The Dragon's Power

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The 99th Graduating Class

I feel weightless. I try to move my limbs, but when I do, they feel frozen. Are my eyes closed? I can’t tell; this place must be pitch black. I try to move upright, but it’s weird. I can’t find the ground, I feel so disoriented right now; it’s frustrating. While I’ve started gaining the ability move, I realized this is a dream-like state. I’m dreaming! This epiphany causes the black space to start creating matter. Grass, trees, water, sky. It’s a breathtaking view. The giant cliffs with water falling makes the view the best. I start to feel the air around me get thinner. The sky darkens. I turn around to two giant yellow eyes staring at me. A deafening roar fills my head as a mouth appears below the eyes. I feel it grab me with one of its hands while a ringing gets louder and louder in my head. I close my eyes as my body gets crushed.

His brown eyes open in a fright; with his breathing coarse and his body extremely cold. He wipes the sweat from his olive skin using his left forearm. He continually feels a ringing in his head, but realizes that it’s his alarm clock. He moves to shut it off and gets out of bed. The man tidies himself up, today was a big day after all. The culmination of all his years of work is finally going to pay off. He put on his cap and gown. Today, he was graduating Pangea Academy.

He made his way to the cliff side where the academy graduation ceremony was taking place. “Yo! Luke,” someone exclaimed wrapping their arm around his neck. Luke responded, “Feron, how’s it hanging brother?” Feron unwrapped his arm and stood up straight. Feron Baton was about 6’0, 2 inches shorter than Luke. He was much bulkier than the already-athletic Luke Smith. He had brown hair with blue eyes. He was also wearing the white cap and gown given to all graduates. Him and Luke gave each other a high five and started talking toward the collection of would-be graduates.

“Have you made up your mind about what you’re going to do after graduation,” Feron questioned. “I was thinking about working for Pangea. Then, find a cute scientist, settle down; you know, the works.” Luke had a questioning look on his face.

“I actually don’t,” Luke concluded. “I know that you can either work either for the Pangea group or you can be a regular civilian. However, if you take the civilian route, you can’t divulge any of the academy’s secrets, unless you stay on the island. Is that right? Feron nodded his head in agreement, “You’ve got that right, man. However, the island has temporary placement for people who don’t know. We’ve only got 6 months to figure it out though. With that in mind, I think I’m going to take my time in figuring out what I want, but I’m leaning more toward civilian life.”

Feron and Luke continued talking until someone caught Luke’s eye. Luke immediately blushed, which caused Feron to look in Luke’s direction. He grinned and shouted, “Hey Nikoooo!” Niko saw the two, and made her way to them, smiling. Niko Beser was the girl with the mysterious past. She has no family currently to speak of. Rumors are that her family was killed in an invasion of Pangea Island the day after she was born. She already made the plan to join the Pangea Group – more like she didn’t have a choice in the matter. Her U-Gene is particularly powerful. She has high compatibility with most of the alien technology that Pangea Academy researches.

She walked up to Luke and Feron. “How are you two doing,” she asked. Feron answered before Luke could muster up enough strength to say anything. “We’re doing great! Just waiting until the graduation ceremony starts. How about you? Have you prepared your speech,” he asked back. Niko nodded and looked at Luke. She always wore a calm and collected face; today, she blushed just a little bit. The conversation continued until parents and supporters were escorted into the hall. The graduates were asked to move to the academy’s student union, where outsiders were barred from entering. They were shown a slideshow of all the happenings from when they were young, all the way until their senior year at the academy. Many smiles and chuckles were exchanged. Some people were also crying.

Afterwards, the ceremony happened. The highest ranking officer took the podium. “Hello, everyone. My name is Yusei Dogon, Director of Dragon Research. Today, we honor the students of the 99th graduating class of Pangea Academy. Let’s have a round of applause for these great men and women.” This prompted the audience to let out an array of applause. Some graduates blushed, some looked around. Luke just looked forward. His parents weren’t here, so there was no reason for him to look around trying to find them. After the applause died down, Yusei continued, “I haven’t seen such a great batch of kids. Due to the helpfulness of everyone, we’ve been able to continue our research at an accelerated pace. Thank you graduates! Now, for the valedictorian, please welcome to the podium: Niko Beser!” Niko’s brown hair was gorgeous in the sunlight. Luke saw that her hair seemed to have a green tint to it, and Niko’s green eyes shown just as beautifully as her hair. She took the podium and begun her speech.

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