The Dragon's Power

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A Different Perspective

Niko panted as she advanced up the stairs to the fifth floor. Luke just told her to find Feron, and they parted ways. When she got to the top of the stairs, she glanced back to the bottom where she didn’t see Luke. She decided to move on herself since Luke was already running on the third floor.

She didn’t encounter any resistance as she was running toward the men’s quarters. When she made it to the door, she knocked on it. The door cracked open, “Who is it?”

“It’s Niko,” Niko answered. “Is Feron in there?”

The door closed. Niko looked around, trying to make sure that nobody was going to attack her. She still didn’t know why the alarms were blaring, but making sure Feron was okay was the first thing to do.

The door opened fully this time. Out walked Feron wearing a steel grey shirt and black cargo pants. “Sorry about that,” he said rubbing the back on his head. “The other male students are a little on edge.”

“Anyone would be right now,” Niko commented. “I’m happy that you’re alright though, Feron.” She gave a friendly hug to Feron, who returned it. “So I’m about to head back to Luke so we can figure out what to do next.”

“I’m coming with you,” Feron said. When Niko tried to protest, Feron countered her with, “We need to stay together during this time. The male students are going to be okay, so I can accompany you to see Luke.” When Niko started to pout, Feron finished, “I know you like him, but you’ll get your time to be with him.” Niko immediately blushed.

While Niko started showing her girly side, and insisted that she didn’t, Feron continued to laugh and tease her about it. Suddenly, they were shaken by an explosion caused downstairs. Feron and Niko looked down the hall.

“That must have come from the third floor,” Feron said as they started to walk. “Knowing Luke and how he likes to make explosions despite his calm demeanor that had to be him. We should move and figure out what happened there.” He started to sprint at top speed, which caused Niko to run after him.

Feron couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen. He didn’t know who was involved, but since Luke was most likely involved in the explosion that happened moments ago, it most likely was going to be involving him. This uneasiness caused him to start a bounding running motion at top speed. He needed to get there as quickly as possible.

When they ran to the staircase, they saw that the stairs from the fourth to fifth floor was crumbled on the ground.

“We’ll need to jump,” Niko said as she readied herself for a running start. Feron noted that the two flights of stairs, save for the landing area on the floors were all out. Not only would they need to jump from the fifth to the fourth, but also to the third if they were to catch up to Luke.

“Well,” Feron said, backing up, “We only get one chance at this. You ready?”

Niko nodded as they began running. They worked up to top speed. Niko and Feron leaped from the fifth floor. So weightless Niko thought to herself.

They landed on the fourth floor and they dashed immediately to the third floor, where they landed with a thud. Niko landed effortlessly while Feron lost his footing and landed on his face…hard.

Feron dusted himself getting up. “Hard landing,” he muttered to himself, massaging his chin. He looked at Niko who had a shocked expression on her face.

“Niko…,” Feron’s voice trailed off as he made his way over to her.

“Luke’s energy is fading. We must get to him,” she exclaimed, setting off at a sprint down the third floor corridor. Feron followed after her.

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