The Dragon's Power

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The Promise

Tyro and his squad were speechless against the reveal of a much more powerful female enemy. He barely beat the other guy in the academy, but he felt that this one was more dangerous. I need to buy time for my squad to escape. Maybe, if I try to fight her, I’ll be able to join my village.

Niko stared at Tyro as he walked forward and stood in front of his squad. “I’ll battle her,” he said very convincingly. “You all get out of here and make sure the data makes it back. The boss needs this more than anything, otherwise we won’t be able to move forward with our plans.”

Haken and Kyosuke glanced at each other. They realized he would get mauled if he tried fighting now.

Tyro readied himself for battle again. He composed himself and started thinking about her weak points.

Niko continued to hover above the ground; a death glare clearly in her eyes. Don’t kill. Capture. We need them alive. Niko stopped her rage from overtaking her, and started analyzing the group instead. The guy in the front had blood on him and bruises. The one to his right had one bruise on the side of his face. She couldn't see the eyes on the one to the left. These guys were clearly tired and it wouldn’t take much to beat them. The other two were fine. However, the ones on his left and right were glancing at each other. They turned toward Niko and started walking forward.

“Tag out!”

Tyro felt a slap on his shoulder as Kyosuke stepped in front of him. He simultaneously felt a tug on his vest. He turned to see Haken nodding to go back with him.

Tyro turned to Kyosuke. “What are you doing, Kyosuke,” Tyro questioned. Kyosuke remained silent as the wind started to die down.

After a period of silence, Kyosuke answered, “I’m going to buy you time to get out of here, Tyro.” When Tyro tried to change his mind, Kyosuke stopped him. “As you are right now,” he started saying, “You won’t last very long against her. Look, I know want revenge for what happened to your village, but basic suicide is not the way to go.” Kyosuke started chuckling a little as he continued, “The way you are now, you don’t have much energy left. The battle with the other guy was just as tough on you. As much as you have a death wish, please promise me that you won’t just go and die on me, alright? If you do, I’ll never forgive you. Live on, Tyro. Please. For your village, live on.”

Tyro looked on. It was true. He had wanted to die since he lost his entire village. He held a revenge for the organization that destroyed his village. Rumor was that…

“Tyro, let’s get out of here,” Haken said, snapping Tyro from his thoughts. “Let’s leave Kyosuke to deal with her. We need to get back.”

Tyro agreed and started to turn around. He took a couple steps then stopped, “Promise me you won’t die here.” Kyosuke pulled out two guns and took the silencers off. “Oh yeah, I can’t die here. I have my own revenge to dish out. And it starts with her.” Tyro thanked his comrade for staying behind to fend for them.

Tyro and Hakem started to run away.

“Now that the pleasantries are over,” Niko started, “Are you ready to fight?”

Kyosuke answered, “You know, if I were to die, I’d probably be glad it was from a hot babe like you.” Normally Niko would have blushed, but Luke is the one who usually complemented her. This was not the time to be blushing.

“You’re a wise-ass aren’t you?” Kyosuke smirked in response. “Well unfortunately, I’m not in a joking mood. I will defeat you,” Niko said menacingly.

Kyosuke feigned fear and commented, “You have me scared in my boots!!”

This seemed to only anger Niko more as the wind started to pick up. Kyosuke readied himself for battle. In all reality, he was scared shitless. He’s never been trained for an enemy with Niko’s power. It also seemed as if her power was almost supernatural.

Niko and Kyosuke screamed as they dashed at each other, causing a flash of lightning to course through the skies above.

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