The Dragon's Power

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Luke vs Tyro

Tyro stared down the afro haired student. “Who are you,” he questioned, not breaking eye contact. The Pangea Academy graduate simply answered, “Luke.” Tyro’s squad was silent as they were stunned that there was finally an obstacle in their plans. Tyro pocketed the USB drive.

The guard-watcher cocked the silent pistol and pointed it at the guard. “If you let us go, I won’t kill him.”

Luke, with a menacing voice said, “Give me the USB you put into your pocket and walk out of here. Do that, and I will not pursue you or hurt you.”

The hacker responded, “No can do. We’re under direct orders to bring this back and we will do so by any means necessary. There’s nothing you or the other students or faculty can do.” Tyro shrugged, looking at the guard-watcher.

“Kyosuke. Do it,” he said as he nodded his head. Kyosuke, with a death stare in his eyes, pulled the trigger and put a bullet in between the guard’s eyes, killing him instantly.

"It sucks," Kyosuke said. "The guard was being really cooperated too!" He burst out in snide laughter.

Luke felt his blood boil and lunged at Kyosuke. Kyosuke took a step forward and turned to point his gun at Luke. With his excellent agility, Luke proved too fast for the maturing Japanese teenager. He grabbed Kyosuke’s wrist, twisted and squeezed, causing him to drop the pistol. Luke pulled Kyosuke toward him, and without hesitation, did a spinning heel kick to the side of Kyosuke’s head. Kyosuke was slammed through the wall with the velocity of the kick; so hard that it seemed like his head was kicked clean off his head.

Tyro’s squad didn’t know what happened until they saw the hole in the wall. They were speechless. Tyro took out the USB drive out of his pocket and handed it to the blindfolded Hakem.

“Everyone,” a calm Tyro said, “Get out of here. I’ll hold him here.” Tyro shot them a menacing look as they tried to protest. “I’ve got him. That USB is more important than all of us,” he concluded. Luke tried to use his agility to get past Tyro and to the hacker, known as Hakem. However, Tyro stepped in front of him.

Luke’s eyes widened as Tyro stepped in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. The other two grabbed an unconscious Kyosuke and started moving toward the exit. “They aren’t getting away, you sonuvabitch,” Luke threatened. Tyro replied, “Try it.” Both men got into a fighting stance.

Luke tried to lunge past Tyro, and would have been successful if Tyro didn’t grab the collar of the graduation gown Luke was still wearing. Forcibly pulling on Luke’s gown caused the back and shoulder area to rip. This caused Luke to get much angrier than before. Luke pivoted and connected with a right hook. The hook shocked Tyro momentarily, but he immediately countered with a left knee. There was so much power behind the knee that Luke got knocked off his feet and slammed a hole into the wall. Luke immediately felt pain, but brushed it off and ripped himself out of the wall. He fell to the ground. As Luke caught his breath, Tyro picked up Luke by the neck. They stood about the same height, 6’2, but Tyro picked Luke completely off the ground. Tyro started to tighten his grip around Luke’s neck. Luke started panicking, until he put most of his energy into his knee on a last ditch effort. It connected, and Tyro let go of him. Once on the ground, Luke gave him the ol’ one two. Luke gave Tyro multiple successive hooks and ended it with an uppercut. Tyro was knocked out from the uppercut.

Luke caught his breath from the exchange he just gave Tyro, then ran out of the room. As he was running toward the door the infiltrators exited, he immediately felt a sting in his side. He grabbed his side, pulled back his tattered gown and white shirt and saw that a piece of metal had pierced his side. He realized it was when he was slammed into the wall and hastily got himself out of the hole.

As the blood started to pour, Luke slowed to a limp. He limped toward the exit, determined to get the people that intruded on his precious academy.

“Hey,” he yelled as he neared the exit. The assault squad minus Tyro of course were readying to get ready to go. “Y’all better not leave, because I’m going to take you all down!” Right as Luke finished, he felt himself get pierced by one sharp objects.

They felt almost like spears that pierced his back. He suddenly felt multiple spear-like objects penetrate his back. Luke felt his body give out, and fell to his knees, with Tyro walking up behind him.

“I didn't want to use my bone spears, if I didn't have to,” he said as Luke’s vision got blurry. He held up a finger to his ear. “The commander says that we can leave,” he told his squad mates. “Let’s get out of here.” As Tyro turned to leave, Luke, using all of his remaining energy, once again, lunged at Tyro and ripped off a piece of his fabric. Tyro, agitated, turned and kicked Luke in the head, causing Luke to fall onto his back, cleanly piercing his body. Luke spit up blood and Tyro, holding his side as well, walked toward his group. They limped off into the night, barely escaping.

As Luke lay on the ground, spitting up and losing blood with his vision becoming more and more blurry, he faintly heard someone calling his name. A couple people calling his name actually. A male and a female to be exact. He saw green hair and brown hair. Luke felt himself being picked up, before he felt completely at peace and closed his eyes.

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