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A New World - Book One

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willow finds herself involved in off world trade and discovering vast wealth from acquired technology, only there is a cost, her humanity, vampires... . Their problem was three engineers had arrived with the new employees to work on some equipment which required upgrading. Only they had seen what happened and were now quivering in utter fear and panic wondering if this was a nightmare. Willow had the men locked comfortably in one of the empty storage rooms after ensuring there was furniture and food and water included and buckets for toilet needs. Andrew and Willow walked into the room with one other employee, someone the three men had known. “Gentlemen, I am truly sorry you had to witness that incident, you see we have a slight problem, unknown to us at the time of creating the supplement we had all taken, it had…, well let’s just say unexpected side effects, of which you can see we now are.” They looked scared and confused, and all three could read the men’s minds, and each one was saying to themselves VAMPIRES, bloody fricking vampires. Willow smiled, “Yes you are correct, only it’s wonderful and I am giving you each a choice, join us or die.” ............

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

A New World.


An off-world mining community had lived happily for some years providing highly mobile groups to mine non-inhabited worlds including asteroids and selling the minerals to planet earth.

It all started when Willow Simpson had become widowed, her husband had been the second largest Rapeseed producer in the united Kingdom, and had gone to bed one night turned over and died from a heart attack.

Willow was an astute business person and after inheriting the estate and been the beneficiary of the life insurance, Willow Simpson sells her crop to an unknown source, an alien trader and receives what to the aliens is waste technology.

But to earth it was highly advanced technology, and some two hundred years ahead of our present development, and extremely valuable. Years later and after becoming the wealthiest woman in the world, her mining company discovers an organic sample while mining an asteroid. It was believed to have once been a section of an extinct and exploded world. Possibly itself from colliding with a huge moon size asteroid and killing all life on the planet.

The organic sample proves to contain XDNA and organic vials are grown and injected into animals for testing, thinking it could contain the answers to improving life on earth as previous samples and test subjects had shown vastly improved immune systems. Unknown to Willow her empire was about to recreate a devastating life form which was to one day invade earth and create copies of itself by infecting others. Due to the vastly successful field trials Willow offered a twenty thousand pound bonus for the next ten years if her minors would undergo systematic health supplements to enhance their strength and immune systems so they could produce greater quantities of mined minerals.

Only after two years their bodies started to transform and another life form emerges, vampires.

Willow although already comfortable financially in her own right, Willow had also been left with a two point four million life insurance, and she had been considering selling up the farm and moving on, until one evening just before 22 hundred hours, she heard a strange noise and opened her door to see who was on her land.

What she saw even now and after all these years later, Willow still finds it difficult to understand why it happened to her, as an alien craft was hovering silently above her fields, and a bipedal human looking alien had teleported next to her front door and had been talking in an unknown language with an unseen companion.

As soon as it saw her looking, Willow had spoken,

“Excuse me but are you part of the military or something else?” It was only then she realised his eyes were cat like and his skin was almost sky blue and orange. The alien life form replied with a grin, and evidently having communicated with humans before.

“Something else” it replied, “We are from the world Cobalt, and are free standing traders looking for organic material to supplement our diet due to our dying sun.”

Willow blink, unsure if this was a dream, but replied anyway. “Dying…, when will it die?” He smiled again, “Oh not for approximately Five thousand Hundred million of your earth years, however it is in the early stages and already certain food crops will no longer grow due to a change in the light and radiation.”

Willow was startled, “So why are you here,” she inquired.

The alien turned and pointed towards her fields, “It is this strange crop you grow; we took samples last year and discovered it is palatable and favoured for its rich oils and flavour.”

He paused looking back at Willow, “We have come to offer trade for your crop, and to set up a contracted supply.” Willow blink, and was shocked at the words she had just heard,

“What…, what do you have to offer” she said, as she had wondered how strange this was and especially now that her husband was deceased, and as she knew it was almost too late to harvest the crop.

The alien handed her a selection of strange looking instruments, “Technology” he said, and then proceeded to demonstrate one of the items which he, well at least Willow thought the alien was a male.

“This is a mining cutter” he replied, and suddenly a ten by eight solid piece of iron sheeting materialised next to him, He switched on the hand held device no larger than a small hand torch, and a laser of blue light approximately an eighth of an old earth inch in length started to glow. He held the heavy sheet of metal and demonstrated by altering the focal length of the beam of light and splicing ultra-thin ten by eight sheets away, and until he had eighteen exact altar thin sheets of metal from the one-inch thick sheet of metal.

Willow realised this alone would make her a fortune, however the alien then demonstrated a medical hand scanner, and a variety of other material including computer chips. Willow inquired, “How much stock do you propose to offer me, as these few items are nowhere near as much as I would need, that crop is valuable.”

The alien looked at her, “Oh no you misunderstand me I have eleven tons of each items, which we are offering as trade. Willow had not realised but to the alien worlds where these items originated from, were just scrap, and due to be recycled, however the alien had purchased a quantity and decided to see if he could trade with it off world.

Willow struggled to keep calm, her mind had given up trying to calculate the sheer volume and value of this stock to her world. “Could you stack them in my barn,” she asked, and is it possible to include one of those transportation devices which you used to leave your ship.”

The alien thought, “No sorry not this time, but I could include an old shuttle which I am about to exchange.” He had also purchased three shuttles which he was going to trade in another planetary system. “Show me” replied Willow, and before her eyes a craft the size of her harvester appeared from the side of the huge space ship above her fields and was remotely piloted down next to her barn.

Willow grinned and decided to go for gold, “Oh it’s far too small, no I don’t think you are making a worthwhile deal.” The alien was shocked as he had invested time and money in preparing this deal, yet he knew he had two more shuttles, “I could reluctantly include only one more shuttle, and if you refuse I will go to another grower of this crop.

Willow knew her husband had been the second largest grower in the United Kingdom, and that all other crops were already harvested and sold by now, her harvesting had been delayed due to the death of her husband. She had honestly thought the crop was going to be left unharvested this year.

“Go ahead try and find more crop it was all harvested over seven days ago and will by now be in the processors.” The alien had already discovered the other crops were no longer in the fields, and he was desperate to make this journey pay for his fuel, wages and make a vast profit.

He quickly calculated the cost of the other two shuttles and realised he still could make over five hundred percent profit per ton of harvested rape seed. Willows land held just over fifteen thousand acres and her husband usually harvested approximately twenty tons per growing season. The alien had done the math and agreed if she contracted to supply the next five years crops, at prices to be negotiated per year, then he would give the other two space shuttles, and instructions on how to operate and fly on auto pilot.

Willow agreed and signed a contract by giving a sample of her blood and a DNA sample, and the alien did the same. She was stunned to see the other two shuttles were larger by over two thirds than the first, and could not believe her eyes when entering the barn, there neatly stacked on hover pallets and keeping them off the ground, was the stock she had just acquired, the alien left the hover pallets and the controls to use them. As she walked outside the barn the alien had already departed and as she looked around in startled silence the entire crop had vanished, as had the huge craft which had silently hovered over her farm.

Willows brother Gerry was an engineer and a scientist and she called him asking him to visit her, fortunately the shuttles were parked neatly on the opposite side of the barn away from her home, as they would not have fitted between her home and the barns, so they remained out of sight.

Willow greeted her brother and asked him to examine just the hand scanner, not telling him where it came from. “Gerry could you help me, a business partner has come up with this and I need your expert opinion”.

He was stunned, never before had he seen such highly advanced technology, and its construction was so light, yet its power source was evidently not from this world. As he could not see a battery or how it held its power.

Gerry had switched it on and pointed it towards the farm house, instantly it saw through solid walls and mapped the entire downstairs structure, and when he raised it towards the upper floors, it did the same thing. As he turned and faced his sister, the equipment started examining her, and then gave a highly detailed read out, describing her health. After recovering from the shock, and returning the item to Willow, they talked,

“Simon, I want you to approach the CEO of your company and invite him to visit me.”

Willow looked at her brother, “I will offer you fifty percent of whatever we can sell this single item for,” he blinked as he realised it was priceless and could change medical science, and even possibly have law enforcement and military applications.

Six days later after giving his CEO a phone video demonstration, the managing director of the largest company in the UK arrived with a team of scientists and engineers, to see if these claims were true.

Willow had since examined the shuttles and discovered several hand weapons in each, which she assumed had been for the crew. She had pointed one at her husband’s old harvester and pulled what looked like a trigger, in the blink of an eye a blinding flash had made a two foot hole straight through the harvester from front to back and included her husband’s old tractor parked behind. Now she sat having hidden the gun besides her while startled and unbelieving scientist marvelled at the piece of equipment, of which one of them had been holding.

They had wanted to try and take the unit away for further tests and had tried ignoring Willows protests until she pulled out the weapon and demonstrated it, by then she had learnt to set the unit on its minimum setting.

“Gentlemen if you take that away I will be forced to defend myself”, she stated and they turned to see a strange looking weapon in her hand, she turned and faced the refrigerator and made a hole the size of a duck egg through it.

It was silent and within less than a third of a second it had travelled through the door and left a perfect circled. They were stunned and respectfully handed the item back into her care.

“Do you think me stupid”, Willow said, “The moment you leave here with that, I would never see it again and you would become trillionaire’s almost overnight”.

They knew she was correct as the potential usages from this one single item held vast promises of incredible applications and wealth. J. R. Hughes, the owner and CEO of the Hughes Empire looked at Willow and spoke.

“Mrs Simpson thank you for showing this item to us, as an act of good faith if I give you Five Million as a holding deposit, and leave the said item with you, will you give me three days to bring some possible investors to look at this item.”

Willow agreed after three attaché cases were handed to her with Five million in cash, and a signed statement it was a deposit for the one item she had shown him.

Three days later Mr Hughes kept his word, and others returned with him to her farm, he had acquired possible investors and they required a demonstration before they invested their money.

“How did you obtain this” enquired one of the startled investors. “It’s perfectly legal, and I have eleven tons worth of those items alones”. They all laughed refusing to believe her, so she led them outside into one of her smaller crop storage units and there were over eleven tons of units sitting on pallets which were resting on the ground and not hovering.

Not wanting to lose the sale she had kept some of the weapons on her. “Now are you going to waste my time, or do I contact one of your competitors from Europe.”

They knew it was a win, win situation and that this technology could make them market leaders in a new field of research. Willow had contacted a friend John Winston a highly respected solicitor which had handled her ex-husbands affairs for over twenty years, and he had been present at the meeting. Willow had briefly demonstrated the unit but had kept quiet over the remaining items in her other barn.

They eventually offered her two billion after six hours of negotiations, and permission to keep one hundred units for herself, but under contract to not sell the technology of these units to anyone else, and once it was verified the financial transaction had been deposited in her account, Willow permitted them access to the stock.

It was only then five days later her solicitor contacted the same company and offered them yet more equipment, this time they returned immediately and she led them into her barn. Only now she had employees armed and protecting her and her interests.

The sight before them coursed three executives to pass out from shock, as once they had seen various demonstrations, and a full explanation of how she acquired this technology. However by then she had wisely invested her money and had her solicitor purchase all rape seed farms and suitable land for growing the rape seed in the UK and told them she had a five year contract as sole supplier.

Willow had the huge shuttles undercover and away from human eyes as she had plans for these. Again prices were agreed upon per ten tons of each unit, and the company had to acquire further investors before they could agree on an overall price, a small computer had been found thrown away in one of the shuttle lockers, and it was still functioning, its artificial intelligence was some two hundred years in advance to our present day technology, Willow kept that aside for another time, and when they realised Willow held over ten tons of miniature computer chips, they negotiated on these separate from the other items as they agreed that possibly three in every ten were broken.

For the other items it was agreed on a Two billion pounds per ten tons, and as for the computer chips, an auction started as various investors wanted these for themselves realising the sheer mind-blowing possibilities.

Even understanding that some of the chips could be damaged, they all wanted the single palm size computer included in the deal that Willow had found. Eventually a German company owned by BMW won by offering three trillion UK pounds for the computer and the chips. Again once it was verified in been in willows account they could take the units they purchased.

Overnight Willow had become the wealthiest individual person in the world. Seven days later she had her solicitor contact BMW and explained Willow had something else to show them.

The European CEO arrived with a fleet of solicitors and scientists the very next day and twenty-eight helicopters sat in her fields. It was then she had her security show the smallest shuttle, it was capable of leaving the gravity well of earth in just thirteen seconds, Willow had bravely sat in the cockpit seat and started the auto pilot simply by speaking and explaining her needs.

When she had circled the moon twice and returned, she had been shaking not believing she had just done that, now she carried out the exact same test flight only with disbelieving passengers on board.

After the demonstration Willow explained her dreams, “Gentleman and Ladies, I want to form a contractual partnership with you, and offer you this technology to develop for yourselves if you agree to give me a Billion UK pounds, and build me a fleet of twenty eight of these crafts, and service them for life free of charge, and to include material and labour costs.

At first they were hesitant until they realised it included also the stealth computers which controlled the equipment, and these were vastly superior to the hand palm size units sold previously. Negotiations took place and thirty hours later a Billion UK pounds was paid into Willows accounts and a firm contracted agreement to be the sole suppliers of the space shuttle and to buy additional technology developed from it, plus agreements to build ten shuttles rather than the twenty eight for Willow.

Willow had land in Europe purchased so she could grow further rape seed, and then she waited, keeping the remaining larger and more advanced shuttles hidden. Exactly one year later the aliens returned only now they came with additional crafts, hoping to acquire more crops. They were apprehensive at first when they learnt over eighty nine percent of the crops were now owned by Willow, and upon realising the sheer volume they discovered they never had enough ships to hold all the crops.

This time they offered weapons and orbital mining equipment, plus teleportation units. However Willow held firm and extracted credits included in the deal, and also offered two tons of the finest peanut butter she could buy. It was a gamble as she was unsure how the alien was going to react. He tasted the strange looking substance and agreed immediately to accept the units which were freely offered.

After they left as before the equipment was stored by the ton upon hover pallets and now Willow decided to offer the military some of this equipment for free, if they agreed to support her venture and provide protection from the government and others.

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