The Dragon's Power

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Tyro and the Assault Squad

The siren got louder as Luke and Niko ran for the academy. They could hear the students panicking. The pair ran up to the front steps and swung the doors open. The main hall was empty; it was untouched by the altercation that had just happened upon them.

“It seems like whoever the intruders were, they didn’t enter here,” Niko said. Luke only had to agree with her. “The academy is big enough that the intruders could have entered from anywhere. But where,” Luke trailed off. They took off for the stairs, because the elevators were locked down during an emergency.

“We’ve got to make sure our classmates are safe,” Luke panted. The last time he saw Feron was at Director Dogon’s office. That was over in the R&D branch. Feron however, talked about going back to the dorms. The seniors of Pangea Academy stayed on the fifth floor. Luke and Niko were currently on the second. They had to make sure their friend was safe.

While running on the stairs between the third and fourth floor, the stairs suddenly lost their stability. Niko started to scream as they fell. Luke, thinking quickly, grabbed Niko’s wrist. With all the power he could muster, he stomped his foot into the falling staircase, spun, and used the momentum to throw Niko up to the fourth floor landing. She fell just short and instead of landing on a stable area, she was hanging on the edge where the stairs collapsed. Once throwing Niko, Luke immediately lunged from the falling stairs to the third floor where he landed with a hard thud.

Once regaining his breath, he glanced up toward the fourth floor where Niko was able to pull herself up. “Find Feron,” Luke exclaimed, getting up while dusting himself off. “I’ll meet up with you guys on the fifth floor!” Niko ran up the stairs and disappeared. Luke saw a security camera staring intently at him. He shook it off, took a deep breath and started running down the third floor corridor.

The security guard started coming to. His vision was blurry and he couldn’t remember much of what happened. What he did know was that an assault squad came in and attacked him and his partner. All I wanted was some coffee, and now I’m tied up? This’ll go over well with the boss, he thought to himself.

Four people clad in black assault gear worked seamlessly. They had already put their USB into the drive and were downloading the files to access the security cameras, and documents. One was hacking, one was watching the guards, one was watching the cameras and the other one was manning the door.

“Look at all these scared kids,” the camera watcher said, glancing at the various cameras. “It’s as if they never thought they’d have to go through a drill before.”

“Just shows how the spoiled the Pangea Academy students are,” the guard watcher said.

“They make me sick. Stupid pitiful Treasured Pangeans,” the one door watcher commented.

“Shut up, all of you,” exclaimed the hacker annoyingly, who was wearing an over-sized blindfold. They only had a small window to do what they need to do and get out immediately.

“Hey – Tyro,” said the camera watcher. “Come take a look at this. There’s someone running down this floor.” Tyro walked over to see an olive skinned man running down the corridor. He had to be just as old as him, if not a little bit younger. His afro was waving in the wind as well. Tyro took a notice at his running form, and deduced that he was probably starting to get winded. Tyro looked away.

“He is probably heading for us. There is nothing much of interest on this floor other than this room. The plan remains unchanged. We will continue to hack into their security cameras so ‘they’ can have a look into the place. Once accomplished, we will head out. We will have to take down anyone in our way, lethal or otherwise.” Everyone responded affirmatively.

“We’ve already got hostages,” the guard watcher said staring at the awake guard. “You look absolutely terrified. We won’t kill you unless we feel like the need to do so. Hopefully it won't come to that.” He pulled out his silenced pistol and continued, “Hurting you on the other hand, is something we can do." He put his pistol onto the guard’s kneecap. The guard was sweating profusely and swearing in his head. Quietly laughing to himself, he pulled the trigger. All that was heard was a clicking of the trigger throughout the entire room.

“I won’t hurt you, though,” he said putting the gun away, with a new bullet hole in the ground. “You’ve been a good, cooperative hostage and there’s no reason for you to get hurt.” Tyro walked up to him and warned him not to do that again.

The hacker rushed to put his things away. He threw Tyro the USB drive containing the encryption. “That went off without a hitch,” he said. “Now it’s time to get out of here.” Just as he said that, the door blew in. Tyro and his squad were stunned. “I should have knocked on wood just then,” the hacker sadly added.

Emerging from the rubble, someone said, “Hello, guys.” Tyro and his squad framed themselves before this man.

Nobody is going to stop our mission!

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