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A New world - The Future - Book Two

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The future holds terror and destruction as alien races dominate and fight for survival,, will humanity survive and adapt by becoming a new vampiric... They in turn had been a conquering race whose mind set was on utter destruction of all intelligent life so only they could rule, forcing their victims into subterfuge and slavery if not then a brutal death like the times of the old Romans having their captures fight in arenas to the death. Having near equal mental powers to that of the ancient Light Lords had enabled them to overwhelm all they ventured to attack and feed upon, now they were awakened and aware of a rich field of life forms to once again invade and feed upon. The Vampiric nations as vast and powerful as they were knew not what lay in their future and that they were about to be plunged into a war that could utterly destroy them, and with life forms hell bent upon finding this new food source and declaring a war which they could only win at the cost of so many lives, and even then they were to be unsure of what yet awaited them, as the master had created so many enemies.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

A New World.

The Future.

Book Two.


It had been over One Hundred years since the Alteariran invasion and planet earth had recovered. Willow had stopped constructing further clones over sixty years ago, and held an army of blank inactivated clones in deep space storage as a stand by army.

The small human population who opted to remain human had recovered and were now rebuilding their lives and once more trying to forge an existence. After the initial thirty plus years of rebuilding humans had changed and started becoming resentful of genetically enhanced humans, let alone the vampires, and riots started breaking out forcing the VGMs to go into hiding and to create yet another life form to protect them who could pass all the genetic tests to fool the rage which had built up within the now scared humans, simply because they blamed genetics for the invasive war which had almost devastated planet earth.

Willow continued to run her various businesses within her ever growing Empire, and having human employees wherever possible work on earth, while in deep space her employees were all VGMs with human sympathiser fronts. Still been the wealthiest woman in the world Willow had set up safe houses across the globe where her kind could live safely from raging mind twisted gang’s whose only desire was to expose the VGMs and have them slaughtered. Willow expected a small contingent of the highest Altearirans had cloned human looking duplicates and somehow infiltrated them back into society, been programmed to cause unrest and havoc, blaming the genetic modifications for been responsible in affecting a previously peaceful subservient race.

In many ways Willow understood and sympathised, yet she was aware the Altearirans would one day return, only this time she knew they would be stronger, wiser and vastly genetically enhanced. However now her kind were forced to hide knowing one day that they would be called upon to yet again save the world.

Life was strange, as rather than been declared a hero, Willow and her VGMs had been initially the saviours of the wold, and then after twenty four years everything started to change.

Groups of humans were appearing causing trouble and attitudes were changing, so Willow had selected human sympathisers from these groups and had them intercepted, it was only on the seventh intercept that her team captured a genetically enhanced human who turned out to be a clone created specifically to appear a normal human and programmed to cause trouble.

Willow suspected the Altearirans were behind this, but had no proof, yet the objective was to cause instability, doubt and fear, and it was working. This had forced Willows hand and she created a human looking individual who held some of the alien genes from the raptor type life forms and the dogs they had found on a lone planet before the invasion started.

It was an amazing creation as the individual could pass as a human, even in blood tests, urine samples and swabs. Yet at will it could force its mind to bring forth an alien life form transforming his body in seconds to a fierce predator which could rip a fragile human body into pieces within seconds.

Once she realised it was a success over twenty thousand genetically enhanced WRAPs, Wolf Raptor Alien Predators were created and they became yet another life form upon planet earth, only their sole purpose was to protect the VGMs keeping their identity and residence secret from exposure and attack. Willow had them all employed as a private security group working exclusively for her, and giving them an identity, wage and security. This established their identity and using her contacts within the military and government, she was able to acquire national health numbers, passports and an Identification code.

Her first priority was to establish a team of twelve to protect the Prime Minister and important essential humans. After that her contacts equipped the WRAPs guarding military bases and before Willow even realised it their numbers had grown to some two Million across the UK and Europe.

With requests coming in from the USA, India and other vital supporting countries. Willow eventually agreed to create WRAPs who resembled humans from native countries, and included high IQs plus multi linguistic skills, and an inbuilt placid type nature, yet with formidable strength to draw upon in their human forms, also with vastly superior healing abilities.

For over one hundred and thirteen years these WRAPs were an outstanding success, then something unexpected and strange happened. Selected WRAPs started turning upon the VGMs and a war started, only these WRAPs were not of Willows creation, and yet again upon capturing specimens it was soon realised these were created supposedly by a cloaked Alteariran ship, who had intercepted one of the WRAPs and discovered its secrets.

Only these WRAPs transformed into a slightly different predator which because of earths past history with horror vampire type films Willow named them Werewolves, yet even then she knew this was by far an incorrect description, but it was the best she could come up with.

Justin Willis contacted Willow, “Mam we have a serious problem we have intercepted three WRAPs and at a considerable cost in lives, only to discover they were not of our creations and bare the genetic markers of Alteariran genetic design”. Willow had feared this and after watching video recordings she was forced to accept the Altearirans were invading from within,

“These creatures appear more like a human wolf, we shall name them as Werewolves, contact the science teams and use these remain to duplicate genetic markers and to find a way of detecting them, also have the fleets on highest alert” said Willow.

She also realised this was a prelude to an eventual invasion or an act of revenge to destroy the human race, either way she now understood she needed to restart the cloning programs and had her teams cloaked in deep space to restart the program, this time incorporating VWRAPs Vampire Wolf Alien Predators.

So they would become subservient to the Master, the Queen and herself. They all had genetic advancements reinforced with the latest genetic Nano Technology to aid and rebuild their bodies. She also had Justin Willis who was the head of her space fleet to liaise with the aliens from off world to assist him in detecting any future cloaked Alteariran ships.

The search started immediately and it was truly like looking for a needle in a huge gigantic haystack, there was simply no way of knowing from which direction in deep space this hidden Alteariran ship could be, Justin Willis the head of the alien assist group came up with an solution.

Their Queen had sent out a three hundred and sixty degree signal by folding space and sending it in pulse waves to reach the Master. He proposed doing a similar experiment only to have a green laser signal sent in full three hundred and sixty spread. With their highly advanced computers to operate with alien and VGMs ships positioned in space at selected points where they could follow the laser light and watch for any anomalies.

The amazing thing about the green laser was it was totally harmless, and once used upon earth for entertainment purposes. Only now it was realised if it encountered a resistance then their computers could detect it either reflecting back, away or around an unseen object.

It took a full three months and six earth days before they had three hits and one was huge. Immediately all ships cross referenced the exact location and prepared for intercept. A fleet of over two thousand interstellar ships surrounded the three space crafts, having previously established these were not any of Willows cloaked space stations, medical research units or anything to do with her.

On establishing they were not authorised visitors, the full force of the fleet surrounding them and utterly destroyed them, rather than risk losing unnecessary lives, after the destruction teams of recovery crews started intercepting the wreckage and analysing it back at one of Willows space laboratories.

It was eventually established from the debris that part of the huge ship had been cloning and recovered body parts verified some were of the new design who Willow called Werewolves, only she had no way of knowing how many had been created.

From that moment it was agreed to set up full space surveillance to hopefully intercept and further attempts of infiltration. This act eventually closed the way for any Alteariran ships from ever entering human space again without been detected.

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