The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 23: The Briefing

“How do you like it,” Dr. Yusei asked.

Dante continued to stare until answering, “It’s a great gun. Very good craftsmanship. You’ve outdone yourself again.” Dante put the gun down, withdrawing his killing intent. Dr. Yusei gave a sigh of relief.

“This one was created from the Grun technology. The Brazil branch has a streamlined design. It’s created with a black polished metal, with a slot for bullet insertion, should you ever decide to use them. There’s also reinforcement on the inside of the gun, causing less recoil. Also, Brazil has graciously given us a prototype of their Charge tech.”

“Charge technology,” Dante asked. Dr. Yusei nodded.

“Charge technology is used to swell your element into your tool. This way, you’ll be able to release one high-powered shot rather than multiple shots of lesser power.”

“All that is good,” Feron butted in. “But what do you mean by ‘should you ever use them’?”

Yusei gave a nod to Blake.

“Dante doesn’t actually have to use bullets to fire a gun,” he said. “You two are Elementals, so with more training, you can bend your affinity any way you like.”

“Wait,” Feron said again. “So during our duel, I was able to manipulate the earth. You manipulated the air around you and were also able to shoot it short distances. So, you’re the Elemental of Air. A user of the wind?”

Dante dropped his gaze. Blake smiled to Yusei, who nodded toward Feron, signifying he was correct.

“I’ve given the gun a temporary name: ‘Yami.’”

Dante put his new gun into a third holster situated on the side of his left breast. “I created a new holster specifically for this baby,” he said in a slightly enthusiastic voice.

“Now that all that is over, let’s get down to business,” Yusei said right as Panila walked in. In his hand was a manila folder. He handed it to Dante.

“Our new assignment,” he said to Feron and Niko who stared at the folder.

“Precisely,” Yusei said. “What you guys will be doing is taking care of a couple Failed assignments that have come up recently. As per Dante’s report, Failed activity has increased in the City of Angels. We currently have no idea why this is, but it’s important that we get all them back to Agartha. Your first task is to report to the Los Angeles Protection Force. Answer to Commissioner Rayne. He’ll tell you what’s up. You’ll be leaving first thing in the morning. Any questions?” Everyone looked around. “Okay then. Dismissed.”

Feron and Niko walked out while Dante hung back. Blake walked toward Dante, and put his hand on Dante’s shoulder.

“I know we’ve just gotten done talking and you inspecting your new gun, but before you go, we have something we’d like you to do before you head out tomorrow morning. Bring him in.”

Dr. Panila brought in Kyosuke.

“I know you’re itching to test out Yami,” Dr. Panila said. “We’re authorizing the use of Kyosuke as your personal punching bag.” A glint of light flashed in Dante’s eyes.

“I do love testing out new tech,” he said, inspecting the gun again. After giving it some thought, he responded. “Okay, I’ll use him. It’ll be a good way to test out some new techniques as well.”

“Okay,” Blake said enthusiastically. “Let’s get him prepped for training purposes. Also, throw some dummies in there too.” Kyosuke was escorted out of the room by Panila and Blake’s assistant.

“One more thing,” Dante said to Blake and Dr. Yusei. “I request that no one come to the training room or that people watch on the cameras.” When the two men gave Dante weird looks, he responded with, “It helps me focus on my specific training, when people don’t watch me. A duel is different than training.”

“Okay, we understand,” Dr. Yusei responded. “We won’t watch your training session with Kyosuke.”

Dante bid thanks and took his leave.

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