The Dragon's Power

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Chapter 24: Loading Up

Feron was in his room, packing things up for his departure the next morning. He was excited but also nervous.

How would I do? How are The Failed? What do they even look like? Will I be able to spot one easily?

These questions and more were running rampant throughout his head. He always knew that simulations were different than actual combat. Most times, nothing went according to plan on the battlefield and it sometimes turned into people scrambling around with their heads off.

He heard from class (and through the tortuous weeks of training) that The Exterminators were trained very hard. With his new earthly powers, the training was still just as rigorous as the United America Marines training.

He heard a knock on his door. When he opened the door, Niko was standing on the other side. He noticed that she had a duffle bag slung over her shoulder.

“Are those your clothes for the City of Angels,” Feron asked.

Niko nodded. “You’re dang right they are. I don’t know how long we’re going to stay, but since we’re so close to home, I’m just packing what I need. How about you?”

Feron got done packing his suitcase. “Well, everyday clothes, and also gym clothes.” Niko had a blank stare. Feron picked up on it. “It’s not that bad. It’s mostly everyday clothes.” He zipped up his travel case.

After a full night’s rest, Feron was walking toward the hangar where the small jet sat. Dante, Niko, Dr. Panila, Blake & his assistant and also Dr. Yusei were in the hangar mostly standing around. Yusei was talking to the jet crew off in a corner.

“Ah, Feron,” Dr. Panila said, breaking apart from the group. “You were almost late. Let’s get that loaded up real quick.” A crewman came over to get Feron’s travel case.

“Yeah, I overslept this morning,” Feron said with a sigh. “My excitement and nervousness was keeping me up late.”

“Ah,” Dr. Panila chuckled. “It’s alright. Everyone’s first time is different. Yusei actually was late on his first expedition all those years ago.”

Yusei’s left ear tingled. “I heard that you were talking about me,” he said to Dr. Panila walking up to the group.

“Yep,” Dr. Panila retorted. “I was telling him about how you were late on your first expedition.”

“Oh, you most certainly know it,” Yusei exclaimed proudly. “It’s only natural that a scientist is fashionably late!!” Yusei started to whistle a jolly tune from being put in such a good mood. Both men sighed.

“Okay, guys. Time to start preparations to depart,” Dante yelled out amongst the group, already inside the helicopter. The crewmen started final preparations. Dante stepped out of the helicopter.

“I thought you weren’t going to make it,” Dante joked.

“Well, I did oversleep, so there’s always that possibility,” Feron said scratching his head.

“Well, get in and buckle up. We’ll be leaving within the next few minutes.”

Feron headed in where Niko was already strapped in. Dante however, was making his way over to Dr. Yusei and Panila. Blake and his assistant joined the three.

“How’s your little pet project coming,” Dante asked. His question caught Yusei off-guard momentarily.

“It’s coming along just fine, actually,” Yusei answered quickly. “Any time now, he should be coming out of that pod.”

Dante glanced toward the jet. “How do you think they’ll handle him returning?”

Yusei answered, “It’ll be a bit of a shock to them. Those two have been through so much in the last month. They’ve grieved, and Niko just about lost control of her massive power. When he inevitably makes his reappearance, please make sure they’re under control.”

Dante gave a slight bow, and headed for the jet. A crewman closed the door and slapped it, signifying that it was closed. The jet started to pull out of the hangar and onto the runway. Feron, Niko and Dante glanced one last time at the four standing off of the runway until they were whisked up into the air and through the sky.

Elsewhere, a pulsing dot showed up on a map of the United States.

“Sir,” an assistant was screaming. “You need to see this! They’re moving again!”

“Great,” the commander said. “We know where they’re going next. It’s your turn, Tyro.”

“Yes sir,” Tyro said as he gave a salute. A, now blindfolded Haken followed Tyro as they left.

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