse; in fact, he thought all the nurses around here were good looking. It must be cute nurse day, he thought to himself. He took in a deep sigh as the nurse worked on him a little bit more. She bid farewell, and walked out. Replacing her was the head nurse.

“Mother of Mary, Feron,” she came in, clearly stressed. “You shouldn’t make another visit like this. Thankfully Dante brought you in with the other two, or you could have been much worse off. What exactly were you guys doing anyway?”

Ah, right. The duel. Feron realized that in order for the duel to end, you must be incapacitated or not able to continue. They also had the option to admit defeat. To hell with admitting defeat. But since he was here, he must have been incapacitated. Damn.

“Well,” the head nurse continued to beckon.

“We had a duel and I lost,” Feron finally said. The events replayed through his head. Dante was so much more powerful than him, but he fooled around with him. What exactly caused him to play out the duel longer than was needed? Feron made a note to make sure to train later.

“You must take it easy,” the head nurse commented, surprising Feron. “You’ve got that sparkle in your eye to go do something once you get cleared. Take a nap or just walk around. You’ve just been handed a great honor. Take it easy until you get your first assignment.”

“How do you—,“ Feron started until he was startled by a loud, obnoxious voice.

“NURSE! NURSE! I WANT MORE FOOD,” the voice sounded off, engulfing the entire room.

The nurse sighed. “I’ll be right back,” she said stressfully.

As she walked out, she started to close the curtain. Feron asked her if she could keep it open and she accepted. Feron was able to look into the nursing wing. He saw students that were sick, and some that had gotten injured doing various activities. One of the guards that was attacked was also being nursed. He had a dead look in his eyes.

Feron found someone who was scarfing down many plates of food. He wore a black shirt and black pants. He also had an empty holster. Feron knew who the obnoxious one of the bunch was. The guy didn’t even look hurt or anything. A couple bruises here and there, but nothing serious.

Then he saw…Dr. Panila? What was he doing here? He just walked in and talked to the head nurse. She exchanged looks between the two then called over a couple of her nurses. They got the Japanese man up and gave him an orange overcoat, signifying a prisoner. He turned his head toward Feron’s direction. They made eye contact; Feron couldn’t do anything but look away. Then Dr. Panila and the young man walked off. His leaving seemed to have made the staff much more relaxed. Feron wondered why.

The nurse came back, looking much more relieved.

“Bad patient, eh,” Feron jokingly asked.

“Some are just inpatient at times,” she answered.

“Who is he,” Feron questioned.

“I’m not at liberty to say. Patient confidentiality and all,” she answered.

“Right right,” Feron responded.

“Anyway, when can I leave?”

“I’m actually just looking over you for the last time, then I’ll let you go. Just make sure you don’t go and do anything crazy, alright?”

A little while later, Feron was released from the wing. The injuries weren’t major, just that he should go easy until the superficial cuts had healed. Not doing so could cause them to rip and become more serious.

Walking out onto the campus, Feron could only feel a sense of utter powerlessness. He was soundly defeated by Dante. In terms of raw power, Feron believed he had the upper hand due to his more muscular frame. In terms of speed, quickness and creativeness however – not to mention time – Dante had the upper hand. Perhaps with a little more training and seeing what sort of new abilities he can come up with will be more helpful than wallow in his defeat.

Elsewhere, in a boardroom, there was a roundtable conference going on.

“We haven’t been able to crack the data on the hard drive yet, sir,” a tired Tyro said.

“You guys have had a few weeks to work on this and you still haven’t cracked it,” an obviously irritated voice said.

“Perhaps there’s something we’re missing,” another voice asked. “Mr. Tyro. You guys said you were attacked by a woman wielding lightning, right?” Tyro nodded.

“Then,” a womanly voice chimed in. “Maybe her strong electric powers caused a bit of the drive to become corrupted.”

“In this case, the most crucial part,” Tyro spoke up. The woman nodded in response.

“We can’t afford to fall behind to Pangea Academy,” a heavy voice said. “Not if we want to restore the predators back to their rightful place as the rulers of this world.” Everyone fell silent. “For now, do your jobs everyone. Tyro, just push Haken a little bit more. I don’t doubt his ability to find the gem hidden in the rough. Get some sleep everyone.”

With that, the five people in the boardroom cut communications with each other and went their respective ways.

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