The Dragon's Power

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A Night to Remember

After the graduation was over, people were socializing. Luke was standing near the side of the cliff. He was wondering what he should do. Follow in his parent’s footsteps and work for the Pangea Group, or should he become a regular civilian? Either path would be great. But the civilian route would be best. He heard someone walk up behind him.

“Hey, you’re Luke Smith, right?” Luke turned his head.

“Who’s asking,” Luke asked. Once he saw who it was, he immediately bowed his head. “I’m sorry, sir! I didn’t know it was you,” he exclaimed.

Yusei sighed and said, “You don’t have to say ‘sir.’ Just call me Yusei.” He gently straightened Luke. “I’ve got a proposal for you. Would you please come with me?” The Director started walking away from the cliff. Luke sighed and decided to follow him.

After walking for a while, Luke and Yusei made it to Lab #13. After pressing his badge to the scanner, he opened the door and beckoned for Luke to come in. When Luke walked in, he saw Feron sitting at a desk. “Yo, Luke,” he said, examining a dragon’s scale. “I got asked to come here as well.”

Luke took his cap off and unzipped his gown. “So we’re here now,” Luke said. “As much as it’s an honor being asked by the Director of the academy for a proposal, I can’t help but think it’s not something good. You’re even the Director of Dragon Research. So tell me, why did you ask me,” Luke glanced at his friend, “Or rather – us - here?”

Yusei took a seat at his desk. Luke walked over and sat as well. “Well - the reason why I’m asking you two here, is to become subjects in my latest experiment.”

“Oh, you want us to become guinea pigs for your experiment,” Feron mockingly asked. “You want us to help you out with your dragon research, and possibly take over some of their powers. Is that it?”

Yusei sat up straight. “If you’ve thought that far ahead, that makes this easy. Yes – I want to fuse you two with some dragon scales we found,” Yusei looked at Feron. “Your U-Gene has the 4th highest compatibility in the grade when it comes to dragons.” Yusei glanced at Luke and mentioned that he had the fifth. Luke’s eyes raised at the news. He hadn’t realized his U-Gene was that powerful compared to dragon technology. “I would like to run tests on you pre-operation and post-operation, just to see the improvements that happened from the fusing. I’m sure you two can become something I like to call: Dragonoids. You would have the look of a human, but the power of a dragon. Of course though,” Yusei’s face turned to a serious expression, “There might be some unexplained side effects.” He stood up, “I’d recommend that you two accept the invitation, and become agents of Pangea. But at the same time, the choice is up to you. I would like for you to gain the power of a dragon.”

Luke was outside, walking back to his dorm hall. He wasn’t sure what he should do. He didn’t accept the invitation; rather, he opted to think on it. Feron accepted after thinking about it for a while. I may have thought about it for a while, but why not? Power is power! That’s what Feron said. Work for Pangea? It was a good way to live. He had heard that Pangea workers get paid handsomely, but he wasn’t sure if it was right for him. His parents worked for Pangea, sure, but he didn’t know what they did and he never saw them for months at a time. They were extremely busy with work.

While Luke was deep in thought, he didn’t realize he was walking next to someone. “Hey, Luke,” Niko said. The girl of Luke’s dreams was right in front of him and he didn’t even know it!

“O-oh, uh..hey, Niko,” Luke managed to stammer off like a complete idiot. Niko laughed.

“Where did you and Feron go after the graduation? Feron mentioned being sent to someone’s office and I saw you walk away with Director Dogon. Was it important,” she questioned. Luke felt that it was best not to tell her.

“He had a question for me, and I answered to the best of my ability,” he answered.

“What was it,” she asked, becoming more curious. Luke decided to turn the tables, before she became nosier.

“What are you doing up this late? I’d think the valedictorian of the school would be in bed sleeping.”

Niko blushed. “I like to walk around late at night like this. It’s really calming. The quietness of the halls and the bugs making their sounds. I really enjoy the night.” After saying that, the clouds dispersed and let the moon shine bright. The moon shown on Niko’s brown but greenly-tinted hair. She was so beautiful! So beautiful that Luke had to look away. Niko looked in his direction, slightly confused. It was as if Niko didn’t know her own beauty.

Luke and Niko walked for a while longer. They passed by Oracle Lake. Niko stopped by the lake. Luke stared at her and saw that her eyes were distant; it was as if she was looking into a different time period. Niko closed her eyes, and started to inhale the lake air. Suddenly, the air picked up and the calm water started to crash against the shore. As she continued inhaling, she started to arch her back. Luke’s eyes widened. He thought he saw a faint outline of outstretched wings on her back. Luke continued to stare as she exhaled. Luke was speechless as Niko continued to walk in silence. For some reason, Luke felt that being with Niko like this was just right.

The alarms started to blare around the academy. Luke and Niko looked toward the academy, and started running away from the peaceful lake.

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