The Dragon's Power

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Niko's Wrath

Niko screamed Luke’s name several times as Luke’s face became discolored. Niko became silent as Luke succumbed to his blood loss. Feron knelt by Niko’s side.

“I can’t believe they were able to kill him,” Feron said, his voice cracking. “If only we had made it in time!” Feron stood up and started pacing back and forth, frustrated. He was fighting back to hold back tears. He grabbed the sides of his head and started to throw a mini-tantrum.

Feron heard a jolly tune being whistled down the hallway. “Calm down, my boy,” Dr. Dogon said calmly, with Dr. Panila a few paces behind him. “The last thing we need to have happen is for you to be losing control of yourself.” He put his hand on Feron’s shoulder. Yusei could feel the tightness in Feron’s muscles. When Yusei tightened his grip, Feron turned around and dug his face into the smaller man’s shoulder.

“There, there,” Yusei said, consoling the recent graduate. He knew that Feron and Luke were the best of friends. They were inseparable. Losing his best friend like this would be hard on anyone. But perhaps…wind started to pick up inside of the academy.

“I will kill them,” Niko exclaimed. “I will catch them and kill them slowly. They deserve a slow death.” Niko stood up, clenching her fist to the point of breaking skin and drawing blood. The lights started to flicker as Niko took one step after another toward the hole in the wall leading outside. Niko’s green tint started to become more pronounced as her hair tips started spiking on end.

Yusei beckoned her to stop before heading out. She stopped, but continued staring at the door. A now, calmer Feron was kneeling at Luke’s side feeling the bony spikes that he had been pierced with. “He fell on these spikes, Doc,” Feron said, examining the spikes. His voice was still cracking a little bit. “He was initially stabbed, but then fell back, causing the spikes to impale him completely. It’s unfortunate but this is the way he died.” Feron looked up and stared at Yusei, who had a very serious expression on his face.

Dr. Panila noticed something in Luke’s hand. “Dr. Dogon,” Dr. Panila called over, pulling something out of Luke’s hand. “Take a look at this.” Panila handed Yusei the badge. “What do you think this is?” Yusei and Dr. Panila, along with Feron, examined the badge.

“A skull with two unconnected spikes at the apex. This badge seems familiar. Not the badge itself, but the bones.” Dr. Panila looked at Yusei as he was explaining everything to Feron. Yusei knew what he was talking about, but he was going to have the badge tested in the morning just to be safe.

“So Doc,” Feron said after Yusei was done explaining his thoughts. “What do we do now?”

“Simple,” Yusei started to answer, and glanced at Niko, “We capture them.” Niko had a crazy look in her eye right now.

“Yes, Doctor,” Niko hissed. “We kill them!”

“No,” retorted Yusei. “We capture them, alive!”

“No,” Niko retorted back. “We kill each and every one of them!”

“Niko,” Yusei said, raising his voice. He forcibly grabbed Niko’s shoulder and blocked her sight from the door.

“Don’t allow Luke’s death to cloud your judgment! If we don’t take at least one of them alive, we’ll never find out their motive for attacking Pangea Academy! Now, I’m ordering you to take at least one of them alive, Niko! Do you understand me?!” Niko stared a hole right through him.


Feron and Dr. Panila uncomfortably stared at the two. Niko took a deep breath.

“Yes, Dr. Dogon,” Niko finally answered after a tense stare down between the two. “I understand. Per your orders, I will not under any circumstance, kill the attackers. I will simply capture them and bring back as many as I possibly can. Can I please leave with the assignment you’ve given me?”

Yusei calmed himself and nodded. He turned around as Niko smiled at the doctor’s back. “I’ll be back,” she said as she walked to the hole. She glanced behind herself one more time before dashing off into the night sky.

“Should I go too,” Feron questioned. Yusei immediately refused his suggestion.

“Niko works best on her own.”

“That couldn’t have been more screwed up,” Kyosuke frustratingly vented. The assault squad was walking through the forest on their way to the boat that leads off Pangea Island and back into Los Angeles. He had been venting like this ever since they had left the academy.

“We have the data,” Tyro said, confidently. He still had a slight limp from almost being overpowered by Luke. “It’s a win for us. Unfortunately, two people had to die tonight, but if I didn’t kill one of them, our mission wouldn’t have been successful.”

“Those damn Pangeans. If only we had a chance to take them on and been ordered not to kill them by the head honcho, we would have won this fight,” Kyosuke vented again.

“Come on, Kyosuke,” the hacker of the group moaned. “We’re past the hacking and the fighting. We can’t change it, so we must move toward the future.”

“Oh, shut your mouth, Haken,” Kyosuke replied. “You don’t even fight, you’re just a computer geek!”

“I may just be a computer geek, but I could take you if the situation called for it,” Haken joked with his blindfold flapping in the wind.

“Shut it, you two,” Tyro commanded. “Do all the bickering you want once we get off this island!”

As the bickering died down, the wind started to pick up. Tyro immediately noted that it was weird, especially since the full moon is out and he could see the stars.

“Who turned on the wind,” Haken said as the squad tried to continue walking despite the wind turning into gusts.

She continued flying at a break neck speed. She almost found them. She won’t let them escape her sight. She grunted in frustration, and scanned the area one last time.

She finally found them.

The squad couldn’t hear each other as they continued to call out. They couldn’t even move anymore since the gusts of wind got so strong. The ground was starting to crack and break apart. Tyro noticed that the clouds were creating a funnel right above them. Suddenly, someone blasted through the clouds and were making a direct course for Tyro and his squad.

The figure slowed their descent to the ground. Tyro saw hair flapping in the wind, and a womanly figure. As she descended, Tyro noticed that she turned her body so that she was coming in feet first, as opposed to head first. She hovered a couple feet above the ground in front of the bewildered squad.

“I will kill you,” Niko said as lightning clashed in the sky.

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